Member Interview : Pak786 [part 1]


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Jun 1, 2001
6 December 2008

What are your thoughts on MS Dhoni? Does he hold a good future?

I must admit, I have been VERY VERY impressed with the way in which Dhoni has acted ever since really breaking into the Indian side. I still remember that innings against Pakistan in Visakhapatnam, and there’s definitely no way you can play an innings of that stature if you haven’t got the talent. Obviously talent isn’t enough (if it were then Pakistan would be number 1 no problem!) you must be willing to work on that talent and try to mould it so that the rough edges can become nice and smooth. Dhoni has and is clearly doing that, he’s definitely a hard worker and India have done the right thing in ‘promoting’ him as captain of India in T20 and ODI’s. He has an excellent cricketing brain; he knows how to handle a player as well as actually leading from the front (especially taking into account the way he balances his keeping, batting and captaincy). There are still some rough edges for Dhoni, he MUST improve his batting in test cricket before he can be handed the reigns of the test team.
As long as he continues on the right path, he continues to work hard and balance all aspects of his cricket, India has a real gem.

Is Wasim Akram your all-time favourite player? If so, then tell me how do you feel when and if someone insults Wasim in front of you?

As a lot of PP’s probably know, I am a very big fan of Wasim Akram. If someone ‘insults’ Wasim then obviously I’m not gonna be happy about it. But that’s not to say that it’s just because of my blind love for Wasim that I can’t stand that person. If it’s constructive criticism then obviously, that’s a person’s own view, and everyone is entitled to there own view.

Are you religious?

I have to admit, I’m not overly religious in a strict sense. I was lucky enough to have performed Umrah in 2004 (my first ever visit) and ever since then I have become more strict in regards to the basics of Islam. I’ve been keeping all fasts during Ramadan since the age of 8/9. I have definitely improved in regards to actually praying namaz consistently and 5 times a day. The recently passed Ramadan has definitely helped me a lot; I’ve become stricter with reading namaz without break, reading Qur’an more regularly etc.

When are you getting married? Will you invite us all (at least me)?

Haha, still a little while to go yet me thinks (my brother’s in front of me in that queue!) When the time does come, of course I will invite you guys (means more presents )

Who is that person whose insult you will not tolerate doesn’t matter what?

My mother. Simple enough really, she brought me into this world; she’s the key to paradise; she’s the person whose insult I will NEVER tolerate.

Should Mohammad Asif and Shoaib Akhtar be given another chance?

Anyone who knowingly takes performance enhancing substances to cheat there way to success should NEVER be forgiven. They disgrace themselves, disgrace their family and friends and most importantly of all, they disgrace their country….something which I can never forgive them for.
With the bowling we have I think we need Shoaib in the team ASAP. He must be given A LOT of domestic matches to actually become match fit and back to international cricket standards. In regards to Asif, if he could lay low after the initial controversy (which he could be forgiven for, young, inexperienced lad) then I wouldn’t mind him back. The way he’s just consistently been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, shows he has no shame or respect what so ever. We need to give Asif a good long ban (around 2/3 years)before he has any chance of coming back.

Ever fallen in love in your life?

No 

Your dream-girl?

Kyon? Have a joined a dating site by accident?
For me to know and for you to find out. One thing I will say is, I like a girl who can have a proper conversation. None of the blond bimbo type!

Mohsin what are you studying ?

Well I’m into my second year of my A-levels. At AS I was studying, English Language, History, Law and Economics. At A2 I dropped economics after attaining a B and am now waiting on my university applications.

Hope to become a barrister Insh’Allah

Your first cricketing hero and why was he your hero?

Wasim Akram. The way he would always fight till the very end, the way he would always be in the opposition's face. And oh yeah, those little things he would do with the ball! Great bowler, good (under achieving) batsman and a great great captain.

What are your views about India ? Do u really believe that Muslims in India are having a hard time ,or do u have such a perception about India ?

