new bat


Aug 4, 2012
Hey guys im just new to this site and was wondering if i could get some advice. Im getting a new bat the ca plus 12000 and was wondering what yous thought of it. Thanks
^Sufian95 is going to get a new CA Plus 12000 and he wants ppl's opinion about it.
Sorry i might not have been clear. My uncle is bringing me the ca plus 12000 bat from Pakistan and i was wondering what people ( that have either used or know about the bat) thought of it. Ive seen forums here with expert advice so just need to know that if its a good bat for 13000 PKR. Uncle bought it for that much
I have used it, it is a good bat, had a light pick up. Good for top order batsman.
ive got it atm sufian. It's really good... I've always had crap bats though. I bought mine for 15500 rupees...

Ping's beatiful. very meaty and good middle.. you'll love it. I used it today and got a 110*..

as a matter of fact ive batted with it 6 times now. Havent scored less than a 50 with it.