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Jun 1, 2001
20th June 2008

Question: Do you miss Dalda?
Monsee: Yeah, I miss Uncle Sargam, Maasi Museebataay (SY does act like her though), and Nonni Paa too

Question: Your favorite Inzi innings?
Monsee: I don't follow dictators (said in Mr. F style)

Seriously, any innings that won/save a game for the team is usually very special...the 186 he scored against India in his 100th Test was a special was the one against BD, where he saved our blushes. Thing about Inzi is that he has won/saved us so many matches that it is really hard to keep track of all the great innings he has played for us.

Question: Thoughts about the city of Orlando?
Monsee: It is an OK city, I am not much in to the Theme Park scene and I usually stay in a limited part of Orlando and I like it so far. The best and worst thing about Orlando is the heat...when the rest of the country is suffering from snow,blizzards etc., we are out having fun but May through September the heat-n-humidity is really something

Question: Can you elaborate on your beautiful and meaningful relationship with Kapil paaji the great shark teeth hero! I am dying to see this love story revived.
Monsee: I am an 'Anarchist' in terms of my posting style (see Tasmanian Devil)...I like to see a lot of reaction to my posts; in the past, Kapil Paa Jee was the untouchable, the demi-god of Indians and now Teenda has been it for the past few years. I post stuff about them some times just to see reactions (Most Indian don't have the 'Sense of Humor' option turned on (maybe a wire in unplugged some where) and they take it very personal when I make fun of Paa Jee or Teenda). Some times it is just to give Pak posters the much needed refueling they need in their wars with the Parosiites :)
P.S. It started on the Sports Newtork where after seeing Indian posters abuse Pak players/fans to no end, one day I decided to use my sarcastic powers and decided to hit them where it would hurt the most i.e. Dund Paa Jee was born!

Question: Were u born in Pakistan? If yes then when did u move to orlando? and if not than what country were u born in?
Monsee: Born in Multan (City of Gard, Garma, Gada and Goristan...also has two more reasons to be proud of i.e. Monsee and Inzi are it's famous sons...Inzi is obviously the less taluunted and infamous one). I was raised mostly in Lahore (where my heart is) and have been in the U.S. for last 17 years now. I moved to Orlando about 9 years ago.

Question: Mansoor, How long have you lived in America?
Monsee: 17 years, it is getting depressing now that I have been away from Pakistan for so long

Question: Have you ever thought of leaving the USA and if so, where would you settle?
Monsee: Somewhere in the Middle East because I love my family (especially parents with passion) and would like to be close to them...or in Lahore/Islamabad if the pay is enough to raise the family

Question: Whats better and why? Shoaib shattering Tendulkar stumps or Afridi hitting Pathan for a Huge Six?
Monsee: Both are brilliant sights but unfortunately we are seeing less and less of both these days due to various reasons...Inzi hitting that kaaloo in Toronto ranks up there too

Question: If you were the Pakistan Cricket Team Coach than what changes would you make?
Monsee: Fitness and fielding would be the main criteria to get in the team (off course your main skill would get you close to the team to begin with), and then I would chose men who are passionate and patriotic about playing for the country, and have a never say die attitude. Any lazy bums, pre-madonnas (it is my own word, so sue me), any senior wannabees, and anyone taking his place for granted would get the boot right away. Even a player like Inzi would have to join the gym and loose that 12 pack or 18 pack (which ever is closer in size)

Question: Imagine you get stuck up in a lift along with the “Actor” due to power failure. What would the rescuers find out after 15 minutes?
Monsee: They would find me interviewing Pindi with the help of my flash light (torch) Amoeba once said 'He would give an inetrview to the fridge, once he opens the door and the light came on'...I would flash my torch in his eyes and pretend it is the camera and use my cell as a mike and he would be so busy speaking in his multi-dialects that he would have no time to notice who he is right next to :)

Off course if that plan was to fail, I would ask him to tell me something about himself...that should get the 'MeMeMe' train going till some help arrives

Question: After Tendulkar's performance in Australia and his series winning 97 against Pakistan in Gwalior, do you continue to believe he sucks and is selfish?
Monsee: A player is not defined by just one innings/series...players like Inzi, Dravid, Imran, Miandad etc. are known for bringing their greatness to the surface every time their team needed them...Teenda in my view has missed out quite a few chances to be ranked amongst these players. He is more of a Zaheer Abbass (i.e. a run scoring machine) of the new era rather than a Miandad or Dravid.

