My boom boom arrogance has arrived!!!


Feb 2, 2011
I was just about to order the Boom Boom 175 a couple of weeks but then i saw Hafeez using the Arrogance 200 in the T20 World Cup and fell in love with it! Finally it arrived this morning, and oh god it feels awesome! :yahoo

P.s. I am at work so not the greatest of photos!! :26:


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looks like a great stick mate! well done.

plz take some better pics when you get home!

Where are boom boom bats being made?
Thanks mate, looks and feels awesome.

Yep will definitely post some better quality pics later this evening.

I might be wrong but i believe they are made by SS in India. Although I ordered mine from Boom Boom outlet in Lahore, Pakistan.
That is one hell of a stick. I've always had amazing experience with the Boom Boom bats. Good Luck!
Nice looking bat dude where is the meat of the bat positioned?
Cricketismylife/momin97 - It was £180 from the Boom Boom factory, but then had to pay about £20 for delivery. Well worth it in my opinion. :)
Anakwalajin - they say pre knocked in but I am not entirely convinced when bat makers state that, so I still knock in my bats myself...already spent 3-4 hours on this since Friday and it is started to feel awesome. :)
Qasim Ali - thanks bro, it's mid to low sweet spot...but if I bat like I did last season then I hope it has good edges too!!! Haha. ;)
Dear Mahroof,
The willow is amazing and the design is superb on the pitch......can yoy please share the details of boom boom factory so that i can order too....thanks.
take some pictures with a better camera as well man! this bat is a beauty- somehow it looks like it feels great too! lol
just wondering, did you put another grip on it ? i thought arrogance has a Green grip but looks like a black 1 on this bat ? i believe boom boom signature has a black grip (as used by shahid afridi) and arrogance has a green grip (used by hafeez )
what is this Boom Boom factory where OP got his bat- does anyone know.

coz that bat shape is NOT RIGHT.

unless they changed the shape - very doubtful.