KRL v NBP| Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup | 16/7/13 | PakPassion Reporting Live!

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Brilliant over from Ali Khan. Maiden, he was all over Aqeel Anjum.
Hello & Welcome everyone to National Stadium Karachi, we will reporting live from here.

Sorry for the late, Karachi and it's police sometimes give you hard time when travelling without a family.

Anyways, we are here...NBP batting first
NBP are 5 down on 85 in 15 overs, Fawad Alam & Hammad Azam are on the crease now :)
Aqeel Anjum scored 31 & Sami Aslam 28, are top scorers for NBP so far.
Fawad gone....and same moment Ahmad Shahzad gone!

NBP & Pakistan...both looses a wicket here.
one bend knee and scooped over fine leg...Hammad got another boundary...brilliant.
made yorker a full toss and flicked another over fine leg...another 4
Bowled E'm, Rahat uprooted off stump..Hammad gone after blistering knock of 33, well played.
dropped down but just a single...NBP scored 132, so target for KRL is 133.

If NBP looses this one, their semi-final hopes will dwell probably.
A solid start from KRL, they utilized their power play overs very well.
14 overs, 90/0

44 runs needed from 36 balls, one or two good overs can still change the game.
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