How stylish do you find Faf du Plessis?

King Cobra

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Dec 28, 2011
Imo he is the most stylish batsman of the 2010s. Just look at the way he was batting with Amla Where Amla looked weird and Faf looked absolutely stylish.

His batting stance, the loose grip of the bat, feet movement and shots are so incredible to watch.

Anyone else felt the same ?
One of the attractive players for me.. I would rate ginger ian bell as the most attractive

Watched him in IPL when he played for csk.. His shots are attractive esp his sixes over long on or long off..

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Very very stylish player. But needs to have substance to what seems a flawless technique.
Very attractive player. A busy player. Always keeps you interested in the game. Faf, Umar and Mc Cullum are most stylish batsmen in Int Cricket for me.
Francois Du Plessis scores 185 runs at Cape Town in the 4th ODI of the South Africa vs Sri Lanka. It is now officially the highest ODI score at the Newlands.

Congrats to Faf! One of the best ODI innings I have ever seen. Supreme fitness and great batting. He really is one of the best batsman in the world today.
:faf :faf
He struggles against spin and has thus a poor record in Asia, but in general, he is a very fine player and mentally strong as well.
He is one of the mentally stong players in test matches but in odis he chokes at the first instance.

As mamoon said he is suspect against spin
Mentally strong and a very good batsmen especially in odis. Should be captain in odis as well.

One of the few current South African players with a strong character.
Love the calmness and coolness he shows while batting.

Barring his stupidity in the WC QF where he lost his mind and ran AB out, he has always been a good player with good cricketing mind.
He certainly is better than any player on the Pakistan national team. :(
Faf has his own kind of stodgy elegance. Amla nowadays, maybe not looking as good as Faf, but Amla of older vintage was pure class. Laconic elegance.