Well to be honest I haven’t really thought about that aspect of India. In regards to India itself, it’s a country which has obviously achieved a heck of a lot economically! I think the Muslim situation in India could be said to be a bit of an oxymoron if you know what I mean. On the one hand, there is clearly hardship for India Muslims in some parts of the country, where they are being segregated. On the other hand though, the India government has done quite a it for Muslims in India (bringing out new legislation in regards to Hajj etc etc). I’m not fully aware of the situation, so I cant give a more in depth answer, sorry. 

EDIT: Just want to add one thing, I’m writing this AFTER the tragic events of Mumbai. Its seems there are clearly still some elements within India who would love to see unrest within India due to religious tensions and maybe try and use this to there own effect and advantage.

Describe DHONI183 as a person (or let´s say as a poster) and share your thoughts on him?

Great happy go lucky guy! Very very nice guy, extremely likable. Has recently found religion which is nice to see, and may it Insh’Allah continue. One of many good friends of PP

Only annoying thing is his like for Dhoni so much!

Why so much dislike for the legend that is Mohammad Hafeez?!

He has to be the least talented opener to have ever had the honour of putting that green jersey on! They guy cant bat, bowls OK for league cricket, but I must admit he is an good fielder.
Maybe he should switch to football as a goalkeeper, I mean that tip over the rope in the T20 WC final last over was legendary! Simple catch coming his way, EASY catch, what does he do? Not only drop that easy catch but also tip it over for 6!

After your law degree do you intend to pursue a career as a solicitor/barrister or do you have something else in mind?

No I intend to pursue a career as a barrister Insh’Allah. Too many solicitors these days plus I really want to be in the thick of things!

what part of pakistan are u from and have u visited pakistan lately? How many times? Would you ever consider settling in Pakistan? If so than what city?

I’ve been very lucky to have visited Pakistan 4 times in my 17 years on this earth and loved every single time (apart from when I got ill ) In regards to the city, I reside in Rawalpindi (approx half-hour from the airport) Last time I went to Pakistan was in 2005 and hope to go next July/August Insh’Allah. Yes I wouldn’t mind settling in Pakistan in the future, why not? I would probably settle in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, but I really don’t know.

arranged or love marriage?

We’ll see

wife from in the family or out of the family?

Refer to above

worst moment of ur life?

9th April 2005. I was awoken early by my mother who told me that my aunt had passed away in Pakistan. It was the start of the most traumatic months of my life, where I had to bare the loss of my grandma and grandfather also. 

education plans after college?

Well I’m planning to go to university next year Insh’Allah. The UCAS process (process by which you pick and choose ur uni’s etc in the UK) has been done, and I’ve sent it off. Now the nervous wait for the responses from the uni’s!

views on british muslim teenagers? (ur one of the good ones)

Why thanks very much! British Muslim teenagers, where to start? You’re probably aware of the reputation they have, but to tell the truth I think they’re very much misunderstood. Just look at the way all Muslims have been treated ever since 9/11, and what is that going to do to young British Muslims, seeing their government support the US government without thinking about it! There’s a lot of anger within these teenagers and unfortunately there’s always an idiot to take advantage of this anger and vulnerability. British Muslim teenagers are falling into the wrong crowd by joining gangs, joining the culture of crime (which really surprises me, especially with Pakistani teenagers who do this, to run away from the family system that there is in Pakistani families to a life of crime). And things are getting worse and worse (especially after 7/7 bombings). Not all are bad though, it has to be stressed that this is just a small percentage, it’s just mostly blown out of all proportion by the media (which is always the case when it comes to a ‘race story’).

Do u feel Wasim Akram, our idol has done enough to pay back pakistan cricket?

Nope, and I’m very disappointed at that. He’s been involved in attending the odd camp for fast-bowlers here and there but nothing like Waqar or Aaqib Javed. I must admit, I am very disappointed and annoyed, not only because he hasn’t done anything to give back to Pakistan cricket but mostly because he seems to be more interested in business and commentary stints then team Pakistan. Insh’Allah he’s be back in the Pakistan fold soon.

have u passed ur driving and whats ur dream car?

