Looking to buy a new pair of boots, any suggestions?


Feb 4, 2012
I am an opening batsman for my club, but I often find myself bowling alot of overs, so i'm looking for a well balanced boot. Last year I wore the asics gel speed menace, but I believe they were a bit too heavy, and didn't feel right batting. I am looking at 3 main types of boots, the nike air zoom opener II, adidas TWENTY2YDS LO IV and asics gel advance 4, which do you think will be the best boot for an all rounder?
try and buy i guess shoes are very important you should know that they feel like before buying, Asics 180no are quite good for all rounders
^ arn't those with the weird spikes, thought they weren't strong enough
Thanks for all the replies! I decided to go for the gel advance 4's, because my main focus is my batting, and I think i'll be fine bowling in them anyway.