New Zealand v West Indies | 5th ODI | Hamilton| 08/01/2014

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Jan 16, 2013
NZ have won the toss and have elected to bowl first.
Tino Best must have been dropped at least a dozen times in his career now.
So far this Lefty has a block or hit game. No singles or doubles being taken.
New Zealand forced to use a spinner now. Lets see how West Indies does from here.
When did Powell make his debut? First time seeing him play, looks good solid technique
New Zealand desperately need a wicket here. This match seems to be getting out of their hands.
I hope WI score big, we need practice chasing big totals.
Fantastic batting by Powell who has looked completely out of his depth all tour. Just batting like he has nothing to lose and its great to watch.

This ground is smaller than most and the pitch is flat. Could be a very high scoring match.
Not sure why McCullum chose to bowl on this belter.

Wants to try chase something maybe.
NZ bowlers have dragged this back brilliantly but Windies still have a platform to push for 300.
Nathan McCullum still yet to take more than 3 wickets in an innings which is why his average is so poor.

Good economy rate combined with his brilliant fielding and power finishing makes him a decent player in this format however.
Mate that's ODI cricket in the last 10 in 2013... #bowlersnightmare
So if WI wins this (highly likely) the series would end as a draw? that's a bummer for NZ!
Should be Ronchi's last chance here, he never performs -.-
Bravo as Test captain :facepalm:

Guy wouldn't be able to complete 90 overs in 3 days..
Drawing a series to this WI team at home is truly an achievement :facepalm:

Congrats to Windies for drawing the series with your B team. #backtothedrawingboard
Comment from a kiwi - Are India in the country yet? Can we borrow Kohli for about 30 overs please?

Comment from a kiwi - Are India in the country yet? Can we borrow Kohli for about 30 overs please?

Kohli wouldn't have done anything at 6 down. We've lost too many wickets too early, no one would recover from 80 odd for 5 and go on to win.
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Dhoni wouldn't even go for win .... you will reach 250/ 280 playing out all the overs
Kohli will try and get out :p
Sign from above that Ronchi doesn't belong. #Latham #Watling
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