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Jun 1, 2001
Most favourite player: Ray Price
Least favourite player: None

How did you do on your History report?

lol I’m guessing Momo, you asked this question?
It’s going well thanks, I’ve started the study and I a heck of a lot of sources! For those who don’t know, the coursework is meant to be about a person/event of your choice and the person/event’s controversy. I picked Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and have decided to do it about our nuclear programme. ‘Was Z.A.B the chief instigator of Pakistan’s nuclear journey?’ I was going to do it about whether Z.A.B was responsible for the break up of East Pakistan and birth of Bangladesh, but to tell the truth, there’s not all that much to really link it to Z.A.B.
Thanks for the help btw! 


Neither, both a waste of time and money

What are your hobbies? What do you like doing outside of school?

I’m a very very active sporty person, love playing football, tennis, hockey as well as cricket! I also really enjoy listening to music (not rapping or any of that rubbish!). I also like a good Qawwali (NFAK, Aziz Mian, RFAK, Zaki Taji, Amjad Sabri and many more!) as well as poetry. I haven’t always been into poetry, but recently have really developed a real liking for poetry and sheares.

Is Pakistan in the right hands?

No its not. You’ve got Asif Ali Zardari as your president. A person who has gone on TV to say ‘I’m not interested in the leadership of Pakistan’, who’s gone back on every single promise made ever since 18 February elections and played Nawaz Sharif ever since forming the coalition. The people who ae in charge at the moment seem to use only one line whenever a problem arises……..’We are a democratically elected government’. This is not a real democracy, this is a sham democracy! Its like after Shaukat Aziz said that we are free of the IMF when he was Prime Minister, or when throughout the Musharraf era we were hearing about the ‘khush-hali’ that there is in Pakistan (like there isn’t a single person living in Pakistan below the poverty line!). It’s a blanket, conveniently covering the truth to be made to look great to the outside world. In my view, you need someone who has the right mandate, the right support, and the right intentions. We must look at reality here; we’re not going to get a ‘fresh, new’ politician in the highest level in charge of Pakistan. For me, Nawaz Sharif is the man to lead Pakistan, to stand up to its enemies (official and unofficial enemies) and save Pakistan from the situation it is at the moment.

What and who do you love most in the World?
What: Pakistan
Who: My mother

Hollywood or Bollywood? Your favourite actor/actress? Favourite film?

Hollywood, have only watched 2 Bollywood movies (Lagaan and Baghban). Haven’t really got any favourite actors. Favourite film…..i like the Oceans trilogies but I LOVE James Bond movies!

Do u feel imran khan has the credentials to run Pakistan

Yes I so. Imran Khan has the right credentials and intentions to lead Pakistan. He has the support of the Pakistani people and if he were to come into power he would bring about a real revolution on how things would be dealt with in Pakistani politics. Furthermore, he’s someone who understands the importance of forward planning. By this I mean actually thinking ahead to what will/can happen rather then do what every single politician who’s been in power has done just think about literally the next couple of weeks and that’s it! Imran Khan actually has the desire to help the poor prople of Pakistan and that shows with the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, with the ‘Sasta tandoor project (which btw folks is being launching in Islamabad now). What other politician has done anything close to this? He refused the Prime Ministers position in 2002 when Musharraf offered it to him for a reason. He wants power to make change……not power for the sake of power.

what are u scared of that will be happening in future

The situation for Muslims will become much much worse. It has steadily deteriorated even since 9/11 and seems to be deteriorating even more. I’m not comparing the 2 but this situation Muslims find themselves and strikingly a little similar to the situation the Jews were in Nazi Germany in the 1930s! Propaganda against Muslims, and the use of fear amongst the people to try and change their views on Muslims. We are now seeing this propaganda being used to try and change people’s views against Pakistan and to a lesser extent Iran.

Whats the best way to stop the unrest in Pakistan?
What do you think is the single biggest challenge facing Pakistan today and how would you address it? (Saj did say these interviews aren't meant to be easy lol)

The single biggest challenge facing Pakistan today is the dangerous game being played by external elements in trying to destabilize Pakistan (this includes Al Qaeda). We’ve got huge unrest in Waziristan, Swat, Bajaur etc and we must address these problems not by means of total 100% force but rather actually by playing the political game (just like the American government is playing, just like the Indian government is playing, just like the Iranian and Afghan government is playing). Secretly negotiate with these terrorists in Waziristan etc, we must not show all our cards all at once. Tell them, you WILL NOT be able to achieve what you want in Pakistan, you are wasting your time! And instead of listening blindly to the Americans, play the silent game and try and shift these terrorists out of Pakistan back to where they came from. Tell them hang on, you leave Pakistan and stop all your mischief in Pakistan and go back to where your real war is, in Afghanistan. I’d offer to do what the Iranians are doing and supply these people with the finances and weaponry to do their stuff and they WILL go back to Afghanistan and do what ever they want! The Iranians are doing a great job in looking after number 1. To counter the American threat, just do what the Iranians do. We are a nuclear power for goodness sake, we are there only chance in this ‘war on terror’ I mean if we block off Gwader to them, then they’re in deep deep trouble. We should be the ones who hold the aces not America!

