Legend Gianluigi Buffon says goodbye to Juventus


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Jun 1, 2001
what a great goal keeper he is, definatly best in the world, still hasnt let a goal in (minus the own goal) in this tourament.

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well still hasnt been tested in PK. should've seen Ricardo he was brilliant .
The best goal keepers arent necessarily the best penalty stoppers although Buffon was pretty good in the last WC at stopping penalties. While France's defense is nearly as good as Italy's, Buffon is far better than Barthez
frances defence isnt no where near italys.

and PK dnt really test GK, to save penilties its usally guess work, to be a good GK you have to be good in match play not in penilties
Well when France play them in the final he will be conceding a goal for sure!!!!
suhaibonline said:
frances defence isnt no where near italys.

and PK dnt really test GK, to save penilties its usally guess work, to be a good GK you have to be good in match play not in penilties
Italy's defense is better but France have 2 outstanding defensive midfielders in Viera and Makelele who will often snuff out any danger before it gets to the defense
The little I've seen of Buffon, I've realized he's a special one.
Buffon is a class act!, Italy has got the best defence in the world, I really hope Italy win the world cup.
Probably the best around at the moment.
Does anybody else think Buffon looks like Mohammad Asif?
buffon and casillas really do stand out above all other goalkeepers, both brilliant keepers who u would love to have at the back

Casillas is an average goalkeeper! Buffon is 1000 times better! I would like to tell you something about Buffon's debut in Serie A (Italian Premier League). In 1995 he was 17 and he was the GK of Parma's Junior Team. On November 19th 1995, Parma (Serie A's team, not the Junior Team) was scheduled to play a League match vs the mighty AC Milan. Amazingly, Parma was without goalkeepers: I do not remember exactly why. Maybe one was injured and the other was disqualified. So, Buffon had to start that game. Just think about this: a 17-year old GK who has to face one of the best team in the world! Despite his young age, Buffon was amazing! He saved everything!

Buffon's Greatest Saves - Video
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Buffon had a great game yesterday. Didn't have to make too many saves because of Italy's brilliant defense, but he made one startling save. I think Podolski was the kicker.

Nobody had beaten him yet except one of his own players. Best in the world, me thinks.
Buffon distraught over state of Serie A

Veteran Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon feels that a number of complex factors is hindering Italian clubs’ success in the Champions League.

The 38-year-old has expressed his concern over Serie A and even appears to have forgotten when last an Italian club lifted the European Cup.

Internazionale were the last team to do so following their 3-0 over Bayern Munich at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2010, but Buffon seems to have forgotten this fact, citing AC Milan’s 2007 victory.

When asked whether he was satisfied with the quality of football played in the Italian domestic league, the Azzurri keeper gave a very direct answer.

“No, not at all. We have lost a place in the Champions League,” Buffon told the Times of India, referring to UEFA’s recent decision to reduce the number of Serie A teams that qualify for the competition to three.

“Italian clubs are not winning the Champions League. Last time it came to Italy was in 2007 when Milan had beaten Liverpool. We could not do so last year.

“However, it happens. It’s a cycle and we shall be [on top] again. As a nation, we are going through [a] severe financial crisis. That has something to do with it.

“I am not losing hope, though. Italian clubs will be back at the top of European competitions soon.”

Gianluigi Buffon reveals he'll retire at the end of the season - but not if Juventus win CL!

Gianluigi Buffon is all set to retire from football after the World Cup at the end of this season - but not if Juventus win the Champions League.

The 39-year-old Italy international was named the best goalkeeper at the best FIFA Football Awards 2017 in London only yesterday.

But in an interview with Sky Italia the Italy and Juve keeper says he will quit at the end of the term, with his international side facing Sweden in the play-offs to reach the Russian finals.

However if Juventus manage to claim the Champions League he wants to stay on for a crack at the Club World Cup.

"There's no margin (to change mind) because I'm quite convinced of the choices I've made,' Buffon told the channel.

"This is my last season and I'm pretty sure of the choices I make. One or two more years wouldn't add or take away from what I've already achieved.

"The only way would be to win the Champions League. At that point, to try to win the Club World Cup."

About time too. Time to recognise De Gea's genius as the best goalkeeper in the world without people having to bring up old man Buffon into the conversation.

No but Buffon is indeed a legend of the game and a gentleman too. Shocking how he has yet to win the Champions League.
Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has announced he will play his final game for Juventus on Saturday after 17 years with the club.

The World Cup winner, 40, will lift his ninth Serie A title against Hellas Verona at the Allianz Stadium.

Buffon said he changed his mind about retiring 15 days ago and has received job offers on and off the pitch.

"Next week, after two or three days of reflection and serenity, I will take my decision," he said.

Buffon is facing a Uefa ban for comments made about English referee Michael Oliver, who sent him off during the Champions League quarter-final defeat by Real Madrid last month.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, he said he was "sorry for offending the referee".

"If I saw the referee again, I would give him a hug and say that he should have taken more time with that decision," said Buffon.

"With the feelings, emotions and disappointment of the situation, I behaved in a way that was not usual for me. After that match, I went beyond the limits with the things I said about the referee and I apologise for that."

Buffon, who joined Juventus from Parma in 2001, has ruled out joining another Italian club, saying he does not want to play in a "minor league" and could take a six-month sabbatical.

He said: "Fifteen days ago, I was already an ex-player. Now I'm not sure any more. Proposals have arrived for some new challenges on and off the pitch. The most important off the pitch is from Juventus."

Buffon has captained Juventus to a seventh straight Serie A title and fourth consecutive Coppa Italia triumph this season.

"Saturday will be my final match for Juventus and to end this journey with two cups and with the president and the entire Bianconeri world by my side, will be very special," added the Italian.

Wojciech Szczesny, who moved to Turin from Arsenal in 2017, will succeed Buffon in goal next season.

Buffon, Italy's most capped player with 176 appearances, retired from national team duty after they failed to qualify for the World Cup in November.

He said he will not play on 4 June in a friendly against the Netherlands, adding he will "stay away from the national team".

Full article available at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44150996