Official Thread - Pak vs Windies (1st ODI) Pak Innings [18/5/05]

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Sep 6, 2003
Will Shahid continue his beserker rages?

Will Rana carry on swinging the ball like boomerang?

Who will replace Sami?

Will Arshad or Kaneria or neither play?

We are about to find out soon!
game starts in 1hr 15 mins from now (1435 uk time)
I reckon the team will be

Shahid A
Shoaib M
Abdul R
hopefully pakistan will win toss and make west indies bat 1st!
\A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/

I just got the day off work to watch the match. Thanks to my "twisted ankle" i will sitting at my chair watching the match rather than be working!
hopefully pakistan will win toss and make west indies bat 1st!

tahaqureshi said:
hopefully pakistan will win toss and make west indies bat 1st!

dont they crumble when batting second?

west indies always chase well. in saying that overall they have won just 1 of their last 11 odis!
toss won and elected to field first

Played 148
Won 86
Lost 59
Tied 1
Nr 2
% 59
HS 299
Pakistan team:
Salman Butt, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, *Inzamam-ul-Haq,
Yousuf Youhana, Younis Khan, Abdul Razzaq, +Kamran Akmal,
Naved-ul-Hasan, Iftikhar Anjum, Shabbir Ahmed.

West Indies team:
CH Gayle, XM Marshall, RR Sarwan, *S Chanderpaul, WW Hinds,
RS Morton, DJJ Bravo, +CO Browne, IDR Bradshaw, DB Powell,
CD Collymore
Go Pakistan - show em who is boss !!! ( ok just winning would be Ok )
Filter: in the 2000s decade, toss won and elected to field first

P 33
W 15
L 16
NR 2

Win % 48
The cage has been open



the beast has been let out...
bradshaw sqaures butt up played and missed

maiden over
nahee.. I am still not at home.... will miss afridi batting...will sky show highlights??
powell to start swing there straight away with ball
afridi gets 1 more smashed down to 3rd man

butt squared up agen appeal for catch behind... butt looking dodgy here

butt off mark with single

alghazzali said:
Hows the swing 4 Bradshaw???

hes getting ball to come back into right handers and away from left handers

hes bowling well... pakistan need to be careful here...

pak 12/0

quick single for afridi
pak 12/0(3)

butt is struggling a lil, afridi looks fine
alot of natural swing here for both bowlers....

2 more over the leg side for afridi

yeah afridis playing some very good shots..

hes wafted and missed on last shot thou

a poor slog now for a single... no need for that!

pak 17/0
afridi slashes and ball goes past 2nd slip for 1
quick single by butt now


nice start here
another slog by afridi and an edge for 1

no need for that... 2 lucky shots there

another single for afridi

22/0 (5)

5 singles in the over.... well done butt/afridi
am watching it live @ home

rana/rao shud love bowling on here so much swing!
bang short ball by powell

smashed by afridi thru midwkt for 4
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