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Jun 1, 2001
1st July 2008

Question: If I had to design the template for the perfect Indian cricket fan posting on a predominantly Pakistani forum - it would be based on you. Is that pressure?

It is a pressure .Because I know I don’t deserve that ,there are better posters out there .A lot of my compatriots are brilliant posters .On the seniority and cricket knowledge ,i would suggest Perth93.

Question: IPL - I'm not a fan. I'm not sure if you are..
But if anything positive has come out of it - what is it and who were the main beneficieries of it?

I am not a fan of IPL .The main beneficiaries, average cricketers can be millionaires without much efforts and efficiencies and BCCI as always.

Question: Whats does Siddarth do in his spare time? You're a family man. Are you like me (Oxy), a 'living zombie' thats had his best years stolen from him after marriage?
I used to travel a lot ,some times with my family ,some times alone ,luckily my wife has no problem with that . Marriage ,probably is a mistake that every individual would like to make and then repent about it after making it .At the end of all,it is still fun.

Question: Any other sporting interests other than the one we were all born into?
I am always a huge fan of F1 ,then Tennis ,Soccer ,Basketball ,Golf etc.

Question: I have problems with Pakistan's rapidly expanding economy - i.e the poor and uneducated are not sharing in these gains. Do you feel the same for India, or do you believe the 'battle of the fittest approach'?

I feel exactly the same .The difference between the rich and the poor is getting more wider and all this talk about ‘’economy boom is nothing but superficial ‘’.Battle of the fittest can’t be applied to the economy ,for example ,Indian agriculture is one area where no one really cares about ,but without progressive agriculture how can a state be self sufficient .Farmers going poorer is indeed an alarmingly frightening situation atleast that’s the case in my state.

Question: Whats happened to Indian TV? Was it always this sensationalist and 'celebrity driven'.

When there was only DD (Door Darshan ) ,it was harmless .Now too many channels came ,the competition aiming at bollywood loving people increased,they have started to telecast too many trashes.Also interviews of lying celebrities .Fans consider those as divine lectures .I am happy that I am not watching those any more.

Question: Is Siddarth a religious guy (relatively speaking)?

Yes ,I do believe in my religion .Not blindly .

Question: Describe USA in no more than 1 sentence?

Dollars speak louder than anything .

Question: How did you find PP?

Quite randomely ,like I saw a comparison thread like Wasim/Waqar .

Question: How do you find PP?

PP is a fantastic place ,it is like my second home page .
Question: What is the most annoying thing you find in Pakistani members of PP?

1.Generalising ,like it is an Indian thing .

2.Hypocrisy ,like bashing India every now and then ,following bollywood stars.And enjoying when Pakistanis get appreaciation from them ,say for example citing Akhtar’s support ,the same fans will be known as ‘’delusioned ‘’when they support SRT.

3.Talking without any basis like ‘’Muslims in India have a hard time etc.

Question: If you were given the chance to witness (in person) any Cricket match of the past, which one would it be?

Rawalpindi 2004 test against Pakistan ,that was a historical moment .

Question: Which format you prefer the most? T20, Test or ODI?

Test obviously . ODIs are okay if it is a world cup or such competitive series .I dislike T20.

Question: If you have to choose, Misbah or Dhoni and why?

Dhoni ,he is a multi skilled person who is very strong mentally .He has this ability to rise to the occasion .Misbah ,is also very tough and cool ,still lacks that extra dimension Dhoni have especially in clutches.Again Misbah is far less experienced compared to Dhoni ,so not a fair comparison.

Question: Pick one ! Ishant or Gul and Why?

At the moment I would say Gul as he proved his worth in all formats of the game . But I feel it is too early to compare Ishant with any .

Question: When your wife/ family/ friends asks why you go to a Pakistan cricket website, does your reply convince them? If yes, please share. If no, please share.

They have no problem as long as I am doing my family duties .My better half likes cricket and used to visit PP .Generally speaking they have no such extreme Anti pakistani feelings.

Question: What's something that you often wish you can change in this site.

Nothing in particular .I am comfortable with the current set up.

Question: A five day test match on a dead pitch with no result OR an IPL T20 match?

I follow all tests without looking at the conditions ,I never followed IPL. Hope that settles it .

Question: How can you cope up with the pressure of being a most sensible ,unbiased Indian at PP?

Am I that unbiased ? Well I try to be unbiased all the time ,but some times ,when I see one eyed, biased hypocritic comments ,I will just react with the same spirit ,like calling spade a spade .I know it irks some people .I don’t mind it either .

Otherwise ,I have huge respect for Pakistani greats and talents .So won’t bring them down by meaningless statistical analysis all the time .I appreciate talents ,nationality is not all an obstruction for me.

Question: Your favourite all time Indian Cricketer?

Two cricketers who contributed to Indian cricket than what statistics shows.

Kapil Dev ,Yes he prolonged his career and it affected his statistics and status .But his contribution to Indian cricket is much more valuable than those numbers .We Indians know that.

Sachin tendulkar ,There was a time when Indian cricket team = Tendulkar ,now people ridicule him ,calling him over hyped etc .If he is overhyped ,then there is a reason for that .As a player and a person he carried himself well and coped with immense popularity and pressure which was always on him.

Imagine yourself to be in Tendulkar's place ,you will understand that.

Question: Do you think Azharrudin was made a scapegoat and other Indian cricketers got away with things regarding the match fixing scandal?

Azharuddin was indeed made a scapegoat as he was a spent force just like Salim Malik.But the way he batted in some of the important matches ,I have to say no sympathy for him.Moreover he was the captain .Though I feel there are more to match fixing than what we saw.

I admire him as a batsman. In form ,so beautiful to watch.

