Mohammad Asif of Pakistan wins IBSF World Snooker Championship (again)

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Dec 10, 2009

Pakistani cueist Muhammad Asif defeated Alex Borg of Malta by 7-1 in the semi-final.

The dream run of Pakistani cueist Mohammad Asif continues in IBSF World Snooker Championship 2012 being played in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, as he entered the final of the mega event on Saturday.

The semi-final played on Saturday, proved one-sided as Muhammad Asif thrashed his opponent Alex Borg of Malta by 7-1 in best of 13 frames.

Muhammad Asif became the second Pakistan cueist to reach the final of World Snooker Championship. Veteran snooker player Muhammad Yousaf was the first Pakistani who qualified for the final in 1993 and eventually won the title.

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do people actually follow this?
And chess :))
Do you actually ever retire from such games?
Best of luck Asif.... God bless u in the final
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Very interesting situation in the match...
Asif is leading by 4-3
looks like asif under pressure..momentum against him..though leading current frame
asif was leading 53-30...
and now losing this frame by 53-56...

the other guy is playing safe and asif keep making mistakes
asif was leading 53-30...
and now losing this frame by 53-56...

the other guy is playing safe and asif keep making mistakes
Muhammad Asif wins 17th frame, leads 9-8 now. He's just one more frame away from the World Title.

C'mon Asif, do it for Pakistan!
Muhammad Asif beats Gary Wilson 10-8 to clinch the World Snooker Title!

Congratulations to Asif and every Pakistani out there ! Pakistan Zindabad!
Good day for the Pakistani sports today...
in morning... Pak beat the belgium in hockey
now Asif become world champion of snooker
I also heard that Mr Zaman reaches in semi final of Edmonton open squash .....
Pakistan Becomes Snooker World Champion After 18 Years

Pakistani cueist Muhammad Asif won the IBSF World Snooker Championship finals, beating his opponent, England’s Gary Wilson after 18 years.Muhammad Asif made Pakistan the World champion of Snooker by winning the IBSF World Snooker Championship finals.

Last time in 1994, Mohammad Yousuf won the title in Johannesburg.And after 18 years Muhammad Asif have done it again.

Asif maintained a strong lead against Wilson, being up 6-3 at the break.

Pakistan Becomes Snooker World Champion After 18 Years

Asif had earlier sailed into the IBSF World Snooker Championship finals, crushing Malta’s Alex Borg, seven frames to one and secured his place in the final. He had reached the semi-finals after beating Syria 6-2.

The Pakistani cueist had triumphed against Australia’s Vinnie Calabrese 5-0 in their last 32-match played on Friday in Sofia, Bulgaria. Asif showed great confidence as he beat Calabrese 63-40, 115-14, 69-65, 67-55 and 67-15.

Asif remained unbeaten in the tournament.
I think it would be appropriate if this thread moved to Cricket section..
Pakistan's Mohammad Asif claims World Snooker Championship title

Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif defeated England’s Gary Wilson in the final to win the IBSF World Snooker Championship on Sunday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Asif, who was unbeaten in the tournament, defeated Wilson 10-8.

In a best of nineteen frames match, Asif was leading through most of the final and was 6-3 up at the break. Pakistan’s number one cueist started off well reaching 3-1 but later made mistakes which Wilson took advantage of to win the the fifth and the sixth frames to level the scores at 3-3.

Wilson made a comeback after the break, levelling the scores at 8-8. At this point in the match, Asif demonstrated brilliant cue control to win the seventeenth and eighteenth frame to clinch the title.

President of the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association, Alamgir Sheikh, termed the victory a turning point for snooker in Pakistan.

“Asif worked very hard to win this and it is a very big victory, a turning point for the sport in Pakistan. I hope the government takes notice and supports these boys,” Sheikh said while speaking to

Asif was the third Pakistani to reach the final of the world event and the second one to win it. Before him, Mohammad Yousuf won it in 1994 while, in 2003, Saleh Mohammad was defeated by Pankaj Advani of India.


