Pakistan v South Africa | 1st ODI | Sharjah | 30-10-2013 | Pakistan innings

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Oct 2, 2004
184 is the target

Walk in the park?
No target is easy when Pakistan is chasing.

Openers need to set the platform here.
ALLAH karay Pakistan match jeet jay, weysey humari history yeh hai k low targets bht he diffcult kr k chase krty hain
A few early wickets will make this game very interesting!
Boundaries are so small, it should be an easy chase, but then again this is Pakistan :p
Small target , Misbah cant score his first century and 1000 calender year runs today :( :p
Pakistan team may be discussing. Let's make this chase interesting and difficult one. :Misbah. Let's make mountain out of molehill.
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Pak will lose this one...SA will come hard at Pakistan...Tsosobe and Tahir will be the main wicket takers.
Misbah will get 100 ODI runs for the year IMO, likely to get a couple of early wickets too.
IF Umar amin is an all rounder then why is not given bowling?
Slitters gonna slit, it's a crap target set by SA and Pakistan could chase this in their sleep (and if Basit keep commentating they might have to :misbah)
Waqar you need juats a feeling to say Pak will chase this target... yaar be like the SA commentator and support your team...

Edged but fell short.
heard from a Facebook page that afridi was ball tampering using his beard. :)))
Depressing when you are watching India's young batsman on the other channel and compare to ours
Shehzad again misses a gift. You really should put those away if you're a top order bat.
Tuk tuk tuk tuk Misbah nahi So called aggressive players shehzad and Jamshed
Ahmed Tendulkar Shehzad showing his class with that classy pull.
This time he gets hold of the leg side ball, good shot for a single.
Wake me up when pakistani openers start scoring runs in this match :D
LOL Haysman thinks Steyn's dominance over Hafeez was due to Steyn's genius.
Sohaib the beast Maqsood looking unimpressed. A quality batsman like him can't get into this lineup LOL.
insecure batsmen. where do we find such chicken-hearted cricketers
Yep the new Inzi on the sidelines, can't believe that.
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