Question: Being such a talented poster who I actually admire, how did you turn into a sour grape ? :p
Monsee: You call me sour grape cause I post something against you or your team but when it serves your purpose (s), my posts become brilliant, why? I cannot and do not try to win supporters with every post of mine and off course my Pakistani-pun does show through my posts. Yes I am biased towards Pakistan, is that a crime; I also love Kapil and Teenda (albeit in a sarcastic way), so what is the problem?

Question: Pervez Musharaf Describe him in one word!
Monsee: P******* (A Punjabi love name comes to mind)

Question: If you were the Moderator of Pakpassion and you were ask to ban one user (of your choice) than who that user be and why would you ban him/her?
Monsee: A few names come to mind but naah, it's all good...I am sure I have also made life of PP mods difficult on more than one ocassion; I do regret getting personal with people once in a while and do hope others can respect me for the person I am (no matter how difficult I seem to be some times)

Question: Why so much hatred for Shoaib Akthar?
Monsee: I hate the fact that he has wasted his God given talent and in the process, made Pakistan and the Pak fans suffer hatred for him but it is rather for the loud mouth and idiotic persona he has created for himself and that he thinks everyone loves him for that. I wish that he would just shut up for a change, prove everyone wrong by not complaining about anyone or anything, gets fit, shut up (just to reiterate), and play for the last 2-3 years of his career like there is no tomorrow. He likes to put himslef amongst Imran, Wasim and Waqar but the sad reality is that with his 170 odd Test wickets, he barely gets close to Jason Gillespie. It is time for him to realise that all those who call themselves his 'Friends' are nothing but voulchers and that he needs to show his telent on the pitch and not on the dance floor :)

Question: What's your inspiration behind Dhand Paa Jee?
Monsee: All those fans who have no sense of humor (especially when they are on the receiving end) started merely as a ***-for-tat response for the baasis of the Gutter (cannot name the site here) and then got spiralled in to something really big. Those were fun days :)

Question: Are you single?
Monsee: Married, and Mashallah expecting my first kid next month (decided not to find the sex of the kid despite protests from Wifey and family, so no idea whether it's a boy or a girl)...either way, a Monsee off-spring is not something the world is really ready for, IMO, but hey if the world can deal with Bush, Michael Jackson, and Altaf the Ghaddar can't be that bad :)

Question: Are you a batsmen or a bowler?
Monsee: Used to be a bowler, at one point very fast for my age, but then in my younger days my elder bro changed my action (must be from the Action Changer school of thought) and I also suffered from a strange injury where I was not able to bowl anything but slow spin for a few months ('IndiaJelous' virus I assume) and then the injury went away...but I have never been the same again. Also used to hit big shots all around, now I am more of a utility player who can bat a bit and bowl a bit) i.e. Bits-n-pieces player...cue SY :)

Question: What is your favourite memory?
Monsee: Graduating from University of Central Florida after a gap of 16 years (between my graduation from Govt College Lahore and my U.S. Bacellors degree)...when I went back to school, I was very nervous and unsure if I was still up to it; got 9 straight A's first up and as they say, rest is history

Question: Who was your childhood idol/hero?
Monsee: The Prophet PBUH, Jinnah, Tippu Sultan, Khalid-Bin-Waleed, Tariq-Bin-Ziyad, Hazrat ali, Mahmood Ghaznavi and my dad (who is a self made man despite becoming a orphan in his infancy i.e. lost both parents at a very young age)...all these historical figures became my idol because my dad used to buy his these history books from Feroz Sons Lahore and I developed a lot of love, respect, and admiration for them.

