How much time do you spend on PakPassion everyday?

Every time I go onto my computer, that is the first thing I do. I would say I reach the url about 20-30 times a day
Nornally an hour or two spread across the day.

For last one week its always open infront of my eyes. Got to be on bed for next one week after a surgery. TV, Biwi and PP are taking care of my boredom.
Check it 4-5 times during the hour - as Mods, we have to I guess!
zaid65 said:
Your petition to add more days in a month and year is still pending.

one of the first tabs i open - and my post count is unhealthy, got it down to 13 but boom :butt
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I spend lots of time on PP :)

Debut: 2nd September 2009
Posts/Wickets Total Posts: 2,504 (17.35 posts per day)
Too much is the answer to mine :)))
I just loiter around from cricket, to time pass, to intros, to PP leagues, back to time pass, back to PP leagues etc. :)))
iHammad said:
I spend lots of time on PP :)

Debut: 2nd September 2009
Posts/Wickets Total Posts: 2,504 (17.35 posts per day)

You've a better average than me.
wow , some of you guys are here for a loonng time. im usually on for about 2 hours a day , sometimes less.
i used to be glued here some months ago, and i miss it, coz now i cant as there is so much of work load from g11 and its supposed 2 b our toughest yr and we r sufferring more coz they messed up our terms coz of the fifa 2010..................but i get like 30 mins a day after skul opened,,,,,,during holz twas 3-5 hrs
It is a good Site - lots of good articles/comments.
Afridi_Fan said:
You've a better average than me.

i want more runs tell me how can i get

u got 21831 me 755 not fair :pissed:

but i am gonna beat u in wickets sooner

328 and mines 279
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the website is constantly open and I'm logged on..and I do other work alongside occasionally checking the in the day cumulatively I spend at least 3-4 hours actually on the site itself...

not healthy I suppose?
Earlier it used to be around 3 to 4 hours a day. But offlate I rarely have time to login and post. May be half an hour a day nowadays..
How much time do you spend a day on Pakpassion?

We all know Pakpassion is an amazing website not only for cricket, but for anything you really want to talk about.

So how much time a day do you spend on pakpassion?

I spend about an hour or so a day

What about yourselves?

Could the mods get a poll on this, possibly?
Alot of time, thats only if am not working or not planning to go out.
altogether around about an hour-1 and a half aa day.
I login whenever I come on the computer and that varies depending on my schedule. At least once a day, and any time from 10 minutes to 12 hours a day
I dont sit at the computer for ages.
I basically log in to PP many times a day but each time I log in,its only for a few minutes.I respond to an odd post or so and then check my Facebook,news etc and then get up.

I dont have much to do on the computer.
I only have PP,FB ,occasional news,sometimes cricinfo.
If I get really bored I browse YouTube.
30 minutes in total, check out PP a few times randomly when I log in to my laptop. Doing multitasking as well.
Average Time spent on PP.

Let’s just calculate how much time we have spent (n counting) on PP …:)

And let’s assume one thing for our calculation:
Typically for a post we spent One min on avg as for some long/short post we have to analyze with some thought process it take times around 2-5 mins or more to reply. And for smaller post or in Commentary thread we just take 25 to 30 secs for some posts(guys even Ctrl+C n Ctrl+V takes 5 min respectively with page flip and browsing to specific location or else) .

And same with thread creation as some time we have to give around 5-7 mins to create a thread or some time just copy paste …so on an avg 1 min for each thread creation

Hence counting rule :
1 min for each run(post) and
1 min for each wicket(New Thread).

Let’s First calculate the time Spent for very senior member here Amjid Javed (PP's Living Legend, Hall of famer!)
Runs: 69,278
Wickets: 1,931
69,278+1,931 ==> 71659 mins ==> 1194.32 hrs ==> 49.76 days
@Amjid Javed Sir u r nearing Half century of days on PP....:):19:

and 2nd one for Oxy(Moderator)
67,748+1,437 ==> 69185 mins ==> 1153.1 hrs ==> 48.04 days
@Oxy u too nearing ur Half century of days on PP...:):19:

n for me 1,189+41 ==> 1230 mins ==> 20.5 hrs == > days no mention ...:( (0.854 days)

So lets calculate ur time spent here guys till date.

One more obvious assumption is there ...time is calculated for only POSTS n NEW THREADS time calculation for Lurking Days or Time spent on reading w/o posting/replying(for obvious reasons coz nobody can prove how much they spent for this.).....:D
@Amjid Javed,@Oxy Plz bump this thread whenever u complete ur Half century....

lets c who is 1st to score 100 here ....:D
Since I finished first year of Uni on April 26, been spending a lot of time on it :)

I enjoy my free time when I can, this age is the best age as you have a lot. Don't want to grow up
There needs to be a feature which tells you how much time you do spend on the forum...
Before being a mod, I'd spend at least an hour browsing through various threads. But ever since I've become a mod, it ranges anywhere from 2 hours - 6 hours depending on modding schedules and time of day etc.
Probably an hour these days. In 10-15 minute increments spread out at different times.

Before it was way more. I would spend 4-5 hours. :yuvi