Imran Khan In The Eyes Of Bollywood Legend Dilip Kumar


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Jul 10, 2010
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A legend speaking in such glowing terms about another legend, it was truly exceptional

Amazing Speech....

Dilip Kumar just 90 yrs old now..celebrated his birthday in december!!!

I wish he stays healthy and lives to see Imran Khan becoming the president of Pakistan....the man he had only great things to tell 22 years ago!!!!!
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Dilip Kumar was known for his dialogue delivery. Just so calm and mesmerizing if you ever see any of his movies.
Aslam Khan, the younger brother of veteran actor Dilip Kumar, died early on Friday morning. He had diabetes, hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. He had tested positive for Covid-19. The news of his death was confirmed by Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Two of Dilip Kumar’s brothers, Aslam and Eshan Khan, were admitted to Lilavati Hospital last Saturday. After Aslam complained of breathlessness, he was rushed to the hospital, along with Eshan. Both of them tested positive for Covid-19 and were immediately admitted at the coronavirus ward of the hospital. Their oxygen saturation had dropped below 80%.

Dr Jalil Parker from the hospital had earlier told Hindustan Times, “They have been kept in ICU but we haven’t intubated them as yet. Considering their age and pre-condition health issues like diabetes and hypertension, we have to be extra careful while treating them.” Eshan is about 90 years of age while Aslam Khan was a few years younger.