Little Kebab Land does it again; SpaceCat upset

I Believe in the Teesra

Test Debutant
Dec 10, 2011

In another PPFMC shocker, Kebab Land took down the team that had historically dominated them. They also returned the doormat trophy that they had sinfully carried for the past season. Coach Teesra was extremely pleased with the win. He had this to say about the triumphant victory:

"Our gameplan was to penetrate the Puss and make them cower behind our deadly attack. Neymar kept thrusting down the Puss lines and finished like a champion. SpaceCat- is a good manager but even he was surprised by our penetration power. He's a strong lad but he needs to use better protection - perhaps have another defender back to help out. Hopefully he'll figure it out"
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SpaceCat refused to talk to the media following the shocking defeat. AstroPuss fans are upset with their coaches behavior. Speculations are that he got into quite the verbal argument with star striker Higuain in the locker room.