Pakistan A vs Sri Lanka A | 5th Match | Colombo | 2nd Sep 2010

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Ghumman has had a shocking series with the bat - Manzoor hasnt been much better

Though from what I have seen of them, neither are suited to the shorter formats

I wonder where Afaq Raheem has dissapeared to?
Seems like Naved Yasin has been replaced by Ghani - not sure what is up with this chopping and changing?

Surely both of these guys should play instead of one of the openers
Feel bad but impressed by Shafiq, always has to bail the team out but he seems to handle pressure really well and puts a price on his wicket. Should have been on the national team but hopefully he will improve his cricket on these A tours so when he gets back in the national team he can stamp his presence.

Agree with Ahmed Shehzad, he should really be on the A team!
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Shafiq looks like a bright talent ... hopefully haven't jinxed him.
Him and Hammad Azam look like they wouldn't be out of place in our ODI team. Would have liked to see more of Ghani and Yasin but unfortunately poor team selection has kept them out.
both the batsmen doing good so rate is a bit slow though
Who picked these two for the A team ?

Whatever happened to Ahmed Shezad ?
Ahmed shehzad is playing t20 tournament in karachi. i saw him batting in that tournament on tv. he played some delightful shots but seems like has the temperament issue.
100/2 26 ovz

Aamer sajjad 22 (53), Asad shafiq 47(51)

Aamer sajjad doesnt like to score quickly.His all inns has been like that.
Seems like all these players aren't for ODI formats.

1. Khurrum Manzoor
2. Azeem
3. Amer Sajjad
4. Naved Yaseen

It is selectors fault to pick people for wrong format.

They could have send

Nasir Jamshed
Ahmeed Shehzad
Pakistan need to score atleast 230-240 to stand a chance here. I thought Aamer Sajjad did well, made sure we didnt have another collapse.
Wow, Shafiq played well under pressure. Hopefully him and Hammad can pile up a decent partnership at the end.
140/3 33 ov

Partnership 40 from 39 balls. Things looking much better now.
good time for hammad to get in. crucial partnership for pak. But good job by ghani.
please dont collapse from here...250 is on the cards
Damn Azam is out - he could have given us a really good total

Chalo Shafiq is still there and Yasir Shah hit a few shots in the last match
Asad Shafiq really showing his ability against a step up in bowling quality, hopefully a sign of things to come as we need a player in the ODI team to replace Misbah and Malik (That is of course if the selectors don't have another U turn)
Asad should be in the Pak senior team ,,,iv seen him get scores consistently
Shafiq moves onto 93 from just 93 deliveries - seems like a canny knock. Also it contained just 7 fours
Pakistan A 208/5 (44.4 ov)

Shafiq 97 from 97
Anjum 7 from 11

Once Shafiq gets his ton he needs to go all out - should try to get 250 from here
Shafiq on to 99 from 99 deliveries

Pak 212/2 from 45.4 Overs

250 will be tough I think - most likely will get 235-240
would have been nice to watch this :) I remember that one cup pak a vs india a when hasan raza and misbah were on fire =P

also, any pics from this series? hows their kit...
oh boy its been a long time since I have seen a Pakistani make a 100 :)

feels good! :(
do we have a Asad Shafiq ismiley?
Pak 214/5 from 46 Overs

Shafiq 100* from 100
Anjum 8* from 16

24 deliveries left - need to go all out now
With 5 wickets in hand, really should be hitting out - especially Anjum who should have hit out earlier
as much as I hate to say this. should have had kamran akmal lol he can hit. but he cant keep. anyway its just one innings. weve seen akmal strugge 2 many times
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