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Muhammad Asif from Faisalabad


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So we've had two cricketers win the snooker championship in Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Yousuf.

Let's put our cricketers on a football pitch and maybe they'll win the FIFA world cup as well.
This is for amateurs.
Congrats nonetheless.

The professional one is held in Sheffield.
I would like to point out this is amateur snooker though, not professional world snooker as some people may get confused.

None the less a great achievement for him and Pakistan.
From wikipedia:

the IBSF World Snooker Championship (also known as the World Amateur Snooker Championship) is the premier non-professional snooker tournament in the world. The event series is sanctioned by the International Billiards and Snooker Federation. A number of IBSF champions have gone on to successful careers in the Pro ranks, notably Jimmy White (1980), James Wattana (1988), Stuart Bingham (1996), Stephen Maguire (2000) and Mark Allen (2004) – however, only 1989 IBSF champion Ken Doherty has gone on to win the Pro World Snooker Championship (in 1997).
Congrats guys, great achievement. Mohd Asif? lol
Well done but there's nothing like the UK championship, I don't if our champ will even qualify for the UK championship based on his skills.
So we've had two cricketers win the snooker championship in Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Yousuf.

Let's put our cricketers on a football pitch and maybe they'll win the FIFA world cup as well.

That was incredibly lame.
Good effort, but misleading thread is misleading, this is not professional snooker.
Congratulations to Muhammad Asif on winning it:19:!
This is good news

I remember when M yousuf won the championship in 1993 PTV kept playing the song " Yousuf bana world champion, snooker ka world champion"....
World’s snooker champ says Israel offered him to abandon match

Pakistan’s Muahmmad Asif, winner of the IBSF World Snooker Championship, said Israel approached him with an offer to abandon a match, a local TV station reported Tuesday.

Asif, who became the second Pakistani to win the world’s snooker championship Sunday in Bulgaria, told ARY News TV’s website that “Israel had approached him with an offer to abandon match.”

The website, however, didn’t provide further information about the match and on whether it was when he played against Israel’s Shachar Ruberg late November.

Why is the whole world after our Mohammad Asifs ? :asif


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf congratulated Asif, and TV cameras followed him from the moment he stepped off the plane in Karachi. Almost all the major papers – English and Urdu – ran editorials hailing his achievement and urging the government to do more to support cue sports. Before the tournament Asif declared it would be his last as it was becoming difficult to juggle playing tournaments and running his snooker club to support his family. “I can't continue like this, because every time I have to ask for money from my family and it's time I either play on my own or quit,” he said. As Pakistan's number one player and reigning national champion, Asif gets a monthly stipend from the PBSF of Rs.8,000 ($82), most of which goes on cues and kit. “It was a tough final but I was determined to win,” said Asif, who aims to make his mark in the professional circuit provided he gets the support, and above all money.\12\05\story_5-12-2012_pg2_2

Pepsi sponsorship should be on its way . :afridi It was sad to read how much he gets paid but he continued to play it . That`s pure dedication .
I believe this is an amateur snooker title.

Probably nowhere near the standard of the pros.

But congrats nonetheless!
Pakistan’s Asif marches into IBSF World Snooker final

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif qualified on Friday for the final of IBSF World Snooker Championship, beating Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn in the semi final.

The number one cueist from Pakistan made his Thai opponent look helpless from the first frame and kept him under pressure through perfect cue control.

Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn, who won Asian championship in 2016, couldn’t win any single frame against Asif, who will now aim for second IBSF World Championship title in Antalya on Friday.

Asif started off the semi final with a break of 85 to take initial lead with frame score of 88-41. He continued the same run in the second frame where he got success with frame score of 65-20 to extend his lead 2-0.

Asif played another half-century break in the 3rd frame to make it 3-0 by take the frame 86-35. Pakistani cueist looked in total control in 4th frame and Kritsanut had no option but to concede the frame before attempting colors as Asif was leading 54-2.

