My Genuine and Fake CA Plus 15000 bat side by side comparison


May 8, 2012
Couple of weeks ago I posted my fake CA Plus 15000 bat. Now that I have recieved the geniune bat from CA factory I am posting pictures of both bat side by side for comparison and to help others how to identify the fake bat. Once again the fake bat was bought online from Ahlan Sports. The fake bat has 8 grains while the original has 14 grains. In all images the fake bat is on left hand side and genuine is on right hand side.

First both bat with covers..notice the different flap and lighter colour on fake bat

Both bats outside cover...notice how the fake bat has grainy sticker while the original has shiny Ca sticker

Fake bat has a different grip and look at shady work on edges..they are not even cut properly

The genuine bat has original octopus grip and edges are cut evenly

The biggest pointer...fake bat has black toe guard and the difference in profile right at the centre of toe...original bat has green toe guard and high profile in the centre

How come you bought two same bats?
Whatever, have fun with both fake & genuine.
fake bat will be returned after an RMA is issued..I cannot keep it card company is taking care of it...ordered the new one after I got the fake bat. The fake bat is not has a pretty good ping...I guess it must have been 8000, 9000 or 10000 and they put a 15000sticker on it.
The genuine bat is awesome. It is the best bat I have bought. Since it is pre knocked no oil is needed and the front has high grade protective sheet on it. The feel of bat hitting the ball is incredible
A Plus 8000 or 10000 can not be re-stickered unless the factory does it. And you can ask for a Plus 8000 with Plus 15000 stickers, the factory will still charge for the Plus 15000 as the stickers determine the product. So i have serious doubts that a plus series bat was re-stickered. It could well be a scenario that a Plain CA Plus series bat has fake Plus 15000 stickers on it.
Most likely you are correct. The problem is that these guys are not buying bat from CA sports. I bought my genuine bat from CA in Pakistan. After, I filed complained with CA and my credit card company, Ahlan sports started calling CA to get verification from them that it was genuine. To their surprse it was not.
They were buying bat from individual in Lahore who was claiming himself to be a CA agent and I do not know what the source of this guy is and where he is getting these fake bats from. Ahlan sports got shocked when it was challenged by me that the bat was not genuine since they were successfully selling these bats and there was never a question. I feel bad for people who bought the bat from Ahlan Sports (Dubai).
I can only tell people to buy it directly from CA sports as it less expensive to buy from them. I got mine for USD 320 with shipping in USA whereas the lowest price I see on any USA website is 399. Also, the only authorised dealer in USA according to Ca sports is who are selling the same bat for USD 459.
Fake and original Bat CA Plus

Dear you are wise man
How a man sale at 220 $ CA Plus 15000 original Bat with free shipping.
Buyer should aware normal market prices if a seller sale under normal then 100% sure he is selling fake items


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Thank you basharat bhai for posting the website. It was a good learning experience and I hope it helps other people in the future. I saw few posting inquiring about these stores and some people selling bat on Ebay and it should answer all the question and put an end to the concern. I still feel bad for people who have been ripped off by these fake sellers.
aware about CA 15000 PLUS

Hi Friends ,

I am posting an another website link who is selling fake cricket bat and i got cheated...i paid 200 euro,for some particular last got really disappointed...and try to contact the seller but no response,so please aware of this seller...he is having FACEBOOK IN THE NAME OF MJ SPORTS,EBAY ACCOUNT ASWELL,so please stay away from him