Question: Who was/is your all-time favourite batsman and bowler?
Favourite batsmen : Viv Richards ,the incomparable immortal .
Favourite bowler ; Wasim akram .Just like his profile says ,a dream bowler .
Question: Which is your all-time favourite cricket match which you enjoyed the most?

Calcutta test match where Laxman played a dream innings against Australia,a fantasy match really .

Question: Who named you Siddharth?

Not my original name ,name of my close friend’s son ,plus it has all the first letters of our best friends names .so it is easy to remember all those friends .

Question: masala Dhosa or Dhokra? which is your favourite

Masala Dosa any time .

Question: Where in India do you originate from?

I am from kerala.Born and brought up in Trivandrum city.

Question: would you like to visit pakistan and if so where?

I love to visit Pakistan ,all those places of historical importance .In particular Lahore and Baluchistan.

Question: most exciting India Pak encounter outside the world cups?

In tests , Bangalore 87 and Rawalpindi 2004 .Both are defining moments for both the teams .

In ODIs ,Champions trophy 1985 and Australasia cup 1986 .

Question: Ever tried cooking? Share the experience...

I am a reasonably good cook .I enjoy that ,I tried my hand in almost every thing from Tandoor Chicken ,Biriyani to Chinese ,continental. Again it is another thing which you learn from mistakes .So I can say I am improving . The only problem is that I will make kitchen one hell of a mess .

Question: Ever considered joining an Indian cricket site?

Honestly I havn’t read much in any Indian site .So many forums can be a confusion .i may join in the future.

Question: Do you sometimes feel like quiting everything and go back and settle in India?

Many times I feel.I am quite a home sick fellow. Especially whenever I hear the news about my father’s illness ,I just want to go back .I feel guilty that I am not taking care of my parents properly .Even I decided once ,but my parents discouraged me.

Question: Do you still play cricket, if yes gulli style or for some league?

I am not playing cricket after coming here ,no one is there to play .In India I used to play gulli cricket with friends.

Question: Does you family hate your passion towards cricket?

Our whole family are passionate about cricket .That’s a blessing I have been enjoying since my childhood .My wife loves cricket too .Now my little one started following it too ,touchwood.

Question: Ever got caught surfing cricket webs/forums or watching cricket at work

Luckily never .Some times I forgot to close certain forums which I open in the breaks.I just minimize it ,no one has talked about it yet .Moreover I use my personal lap top for these purposes.

Question: Who do you consider the best talented upcoming batsmen/bowler in world cricket and why?

As a batsman ,Ross Taylor looks to be a great prospect .I like to see Shaun Marsh in tests too.

From the bowlers ,Ajantha Mendis is very gifted.

Question: If there was situation where your team needed to get 50 of 38 balls, who would you send in Inzi or ST? and why?

Either of them will do .Both can do well .Both of them have chased totals under prsseure .Both of them failed as well . At the end of the day I will choose Sachin Tendulkar by a whisker.

Question: Whats your all time favore Indian and Pakistani cricket, also your all time favorite crickete?

Sachin Tendulkar,Kapil dev and Wasim Akram,Imran Khan .

My favourite cricketer of all time has to be Imran Khan ,you can’t find a cricketer more perfect than him, an ispiration to all.

Question: What amusement park do you consider the best? Also do you like rollar coasters?

From what I saw ,Universal studio was fantastic .

Rollar coasters ,yes I do .

Question: Have you ever cried in school? and have you ever yelled at a teacher?

I never cried in school ,even though I used to get a lot of beating .I never yelled ,but did some mild confrontations during my college days .

Question: Imagine you are the captain of a T20 side and Shoaib Akhtar is in your playing XI; Shoaib gets spanked for 16 runs in one over and lost his cool. What will you advise him before his next over which may either make or break the match?

That will depend on a lot of things ,like how many runs to get ,how the bowler who bowls the next over after that expensive over of Akhtar etc .I would still ask him to bowl the way he wants without worrying about the result.Also in a tense situation the chances of batsman making a mistake are more than a bowler .I will remind him that the batsman actually is more tensed than him.

Question: What are your views on religion and its role in life?

Religion is an aspect of life which makes a believer more disciplined .It helps to have a better lifestyle for those who follow it honestly .It doesn’t matter if some one has no interest in religion .It is basically one’s belief and a personal choice .

Question: Can the Kashmir issue be resolved in the near future?

I hate to say it , but No is the answer .For our politicians that’s the best ‘’covering up ‘’ issue ,that can be exploited any time .so it won’t .

Question: Do you stare/gape?
No .

Question: Do you rush in to the elevator as your life depends on it?

I haven’t done such a thing yet ,may be if such a situation occurs .No idea about it.

Question: How much do you make?

Come on man . No one would want to say that openly .

Question: Are you a Citizen?

Yes I am a citizen of India.I follow majority of the rules .

Question: Do you buy stuff with the intention to return them after you fulfill its purpose? Basically is Walmart your favorite store?

No ,I never bought anything with that purpose .My favoutite store is Target.Because ,I get a lot of good stuffs for my kid .

Question: Do you think you are successful? Why or why not?

Not that much ,but content with what I have .

Question: How much gas price is too much?

Well this question brought me tears into my eyes . Sadly I can’t digest this price any more .Here it is summer time ,but gas price is really discouraging me to travel by car .

Question: Alexander or Hitler?
Alexander the great .I doubt any one would refer Hitler the most cruel ruler ever as Great.

Question:Mammootty or Mohanlal ,why ? Favourite movies .

Very close indeed . Different strengths and weaknesses .Acting has to be natural and casual ,Mohanlal holds that naturality a litlle higher than Mammootty IMO.My favourite ones on the top of my head are Vellanakaludey naadu , Devasuram, Manichithrathazhu.
Wow!i am proud to see the interview of my fellow malayali in Pakpassion..:)