The 2012 World Championship winner continued his run in 5th frame and played a break of 72 to make it 5-0 in his favor. Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn tried to show some resistance in 6th frame but Asif’s experienced proved too much for him.

The Thai cueist looked stronger in 7th frame, and that was the only time where he could pose some challenge to Mohammad Asif but still couldn’t overcome him as Asif completed the clean sweep in best of 13 frames.

Asif won the semi final with score of 88-41, 65-20, 86-35, 54-02, 73-17, 69-51 and 78-77.

Earlier, Asif had outclassed Thailand’s Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon 6-4 in the Quarter Final.

Asif had won the IBSF World Snooker Championship in 2012. The Pakistan number one player had last year won Asian Team Championship while partnering with Babar Masih. He also won World Team Championship twice, in 2013 and 2017.

He is now aiming for one more title for Pakistan.

“I am hopeful of winning yet another title for Pakistan,” Asif told from Antalya, Turkey.
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Congratulations Asif! Proud champion of the IBSF World Snooker Championship &#55357;&#56399;&#55356;&#57340; <br>Pakistan’s pride &#55356;&#57286; <a href=""></a></p>— Wahab Riaz (@WahabViki) <a href="">November 9, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
Pakistan's Asif wins IBSF World Snooker Championship title in Turkey

Pakistan's Mohammad Asif has won the IBSF World Snooker Championship (amateur), beating Jefrey Roda of Philippines 8-5 in the final on Saturday.

This is Asif's second IBSF World title. He won the same title in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Pakistan's Mohammad Yousuf had also won the IBSF World Snooker Championship in 2012.

The country's number one cueist, who remained unbeaten throughout the tournament, kept the momentum in the final as well to outclass his opponent.

Asif won the first three frames to take an early lead of 3-0 with frame scores of 68-35, 88-00 and 69-1. Roda then made a comeback but couldn't overcome Asif's lead.

Asif played a break of 105 in the fifth frame to minimise his deficit to 3-2, only to get it increased before the break as he made it 5-2 by the seventh frame. The Pakistani continued his form post-break to take it to 6-2.

Roda played a break of 71 in the ninth frame, but Asif responded well in the 10th to keep his lead.

With the Pakistani cueist just one frame away from his title, Roda gave Asif a scare and broke his momentum by winning back-to-back frames, making it 7-5.

But the 13th frame ended up being the decisive one. Roda conceded the game with pink and black balls remaining on the table and Asif keeping a lead of 17 points.

Asif completed the best-of-15 frames win with 8-5 in less than five hours with scores of 68-35, 88-0, 69-17, 28-73, 5-118, 93-0, 69-1, 72-57, 10-93, 77-04, 21-65, 54-66 and 68-51.

In a message sent to the media following his win, Asif said that he was dedicating this win to the people of Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.

"This wasn’t an easy tournament for me, but I was focused to win for my country," he said.
Returning to Karachi after winning the title of the IBSF World Snooker Championship, second seed Mohammad Asif on Monday said that his victory was not just his win alone, but one for all of Pakistan.

On Saturday, Asif coasted to an 8-5 victory over unseeded Jefrey Roda of Philippines in the final of the championship in Antalya.

Carrying his trophy, he was greeted today at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport by representatives of the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Federation (PBSF) who adorned him with garlands.

Speaking to reporters on his return today, he said that he was dedicating his award to

"We always ask the government to support us so that players are encouraged," Asif said, adding that he was hopeful that the current government will support snooker.

The snooker champion thanked the federation for supporting him, adding that the PBSF had supported them in tough times. He requested the government to support the sport as well.

The last time Asif won the title was in 2012 in Bulgaria. With this victory, Faisalabad-born Asif has become the fifth cueists to win the world snooker title twice since its inception in 1963.

It is the WPBSA that recognises the world champion.He should play in real tournaments governed by the leading body if he wants proper recognition.