Knocking in the screaming cat


Jun 12, 2012
Hello.I just bought a screaming cat series 2 cricket bat.First impressions were that the bat has excellent balance and pick up but the ping on it was not impressive at all.It seemed that the bat is very hard pressed and made a hollow and hard sound when I tested it with the mallet.However I've been knocking it in and its improved a lot,but the grains still haven't started to open as they do on other bats I've knocked it in quite a bit now and the results are impressive.But I wanna know are all screaming cat bats like that from the factory,I.e not pingy ?
I never said they're factory made.I meant from the place they are first made a lot of people call the place of manufacture a factory.
Thats the same thing, the screaming cat never pinged so well, after being knocked for 1 week+ too. And the pick up was not the best
What's the point of such an expensive bat if it doesn't have a good pick up or ping? I'm assuming the pickup is not so good as the bat profile is straight and has no bow in it or does it have a low middle?
Mine pings very very nicely now,but I had to knock it in quite a bit and when it first came it was dead at best.
The pick up is very good the bat seems so light to hold.It's a lot better than my rns unik bat which was 2.9 and bottom heavy.And the ping is very good too.I'm assuming you have to work on these bats a lot.Worth the money in my opinion.I can't post pictures cause I'm here on my phone.
Yes I've heard about that.I will knock it in more and then see the results.The grains still haven't opened yet so I'm guessing the bat will get better as I knock it in more.