Multan Sultans (185/2) beat Karachi Kings (130/8) by 55 runs in Match 3 of PSL 9

Baig and 3 and Nawaz at 4, looks like a really poor top order

What do these numbers mean from the Multan camp?
Really hope Karachi play Arafat in the next match. The lack of young talent on this roster is depressing. Confusing they even let a player like Qasim go as well. No outstanding young bowler either. Looking like its going to be a while before they're good again.
Muhammad Ali celebrating like he took the wicket himself
Well done Shan

Your only decent T20 batsman is out because of your pathetic approach so far
Was looking foward to seeing Baig play today, but out first ball from a beaut. And Willeyis on a hatric
Masood 5 off 14

Someone should remind him that the Test series is over
not body shaming but which cricketer had the most absurd caterpillar unibrow ? 14/2 in 4
It seems like in this season boundary seems bigger as compared to previous seasons..can anyone clarify?
PSL has regressed. Things need to improve drastically otherwise it will just become one of the low leagues going around or simply just die.

Partly this has to do with country's economic situation as well.
As soon as I stop watching, Shan starts to hit the ball

Maybe I am a bad omen for him
Are sky sports even trying to get the coverage back? Is anyone working in the office today for them?
Are sky sports even trying to get the coverage back? Is anyone working in the office today for them?
They have put up a message apologising.

It's not Sky's fault. It's the host broadcaster's responsibility.
PSL broadcasting is poor

Polland and Malik both playing in 2024
Crap overseas players
Poor lighting and production, ground is so dark.
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incidentally watching the 69th Filmfare awards for Alia & searching for Tripti ...2 gorgeous ladies - 48/2 - dahani ko 6 pada
Back on

Looks like Rizwan dropped a catch

And Dahani gets smashed for six by Malik lol
That 6 and a 4 makes Masood's SR look decent 28(27)*. It was atrocious 3 deliveries ago
Urooj Mumtaz

“Big wicket of the opposing captain”

This lady is clueless
Karachi Kings should just be disbanded and merged with Quetta Gladiators
useless but interesting stat.

Kieron Pollard has played for 35 teams in his career. :stokes I wonder if there are players who've played for more.
Kings need 119 runs in 59 balls.

Can this be chased? What do you guys feel?
WHat is this tuk tuk batting? Are they leaving all the heavy lifting for Pollard?
Saad Baig is another media-hyped player. There is no talent in him.
He's rubbish. Him along ali asfand were by far the least talented players in our u19 and one was skipper and the other VC. Arafat minhas is light years ahead of him as a batsmen alone.
Amazing batting by Platinum Nawaz who is clearly better than Imad
Haider Azhar the clown should come out and do the press conference