Is there any area in which Pakistan has made any progress since regime change?


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Jul 17, 2017
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I have got this genuine question. Since the VONC in Apr '22 its now been over 2 years and I'm struggling to identify even one sector, industry, sports, entertainment, etc (anything) where Pakistan has made any, I mean any sort of progress?

Things on top of my head in which Pakistan have been ruined.

1. Economy: Forex, reserves, investments, growth, inflation, etc
2. Tourism: Complete halt over past 2 years
3. Trade: No increase in exports, imports became more expensive because of forex. Large imports still sitting in ports.
4. Brain drain: Highest number of immigration out of Pakistan in 2 years in our history
5. No voice in Islamic world: Despite having the biggest army in Islamic world we have no voice or influence. Couldn't even criticise Israel in public.
6. Public order: Similar to martial laws where curbs on expression of free speech
7. Law and order: Its a joke our judicial system has became a joke
8. Journalism / media: Our journalism / media have no backbone to actually speak truth. Whilst mouthpieces are rewarded with country's highest order
9. Social media / internet: Basic necessity in today's world is being slashed quite regularly
10. Pakistan cricket: Recent suggestions with all political related appointments our cricket is going down our hockey route thanks to our selfish power circles.

Anybody can highlight any such area where our country improved?
No institution is working and they don't pretend that it's working. The power of the gun makes you arrogant and they treat PKs with absolute contempt. I bet the Raj had more respect for the locals than these thugs. We are in a bad way in every single way. These guys aren't going anywhere because Munir and Co would face the ultimate penalty for the murder and mayhem and the PK public hates them.
There is no progress in a positive way. Yeah, Pakistan has made progress in making life hell more and more for the poor people of this country. The judiciary has gone from bad to worse. No matter what department you pick, it is going in the oppstise direction.
The Pakistani state is geared towards improving the lives of the folks inside the defence compounds. The ones outside get scraps off the table at best.
The Pakistani state is geared towards improving the lives of the folks inside the defence compounds. The ones outside get scraps off the table at best.
I never believed that but it's clear as daylight. The thugs only this week kidnapped the brother of Shabaz Gill and the brothers of Azhar Mashwani. These contemporary God's will beg for mercy and no mercy should be forth coming. They are evil
Video production and the pursuit of a unique adult-child fantasy have notably advanced. The apprehension of individuals daring to criticize the regime has witnessed enhancement. The adaptability of journalists' moral compasses to conform to the regime's dictatorial narrative has increased. Furthermore, there has been an improvement in the population's tolerance for enduring dictators and forfeiting their mandate.
One positive thing that has happened in the decrease in petroleum prices.