Your thoughts on the coach and his role in the team?

Is there any real role of a coach? Is the coach going to go out onto the field and take the crease with the team needing 4 to win off the last ball?
If anything, the coach has made cricket and cricketers robots. How many coaches do you think would have tried their very best to change the actions of Wasim and Waqar, changed the technique of Chanderpaul? I personally don’t believe you need a coach to do well (India proved that in the time between Chappel and Kirsten!). if anything, coaches seem to be ruining cricket, with the fountain of real fast bowlers becoming increasingly dry mainly due to the coaching role.

What do you hope to achieve in next few years from a personal point of view?

Well hopefully gain admission to a top university and get that law degree

If you had the chance to go to for a meal with a Pak cricketer and one non Pak cricketer, who would they be and why?

I’d love to have a meal with Younus Khan. I could just imagine the positive vibes which would comes from Younus and the great time which would be had. He seems like a pretty talkative guy as well as someone who really likes to have a great time as well as lift the spirits of the other person. The qualities in Younus are definitely something which would be great in a friend eh?! Plus he might just pay the bill like he did when he convinced the trainer to stay with the Pak team!
Non Pak cricketer…………….Brett Lee so I ca get some tips on how he keeps that hair looking so good!

How do you think PakPassion is different from other forums?

Well PakPassion is the first forum which I joined and it seemed as of I got it right first time round!
PP is very different to all forums in the sense that its like one bog happy family with everyone having their say on various issues. Also we have a well rounded member list, with not all talk being cricket 24/7. I particularly enjoy the ‘time pass’ forum and the various threads which pop up! Something which is the most impressive though has to be the humanistic character of the forum. This is to say that gentlemanly way in which debates and held between fellows PPers as well as the friendship with our Indian posters which is great to see. There’s none of the usual rubbish seen on other forums with insults flying left, right and centre, its very moral and basically a great atmosphere to post in.

What scares you... Really.
US plans

What three words would you use to describe yourself?


How good a player are you? (In cricket)
well I consider myself to be ok enough. I’m a specialist fast bowler and have represented my school as well as local teams in my area. I nickname myself the right-handed Wasim Akram but………well that’s me

What other sport(s) do you play apart from cricket?

I quite enjoy playing badminton; I love the artistic quality of that shuttle cock flying effortlessly through the air in such a smooth manner. I also enjoy tennis and squash, something which really gets the heart rate going and sweat going!

Your favourite PP Mod?

My favourite PP mod is…

If you were given one chance of making a difference or change in history, what would it be?

Doing something to really help combat poverty around the world (and I don’t mean just make a dent, I mean REALLY make a difference…………………kinda like the US president would have the opportunity to do.

Describe Umair Paracha! as a person? And share your thoughts on him

Well he’s a great poster on PP with a great insight to cricket. a nice guy also and I thoroughly enjoy reading his posts. It was also great to hear about the way in which he fought the tragic accident and it also showed how much people cared for him, and I tell you what. You don’t care for someone if they don’t make a positive impression on you.

Do you know how to cook? If so, what dish do you like cooking the most (or eating)?

Erm yeah, I actually quite enjoy cooking. I can cook the basic stuff and I’m pretty sure if a good cook book was put in front of me, I’d be able to rustle up a real tasty treat.
I’d sat me signature dish is beans on toast with a bit of cheese or a ‘cheese toast pizza’

Why can't you accept that MQM is representative of people of Karachi and people vote Altaf Hussain for who ever he is.

Who says I cant accept that MQM is a representative of the people of Karachi? All I’ve made clear is my dislike of Altaf Hussain and some other members of the party who feed off the problems within Karachi and Pakistan. I have no problem with MQM or the majority of people who vote MQM because not all those people vote MQM because of Altaf Hussain. The way Mustafa Kamal has been doing his job, why would you not want to keep him in power?

Mohsin, in your opinion, which of the arts is the most beautiful, the most captivating? Is it perhaps, poetic verse, or musical talent, or artistic ability? Prose?

Well I personally think nothing can beat a good piece of writing, something which captivates you, something which engrosses you, something which just touches you! It may not be something which has rhythm or a beat but its something which (if good enough) can really pull at those heart strings.
What's your favorite type of music and why? What does it mean to you?

I love music and think it’s definitely captivating if written as well as sung in the right way. I personally love something which has an element of heartbreak in it. This is to say, I love listening to ‘sad’ songs. The main reason for this is the feeling which it creates and the way in which it sends a tingle down my spine whenever I listen to a great emotional song.
I HATE rap and that sort of bull****!

Thanks for the questions and hearty apologies if I didn’t answer your question, nothing personal just laziness