I’ve passed my theory, having driving lessons at the moment. My dream car………………McLaren Mercedes SLR (though I LOVE BMWs!)

But then again, I’m more into motorbikes myself!

do u feel it is worth going to uni and spending about 18 years of ur life in education when even with a degree ur not sure of a job due to maybe ur inexperience?

No I don’t think that, I mean its good to have something which you can fall back on isn’t it? What are you going to do in those couple of years after compulsory education if you leave? Work in a dead end job? Maybe if your father is a multi-millionaire, otherwise you must get a good education, go to university and basically work hard so the foundations can be built early on, so you can have it a little easier later on. For example, if you are to go and get a Law degree in university and but come out of university thinking, ‘hold on a second do I actually want this?’ Fair enough, but at least you’ll have something to go back to if things don’t go right in the ‘free world’.

the greatest phase of ur life? high school?

Well I’m only 17 so there haven’t really been that many ‘phases’ as to speak
High school definitely has to be the best, I absolutely love it! Was really great up until year 11 where it was time to stop……..and actually get on with actually work. Insh’Allah going to University next year, so that’ll be a completely new phase for me and how I’m looking forward to it!

If u had the chance to fulfill one dream right now what would it be, a personal dream?

Become the first Britsh Asian Prime Minister (though I would like to enter politics within Pakistan)

when settled with the wife and kids , would u hope to move out of london to another town or city or maybe even another country?

I haven’t really thought about it actually. I really LOVE London so I doubt I’d move out of London into another part of England. I really want to enter politics, and if not here in the UK then Pakistan so if I were to move, it would probably be to Pakistan.

y do u feel many teenagers especially british muslims tend to be uneducated and try to have a reputation as a bad boy with the drugs, shaarab..etc..., why the wanabe gangster thing?

Lack of education and a proper family system. I don’t want to generalise but you’ll tend to get a lot of these ‘wannabe gangsters’ in areas where there is a very dense population of one kind, where there are a lot of Muslims or a lot of Pakistani’s, Arabs etc. You see this in areas which hasn’t really had much economic help from the government, almost to ‘fend for itself’ and completely ignored! If you give these people the chance to actually do something with their time, do something with their lives, then you’ll probably see a change. Build youth clubs, sporting clubs and actually give these youngsters a chance to do something proactive with their day. Also the media hasn’t helped either, they almost seem to make this culture of crime and drinking ‘cool’, and with many many youngsters watching these programmes from a young age, its almost being hammered into them!

Express your views and put forward suggestions for each and every one of the Test playing nations. And also your favourite and least-liked player from each team.

Australia- Well what can you say, they’ve been at the top of their game for the last decade and deservedly so. Probably the most hard working team you will find in international cricket, no doubt giving 100% both on and off the field. Definitely the best physically fit team also as well as mentally. Is this due to their domestic structure? Well I’d say yes, its definitely a tough challenge to try and break your way into the state team which shows the talenet and hunger within Australian cricket. Cracks are beginning to appear (all good things MUST come to an end!) and it’s a worry that after Warne and McGill (the latter VERY unfortunate to have been around at the same time as Warne) they have no spinners at all. A huge worry for the Aussies.

Favourite player: Brett Lee
Least liked: Ricky: Andrew Symonds

Bangladesh- Very disappointing team, just when you think they are improving and actually making real strides they give a performance which a village XI would seriously cringe at! A team which no doubt works very very hard, but unfortunately struggles with the mental aspect of test cricket. Some of the worst offenders in regards to temperament as well as mental strength. In regards to the players they actually have, I honestly can’t see any who would be able to bat out 2 sessions to try and draw a match for the series. You have Tamim Iqbal and Mohammad Ashraful, two of the most dangerous Bangladeshi batsmen BUT not suited to test cricket. They’ll make a quick fire 20/25 and give it away with a rash slog!
They are a completely different story in ODIs, a team which can no doubt do the job on their day (as proved in the 2007 World Cup!), Iqbal and Ashraful suddenly become match-winners! Also they seem to have no end to top spinners, Mohammad Rafique; Abdur Razzak, Shaqib ul Hasan.

