How to Figure out Bat's Authenticity?


Dec 1, 2010
Hi how to find the difference between real and fake cricket bat?, now days most people selling fake bats, they have stickers and they just stick on any bat and sell them, so how can you find if this bat is real?
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There are few authenticity factors or each brand. Some batmakers stamp the shoulders, put certain stickers which can not be obtained from the market and so on.

When someone is selling a fake bat he usually uses high end bats stickers and stick them on a cheap quality bat to make most out of it. For example, some people will buy a Grade 3 willow bay and stick grade 1 stickers on them.

Sometimes the stickers also tell you that's it's a fake bay etc.

Tell me which bats are you talking about and people around this topic will help you out.
That is basically rubbers which are basically springs.

I don't think that proves a bats authenticity.
Most of the fakes are on E-bay. I would say look out for where it states that the bat is Kashmir willow as one indicator.
I would say any bat being sold from India on EBay is suppose to be fake, I would say 90% of them are.
As CD has right said its best to look and compare with real pics off the forums etc.

Other things are v hard to copy like HOLOGRAMS, stamped company names on toeguards & grip, Stamped company names on edges or BURNT into the wood like MB or SS or TON etc.

Its almost impossible to sell a fake if the buyer knows what to look for.

If in doubt feel free to post pics or the link (ebay etc) and there are a few ppl over here who can help you.

The best idea on ebay is to
1) never buy from overseas
2)never buy where the actual pictures of the bat arent put and they use generic pics

By Generic pics I mean something like this
Cricketismylife Bhai, have summed up beautifully!

If you just follow what he said then there are 0.00000000000001% of you getting a fake bat from online or EBay.

Just to add if seller has posted generic pictures ask him for actual bat pictures.
Avoid shopping online from online shops which have not displayed valid address and phone etc