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Jun 1, 2001
-What is your earliest memory of anything to do with Pakistani cricket?
I remember being vaguely aware that we won the world cup, I wasn’t really into cricket back then and neither were my family. It’s a shame, looking back, because I missed Pak’s biggest cricket moment.

-Apart from cricket what do you think are the most interesting things in the world (or, what you are interested in apart from cricket).
Erm, football, music, writing, ice skating and more generally, random stuff that’s going on in the world.

-Why the name jammydodga?
I’m obsessed with them!
Actually, I just wanted to change my name and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

-Why support Newcastle united?
I used to spend a lot of time with some family friends that were from Newcastle. I don’t see so much of them now but apparently I’m an honorary Geordie!

-Do you get a lot of criticism for being a cricket fan from guys/family/friends etc Friends: Most of the girls aren’t into cricket and just pretend to understand what I’m talking about when I go on about it! The guys don’t have a problem with it, they’re just glad that at least one gal is into cricket!
Family: Most of them aren’t into cricket either but don’t have a problem with me following cricket.

-Do you have interest in any form of sport?
Yeah quite a few, cricket and football are my faves. I also like tennis, athletics and badminton.

-When did you first start watching cricket?
I was a late starter so only a few years ago, still don’t get to watch as much as I’d like to.

-What is your opinion on the whole "foreigners are harming english talent"?
I think it’s rubbish. The fact is that if the home grown players were better than the foreign players, they would be picked.
I suppose the higher price that tends to come with English players also deters managers, when they’re looking for players, which doesn’t help.
Anyway, the current crop of England players aren’t actually that bad, they just need to actually play well together!
Who would you like to se as the next England football manager?
Capello or Lippi. Capello’s my first choice, he has a great record and I think he’ll be able to able to get the best out of the team.
Who do you think the FA will appoint as the next England football manager?
By the time I answered this, the FA had already picked Capello! I thought they might have gone for someone like Stuart Pearce because of the support for an English manager.
I don’t think nationality is important; they just need to pick someone who’s not afraid to drop the big names and can motivate the team.
Who do you think is responsible for global warming and half the troubles of the world? What about the other half?
Anyone, including myself, who wastes energy. For example by driving to a shop that’s 10 minute walk away (erm I don’t actually do that) or not recycling enough.
On a bigger scale, countries like America, China etc need to do more to help. Although, I suppose the fact that those countries (the ‘big polluters’) actually signed the Bali agreement is a start.

-As a female cricket fan do you feel discriminated against, do you feel your views are held in lesser regards than if you had been of the opposite sex?
Yeah I do but only by a minority - who probably react that way without even realizing.

-What do you do?
Eat, sleep, study, chill out. That’s about it.
I’m studying pharmacy, currently in third year, and fingers crossed, I’ll make it through!

-What was the happiest moment in your life?
I know the question asks for the happiest, but I think I’ll mention the ones that come second and third.
When my youngest brother was born and he was healthy. Getting my A Level results probably comes third; I ended up proving a lot of people wrong.

-Who was your childhood idol/hero?
I don’t think I had a famous hero as such, although it probably would’ve been Jess from Bend It Like Beckham, had the film come out earlier.
I’ve always looked up to my aunties, particularly the youngest. So I guess it’s them.

-How do you see world after 10-20 years?
I think that technology will have be even more involved in our day to day lives and things like coffee tables with touch screens will be common place. Hopefully we’ll finally have robots to help us out around the house and more importantly, to do our assignments/exams for us. ;)
I can’t see the environment being in a great state, especially if we carry on the way we’re going at the moment
I’m pretty sure holidaying to the moon will be as natural as jetting off to Pakistan (for example) on a regular basis.
Pakistan WILL win another world cup and regularly beat India and Australia!!

