ICC WT20 | Warm-Up | Afghanistan v West Indies | Colombo (PSS), 17-Sep-2012


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Mar 21, 2012
Pakistan's neighbours Afghanistan playing against West Indies.

Afghanistan are 81/3 after 13 overs.
good start by the afghan team.. hope they set a good target. they are playing sunil naraine well.
Mohammed Nabi just got out. Was batting a bit too slow though.

Stanikzai on 47 at the moment.
West Indies should coast to victory. If Gayle gets going, Afghanistan are definitely done, it'll probably be over in 10 overs :))
Any other team...should win easy

West Indies...if Gayle goes early, they can collapse like a pack of cards
the one batsman in the afghan team who really knows what to do at the point of time is shehzad but he got out early and thus such a low total

I dont think they have more than 3/4% chance of winning against the likes of England and India esp. considering the form both teams have showed today.
kind of start afg got , they shld have got more than 127
West Indies not really troubled, easy win, 125/2 with Gayle top scoring with 65 from 48.
Why didn't Hamid Hassan and Daulat Zadran not play. Afghan's bowling attack looks thin without them.

Batting has failed again which I think will be the main concern for them :afridi