Lahore Lions v Hyderabad Hawks | Group A | FB Super8 T20 | Faisalabad |29/6/11

Kaun Jeetega?

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This legspinner looks decent, bowling quite quick. :afridi
lol @ LL....just gave a huge opening to HH.....

just reduced the target to 150 now :)))
Collapse! Hyderabad will win it InshaAllah
all dangerous guys gone now....LL will be struggling to score big runs from here
LL got the batting order wrong...they should have sent Yousuf bhai at #4....
Just play the over :ll we have scored enough score. You should declare the innings now. :hh not going to cross 100 runs
:ll collapsing, they cant even trouble our little brother the hawks and they are dreaming of competing with us
jaldi khatam karo yaar, kya timepass kar rahe hain.
Some of the players here are simply not fit enough to play at this level. Yaar yeh training kion nahi kartey?

And poor decision from the third umpire!
What a lovely fieldingside! Go Hawks!
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