Favourite player: Shahadat Hossain
Least favourite: I don’t really have one actually

England- The England cricket team, well I used to love them during the 1990’s (when I first fell in love with cricket!). Hussain, Stewart, Hick, Ramperakash, Gough, Thorpe………….when has gone wrong? They’ve always been an average ODI side (at best) with the priority always seeming to be with the ‘bits and pieces’ players rather then specialists! Nothing has changed there with a very very ordinary ODI side still ‘gracing’ the field. In regards to their test side, it seemed like a hige revival since 2004 with obviously the huge win over the Aussies on the 2005 Ashes but after being brought back to earth (with a HUGE bang!) by Pakistan the following Winter it was downhill really. An a55 wooping whilst defending the Ashes and they’ve never recovered since!
Also what a hate about this England side (since the retirement of Hussain and co) the cockiness and ego’s of these ‘players’ have sky rocketed which was what really put me off.

Favourite player: Owais Shah
Least Favourite: the rest of the England side………………..but special mention to Collingwood and the idiot Pieterson!

India: One of the most improved sides in world cricket no doubt. They always had this ability of producing top quality batsmen and it seems (unfortunately ) this isn’t changing. They’ve also seemed to have found (for their standards at least) a good bowler in Sharma but it is the resurgence of Zaheer Khan which has really impressed me the most. Along with South Africa, the team challenging Australia for the number 1 spot! Also with arguably one the of best opening pairs in recent years of any team (Sehwag and Gambhir) both of whom whp are very much suited to BOTH test and ODIs, its no wonder why Indian cricket fans are looking happier then ever.

Favourite player: Verinder Sehwag (when not smacking Pakistan)
Least favourite: Yuvraj Singh

Pakistan: Still one of the most unpredictable teams in world cricket. things have become very barren for Pakistan in recent times which is a shame but another thing which is a shame is the lack of match winners within the team. For a country which has produced so many top players over the years, you could always depend of 1 or 2 match winners, but things have gone very much barren also!
Lack of test cricket as well as the lack of real temperamental player’s means a lot of work must be done for the dust to clear and Pakistan glory days to be back but that doesn’t mean they won’t be back. Pakistan has a habit of biting back just when it’s not expected and I expect no less in the future. Though still very much a top ODI team.

Favourite player: Umar Gul, Younus Khan and Misbah
Least favourite: Mohammad Hafeez!

Sri Lanka- SL have a very interesting future ahead of them. Their bowling seems to have begun clicking with the addition of Mendis alongside Murali, Malinga and co. One worry which is still there is the frail batting of the Sri Lankans which we saw exposed against Zimbabwe! Jaysurya hasn’t got much further to go and Sangakarra’s at the butt end of his career, and I don’t see any real batsmen who look like they can do the job in the future.

Favourite player: Mahela Jayawardene
Least favourite: There isn’t one really

South Africa- Were the team to beat during the real Aussie domination (where Australia never really seemed like getting beaten!) and nothing has seemed to have changed. Always have been and will be a formidable team at home but the performances in the Sub-Continent (even without a impressive spinner) is impressive in itself! With the Australian decline on the horizon, they’ll fight with India for the top spot with a lot of match winners I don’t see then choking either!

Favourite player: Greame Smith
Least favourite: Herchille Gibbs

New Zealand and West Indies- Both seriously declining unfortunately, NZ aren’t anything special and haven’t really got any special players.
West Indies still have the likes of Gayle, Chanderpaul and Sarwan but things don’t look too rosy.

Favourite players: Chris Gayle, Daniel Vettori, Chris Martin
Least favourite: None

Zimbabwe- Well we all know the story, but they are not a bad ODI side actually, quite impressed by the way they performed against SL.