Question: How would you describe Pakistan in 3 words?
Monsee: Beautiful, Erratic/Misguided, and Passionate

Question: Your favourite holiday destination?
Monsee: I really liked Montreal when I went there in 1995; New York is nice to visit for a week or two; and also any part of Pakistan although I know more about USA than Pakistan (I have been to or have lived in 12-15 states but have only seen a handful of cities in Pakistan unfortunately)

Question: Your thoughts on current captain Shoaib Malik?
Monsee: Very defensive, unwilling to learn, and is like a Kachoo Kumma (tortoise) i.e. has gone back in his shell and refuses to come out of it

Question: What would be your ideal Test & ODI lineup be?

Butt, Khurram Manzoor, YK, MOYO, Misbah (Captain), Arafat, Sarfraz/Akmal (if he improves his keeping and loses that newly acquired gut too), Gul, Asif, An excellent Specialist Off Spinner/Left Armer (who can turn the ball and has some variety too), Wahab Riaz/Sohail Khan

I seriously doubt that Akhtar has the motivation or fitness to finish a test again, especially when he will be asked to bowl 20-25 overs per innings

Butt, Khurram Manzoor, Malik, Misbah, Fawad alam, Afridi, Arafat, Sarfraz/Akmal (same condition applies), Gul, Akhtar (if fit enough to bowl 10 overs)/Sohail Tanveer, Rauf (He deserves a chance ahead of all others cause he has paid his dues for long),

Question: How do you see Pakistan cricket after 10 years?
Monsee: Unless PCB/Captain/Coach take serious steps to ensure that we develop our bench strength, and give ample and 'Real Chances' to youngsters ( i.e. not sending a new batsman at numer 10 or asking a newbie bolwer to bowl 2 overs against a weak opposition), and also stop playing youngsters in dead games only...we will be in serious trouble soon.

Question: According to you how do you think world will be after 10-15 years?
Monsee: The World, just like Pak team, seems to be heading for a dark future and unless everyone gets togather and take some concrete steps to bring peace and prosperity to the whole human kind, we are heading for doom soon.

Question: How do you manage to live with so much of vitriol against Indian members on this forum?
Monsee: You call it vitoriol, I call it sense of humor or lack of it on your part...just ask bublubuyan or Romalee_Rotee; they have realised the real me and appreciate me for my own style. You don't like it, tough luck cause I ain't running for the presidency of PP or something; not everyone has to like me, you know

Question: How do you manage to live with your hypocrisy (Asking everyone who is critical of Pakistan team supporters to leave this forum) given that you yourself live in a country some of whose policies i am sure you don't like.
Monsee: This is an ignorant question...someone from the old PP can answer this for me. I don't have time to go in detail. Also, it is after all a Pakistani site for the Pak team fans mostly...naturally we cannot allow every new crawler (after it rains) to come and try to challenge us on our home turf

Question: How do you manage to keep alive so much of hatred for people, especially from India given you share my home state (FL) whose weather and climate should generally create a carnival (not carnivorous) mood even amongst the most gloomy?
Monsee: I have answered this indirectly in one of the earlier questions but would love to see this proof of my hatred for the 'Indian People/India'...just two days ago an Indian posters said to me that he now understands my posting style and don't try to take offence every time I make a silly/sarcastic comment about Teenda or suggestion for you would be to develop some thick skin and try to understand that it is just a style of posting rather than my hatred for over 1 billion people

Question: Why "Monsee," im sure many have called you a girl before, and no i wasn't one of them.
Question: Does the name Monsee indicate something (gender?) you always wanted to be or does it have any other significance?
Monsee: A friend once told me that Nawab Mansoor Ali Patoodi's nickname is Monsee (and since my real name is Mansoor), he started calling me Monsee...the name got stuck with me and now it has been my online nick name, although I have many other nick names too like Shoaib-Lover, NiceGuy, Monsee the Peace Dove etc. etc.

