Intolerance is on the rise in India


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Sep 11, 2023
India is witnessing disturbing incidents all too often, which suggests a troubling trend under Narendra Modi's rule


Man beaten to death by mob in West Bengal

A man was beaten to death by a mob in West Bengal's Hooghly district on Monday, police said.

This is the fourth incident of a man beaten to death by a mob in the state. Similar incidents had earlier taken place in Kolkata, Salt Lake and Jhargram on June 28, 29 and 30.

The victim was identified as Biswajit Manna, a resident of Naita Malpaharpur gram panchayat in Tarakeswar area of Hooghly district, they said.

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Intolerance on the rise. Can we have any data to compare past and present years to see how much it is increasing?
Police and law & order comes under the province/state. Are you aware that West Bengal is ruled by a party which is against Modi?

Yet Modi is responsible for a law and order problem in West bengal ruled by an opposition party?

Yet another FACT to link Modi with any crime in India.
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