How to Plan a Trip to Sialkot?

Momin Baig

Tape Ball Star
Sep 10, 2012
I know a lot of expats including myself would like to plan a trip to Sialkot when we come to Pakistan to get some equipment including visiting the CA factory. I want this thread to serve as a guide for everyone that needs to go there and get their equipment.

Whenever I come to Pakistan, I am usually in Lahore and I know that if you pay Rs. 500 then the Daewoo Bus will take to you Sialkot. What do you do from there? Do you go in the morning and comeback in the afternoon? If you need a custom bat from the factory how long does it take to make? Do people also go to the MB Malik factory as well? Are there any other sports shops that one should visit? If you need to stay overnight what are some good places to stay? Any good eating places that everyone should visit?

Please post your replies and perhaps the mods can add it later to the OP to make a guide.

Dawoo bus is a good option. When you go to factory, do not buy from the show cases. Ask them nicely if they have any other quality in the stock. Custom bat takes 3-4 days to build. I had one bulid from CA and it was just amazing and I did not had to go the factory, they mailed it home.
CA will mostly not negotiate with you, but you will get good quality stuff. I do not like Malik bats that much. I either go with CA or AS sports.
I do not know much about the food places, since my family walks me around.
Can you call them in advance and ask them to make a bat? And then pick it up the day that you get there?