Question: Have you lusted after someone you shouldn't have?
Monsee: Everyday, that is the nature of the 'Desi Beast'...if Afridi can fall in love with a random airline flyer and announce his love for her in front of her family...I can at least lust after someone or something. (I love God's beauty in everything, be it opposite sex, cars, nice houses etc.)

Question: How are the people in your area and how are they towards Pakistanis?
Monsee: People in Orlando are part of the real 'Cultural Meltdown'...we have people from every nation here. Usually, I have never encountered much abuse (attitude wise) from people in the U.S even though I have lived in the Red Neck and hill billy areas like Boise Idaho, Southbend Indiana etc.

Question: What is the town you live in, famous for?
Monsee: The damn Mickey F****** Mouse, sorry for the G Rated answer but I hate the sacmmers at Disney...they are a bunch of morons who abuse pople under them...I have worked with disney (years ago as an independent contractor) and do not think much of the supposed squeaky clean Disney Image. They are a bunch of thugs IMHO

Question: What is your stance on BCCI removing your favourite Inidan Cricketers pension?
Monsee: They better not make the great man cry again or else all the Naddi, Naalaays, and Duryaas will be over-flooded and then they will realise the real terror of dund paa jee.

Question: Why do you post at PP?
Monsee: Why is merely to pass time mostly...although seeing a bunch of folks pulling their hair out after reading my 'Sphechial' posts is worth all the time I waste here on PP. Also, PP is my number one source for news about Pakistan

Question: Name 5 things that you love about PP.
Monsee: Diversity, PP team (although I would like a cut from the legendary PP treasure), passion about the sport, knowledge of a select few, and off course chance to show case my taluunts

Question: Name 5 things that can be improved on PP by either mods, posters, or somebody else.
Monsee: Posters should be asked to format their posts so they are easy to read; can we get some online storage to save all the videos our great posters post in the Clips section; allow users to clean their old threads, unlock and bump them (would be nice since most of my threads end up getting locked due to the spechial love they generate); Allow links to free streams to be posted in one specific thread that can be bumped from time to time...I mean people do find these links out anyway, why stop users from posting them here; hold some sort of competition (s) (quizes etc.) with minor prizes to attract more posters

Question: If we gave you 100% total control of PP for one month, what will you do? Banning Kashif does not count!
Monsee: I will empty the PP money wault, blame it on Miggy, and retire to Lahore, where I eat Payays and Mangoes everyday and live happily ever after...Kasif, well he would be with the fishes, so no need to ban him.

Question: How do you spend your spare time when you are not on PP?
Monsee: Watch my favorite shows: Supernatural, Reaper, Raymond, Seinfeld etc. (I hate reality shows), surf the web, relax, hang out with friends

Question: What is the secret of your love affair with Kapil?
Monsee: I believe I have already answered that above...he is just such an entertainer and a great terror

Question: What is the secret of your love affair with Sohaib?
Monsee: Because I like Wannabe Gangsters who ride bikes, with a gun in tow, and speak in multi-dialected angrezi

Question: Are you really as sarcastic about most things in life as you are on this forum?
Monsee: I am, although it gets me in trouble some times as people don't understand whether I am being serious or what!

Question: among the follwing cricketers, is there any one whom you consider, honestly, is 100% squeaky clean with out any involvement in match fixing:Saeed anwer, wasim akram, mushtaq ahmed, Ejaz ahmed
Monsee: I believe they all played a role at some point but Anwar did repent and backed out of the racket earlier than others

Question: what is your opinion about Justice Qayyum's enquiry and you agree with his findings?
Monsee: I have read some of it and find it rather disgusting that anyone would try and sell their 'National Pride' for a few dollars more especially considering Akram/Waqar/Mushtaq etc. also made millions by playing county cricket...I guess the general belief about money i.e. 'The more you have it, the more you want it', is true after all
Pours scorn over match-fixers in the last answer, yet has Inzi as his permanent wholesome idol. Seems at odds really.