Pakistan V England | First T20I | Dubai | 23/02/2012

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3-0 eng again, pak have no interest of winning. Those akmals need to be out of the team. I dont trust them one bit.
Good news.. Awais is practising nowwwww Yaaaayyyyyy

Hopeee hammad too is in team
Awais and Afridi were seen practicing batting. May be they both are opening? :afridi
Now that's a strange choice? But considering Pakistan batting it might be a good choice

1. Hafeez
2. Zia
3. Asad
4. Umar (wk)
5. Misbah
6. Hammad
7. Afridi
8. Malik
9. Gul
10. Ajmal
11. junaid
Misbah is saying ... they would have batted first anyways...

So he must be happy
Misbah again saying .. "we are having homesickness.. but we are professionals we should deal with that....

And he is saying.. morale is high for the game...

People love the t20 format... "
PakTeam: Misbah*,Asad Shafiq, Awais Zia, Hammad Azam, Junaid Khan,M. Hafeez, S.Ajmal, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Umar Gul
Last chance for our limited overs side. Players will be competing for places, imperative that they perform otherwise the selectors will surely now after the ODI whitewash drop them.
Well I hope the so called new "boom boom" of Pakistan lives up to his hype...People expecting abit too much I think!
Good team. Hoping for good things from Awais, if not in this game then the rest of the series. The last thing I want to see is another Shahzaib. :facepalm:
Hate Malik's inclusion in the XI but it'll give us another bowling option. Don't like that Adnan is keeping but without a good keeper-batsman we're stuck so Umar as T20 keeper is the best we can do. Won't be too draining for him as its only 20 overs, not 50 or 5 days.

Good luck to Awais Zia, our General ! Get us off to a flyer you youngster beauty :waqar

Pakistan Zindabad ! :pkflag
i have less expectations from Awais Gayle Zia.Maybe that is because i have not watched much of him than you guyz.
I hope he plays well.
Why is this guy Malik in the team...its really annoying me now, he contributes nothing with bat and ball..and before somebody shows me stats to say he is a t20 goliath..please dont...i could understand, though not agree with him being in odis but t20 is the ideal time to induct youth and experiment..
England pundits raving over their youngsters at the moment.
not sure which team to support. it will be a good one for the neutrals for sure. I will support Pakistan for Umar Akmal this time. lets see.
Good team selection, I hope Junaid bowls full, unlike the short pies he was throwing the other night.
Anyone else hate that Ladbrokes advert with the Italian guy yelling ?

Where's that mute button ?
Looks like no one is interested in Least favourite format of some PPrs

Goes to show that despite being semi-finalists in all T20 worldcups and winning one, we do not jump around and start calling it the "Main" thing.

Compare that to Indians, who worship the format they are doing ok in and when the performance goes, suddenly the format becomes meaningless.
Waqar disagrees for having seperate teams for sep formats
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I like the line-up. Glad to see Hammad Azam and Awais Zia in.

I hope Hammad is sent up the order at #5 or #6. Boom Boom and Malik should be after him.

:malik playing again??????????????

Obviously :misbah sees something in :malik which everyone fails to see :)))
Good to see Zia and Hammad play! Finally, eh?

:malik still playing. I fail to see what Misbah sees in him.
Junaid khan is playing With Gul ...

No Cheema and Wahab gud choice
Really excited to watch Awais and Hammad

Hope they all get proper chances
Hafeez is gonaa open with some one ... hafeez is padded
awais is not
Ptv sports on fire with ads now have to go to their fb page to say something to them
Junaid is playing they showed on TV ... and misbah also didnt said
anything abt cheema junaid change
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