Ordering and Shipping Bats ?


Nov 25, 2012
Hi Guys.
I was told that if I order a bat online and if I ship a bat to a friend in another country the custom officers will drill the bat to check if there is anything in it. Is this true ?
Then whats the point of ordering and shipping bats if they are going to be spoiled by drilling into them ?
You will have to pay duty on it for sure but don't worry anyone drilling your bat! Doesn't happen! Where are you shipping it? To and from!
I've also heard a similar rumour. I think it's because of narcotics checking. Any information on if the news is credible?
I'm shipping a bat to a mate in Australia from Pakistan. This drilling information was given to me by Tcs.
A lot of people on this forum have ordered bats from CA SPORTS, Sialkot shop and never had a problem! Use DHL or USPS!
There is a chance your bat will get drilled as its happened to me a couple of times. I think it's just a luck of the draw which customs official handles your goods.
if it does get drilled, hammer/glue in a piece of dowel, the pefomance will decrease though.
The meat of the bat as it is the thickest area where drugs may be hidden.
but what's the use of the bat if the most important part of the bat is drilled ? Rather than drilling passengers personal stuff, customs should upgrade their scan machine.