Need help for my cricket bat


Nov 24, 2011
Guys thz iz my bat GN legend my cuzin brought it frm uk as he gave me gift.......i dd nt oil nd i jst started knocking in nd thz happened plzz help mee wht shuld i do wth thz nww......
Nd tell me shuld i oil it or nt?????


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You should have spent some time oiling it and knocking it. Now you can't blame anyone,your fault. I don't think you can do much about the bat now as it is pressed in from corners and edges.
I knw its my fault but atlst help me for repairing it......wht shuld i do so tht atlst i cn play wth thz bat?????
Contact GN, If there is any chance they will repair it for a fee. If it said ready to play then you have a case!
Get PVA glue mix it with water in 2:1 ratio (2 parts glue 1 part water) put the glue in on and around all the little cracks, let it dry for 2/3 days. Use sand paper and sand the bat gently to get a smooth surface. Oil the bat 2 times with a cloth, just enough oil to stain the whole surface of the bat. Knock it in for 4 hours starting lightly and increasing force as time passes and then apply a scuff sheet to the bat.
It's an expensive bat, rather than doing your own experiments send it for a repair. If you live in Pak than send it to monty sports, they do repairs