How to play swing bowling?


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Jan 16, 2013
Recently found it easier to play by opening the face of the bat rather playing straight - which usually induces the edge.

Any more tips? e.g. footwork?
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Don't be reluctant to get on the front-foot, your toes should always remain vertical at 90 degrees when you get as close as possible to the pitch of the ball and play with soft hands i guess and oh always stand out the crease. The hardest bit is reading the bowler from the hand which will only improve with familiarization and tons of practice, it will get easier to predict whether the ball will be short (release early) or full (release late) but movement is harder and the good length deliveries which swing away from you
Buy the bob woolmer book, its perfect for the technical aspects of cricket.
Playing as late as possible, also learn where your off stump is and leave the ball outside off which will get bowler to start off straighter and tuck it away to leg.