-Where were you when we won 92 worldcup?
I have no idea unfortunately

-Who are the best three batsmen and bowlers today in the world and what sets apart each individual?
The best batsmen are Tendulkar, Ponting and my personal favourite Mohammed Yousuf. (I had to stop myself putting Afridi in that list, even though on his day, I wouldn’t want to watch anyone else bat).
Back to the list, I chose Tendulkar because of his consistently great record over such a long period of time and the fact that he has rescued India on many occasions. He’s also close to breaking the record for the most runs in tests and ODIs.
Ponting has a great average and is consistently good.
I like Yousuf’s graceful style of batting. He’s a great test player with a temperament that allows him to keep his cool whilst batting for long periods.
The best bowlers are Murali, Kumble and Asif.
Murali recently took Warne’s crown of having taken the highest number of test wickets and is one of few successful off spinners in a world of leg spinners.
Kumble regularly performs against strong opposition and can sustain his performance whilst being a good captain.
Asif has an exciting future and with a bit of hard work he has the potential to become the fastest bowler in the world.

-Have you been to any cricket grounds?
Yes, I went to the last ODI at Edgbaston in September 06, it was a great day (even though we lost) and I couldn’t believe the atmosphere – whoever was selling those hooter things must’ve made a fortune!

-Your favourite film and why?
I have quite a few favourites, the Da Vinci Code is one of them. wasn’t as good as the book and I think the lead character was mis-cast but Tom Hanks did ok)
Catch Me If You Can is another one of my favourites. I loved the story and the creativity of Frank Abagnale Jr. I also think it’s cool how Abagnale and Hanratty stayed in touch after Hanratty finally caught him.
I also like Independence Day and the Legally Blonde films just because they make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve already seen them.

-Your favourite musician and why?
Again, I can’t really pick one. My favourite bands are the fray and coldplay. How To Save a Life (by the fray) is a great song and Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) is a great songwriter. I also like most of Leona Lewis’ album; she’s probably the best British singer around.

-Where would you like yourself to be in 15 years? What would need to happen for that to happen?
Hmm, in 15 years I’ll be 36 – that’s a scary thought
I’d like to be a qualified pharmacist with my own pharmacy (perhaps even a franchise) and travel a bit; although I don’t think I could actually live anywhere but home.
I’d like to have published at least one novel. I’d need to actually set aside the time to write them!
Finally, I’d like to be happily married and have had a couple of kids!

-Who do you think here on pp out of all the posters is hiding their real identity?
Me! I’m really a 40 year old bloke! ;)
Lol, I’ve heard that Oxy is not as fat as he makes out but I don’t think anyone is really hiding their identity.

-Which pakpassioner would you most like to meet in person?
Erm, I don’t really know many members that well but Planet Pak, SD, Oxy, Zechariah and Filosofee seem pretty cool.

-Which cricketer would you love to spend the day with if you had the chance to?
Shahid Afridi – I have a lot of respect for Afridi, the cricketer and would like to meet the man behind the bat (and ball).

-Who is your favorite actor, out of Bollywood and Hollywood. And I said actor, not actress.
Erm, actresses also fit under the term ‘actors’ ;)
My favourite Hollywood actor is probably Will Smith, I like most of his films!
My favourite Bollywood actor is Shahrukh Khan (talent wise) and John Abraham (looks wise).

-Any personality that inspires you???
There are various types of ‘personalities that inspire me, including:
Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Emily Pankhurst - Just for showing that change can happen if people are brave enough to do something about it.
People like Katherine Hepburn who are not afraid to say things shouldn’t be a certain way just because society
Mother Teresa – Not many people, if any, would give up their whole lives to help others.
Last but not least, various members of my family.

-Your favourate Newcastle player?
Currently, it’s Martins but yes you’re right, it was Shearer, before he retired. Tino is another of my favourites from the past!

-Shoaib Malik - done enough for you as captain so far? Impressed / Not impressed?
I do believe he needs time and that it’s still early to judge him. As a Newcastle fan, I know how vital time is!
I also think that some people are forgetting the team’s achievements in the T20 Cup.
Also, even though both series’ against SA were disappointing and we did lose both the ODI and test series against India, we didn’t just roll over for them.
With a consistent team and the right attitude, I don’t see why he can’t do well.

-What is your perceptions about the posters at PakPassion and its Moderators
Most posters are fair, although you do get a few that get carried away …
The moderators are good at doing their ‘jobs’ and make sure that pakpassion remains a relatively friendly environment for people to discuss various issues.
They are probably the reason why the site is as popular as it is.

-How many hours in the gym in a week do you spend?
0. To put it simply.