Pakistan v Sri Lanka | 1st Test | Day 3 Review

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Nov 8, 2009
Sri Lanka 197 & 1/47
Pakistan 6/511 dec

Taufeeq 236, Azhar 70, Younis 33, Misbah 46

Another very good day for Pakistan need to finish it tomorrow.

Lets discuss :afridi
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all going according to plan.

Tremendous knock by Taufeeq, really brilliant!
Should finish it off tomorrow, all three days belong to us :)
Asad shafiq shocking inning didnt know what his doing.

Pakistan should have been scored 30/40 runs more with Shafiq at the crease no happing though!
Great by pakistan. Fantastic double century by Taufeeq. Guy's really got grit, he sticks in there to make a big score.

Only downside is the pitch seems a little flat. It'll be hard to bowl Sri Lanka for under 300. One wicket down though, so only nine more to go i guess.
Excellent stuff by Taufeeq. It's been a while someone scored big for pakistan.

Asad Shafiq was a big let down as he just couldn't get going when we needed to score quickly. and finally great start by umar gul to get us the wicket on first ball.

we have got complete control on the game but we need to get sanga out quickly tomorrow.
Well done to Taufeeq! :14:

But didn't the declaration come a bit early? well at least, it is attacking cricket.
Outstanding innings from Taufeeq Umar, really good to have two in-form openers right now. The bowlers looked dangerous, Gul and Cheema in particular troubled the Sri Lankan batsmen and it was important to get an early wicket which we did. We have a big lead and should now look to try and bowl Sri Lanka out for under 300-350 at least. Total contrast to see Pakistan dominating this Test compared to the dark days where we have been out of the match by Day 3.

OK Asad Shafiq's innings was disappointing but Pakistan have brought that upon themselves by putting the youngster under pressure by selecting Shoaib Malik, who is not a Test cricketer. He lacked confidence out there, seemed reluctant to play his shots, smacked of a man playing for his place in the team and rotation of strike is something that will have to be worked on - we really need to get a batting coach, but we have got runs on the board which is the main thing.
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asad shafiq played a poor innngs in the context of the game , umar akmal has a better average and is more suited to the number 6 position but anyways thats been discussed to death, aizaz cheema continues to impress , after toiling hard for years on flat domestic surfaces the guy deserves to play on helpful tracks , gul also got some swing , pakistan should wrap it up tomorrow and have a day off ..
Brilliant inns by TU and a good postive cameo by the skipper.

Good time dec and am glad we took one wicket already and unlucky not to get a few more. I expect SL to bat well in 2nd inns so pakistan will have to work hard for last 9 wickets but if we can chip away and pick up 3 wickets a session we should win the game, Cant see SL batting out 2 days. Maybe we will have to bat again?
Look at run rate Sri Lankans are playing, they are going to have lead by end of tomorrow, and may play till lunch on 5th day, having Pakistan to play last 2 session with 200+ to chase. We are going to loose it.
pitch is still good for batting... Ajmal will have to do the damage...

Shafiq very poor... he is feeling the Malik heat!!!
Look at run rate Sri Lankans are playing, they are going to have lead by end of tomorrow, and may play till lunch on 5th day, having Pakistan to play last 2 session with 200+ to chase. We are going to loose it.

You are very neagative...

Srilankans were very shaky today , our bowlers bowled very well
Sanga's wicket is the key...

If we get him early match will hopefully finish tomorrow
An excellent innings from Taufeeq and congrats to him once again for the double ton.

Misbah played positively.

One thing I found strange, really strange: If Pakistan was going to declare today anyways why didn't all the batsman just go after the bowling. We could easily have got 50 runs more at that time as we had plenty of wickets in hand.

Remember that SL have started well though one down. They are 267 runs behind and wicket is still good enough for batting. If SL somehow (I doubt that) get a 100 runs lead Herath will become a Monster on the fifth day.

Realistically Pakistan should win this easily but playing so slowly before dec. wasn't the right way to go. Lost manye valueable runs there.
Well-played Taufeeq, only the 7th Pak opener to score a double hundred in tests

Hope I did not speak too soon but it seems at long last we have a settled opening pair in tests. Hafeez is the more attacking and aggressive of the duo but Taufeeq's calmness and stickability is also priceless + the Left/Right combo is always handy. The two complement each other nicely

As many have already said, Sanga's wicket is the key. The morning session tomorrow is likely to be decisive
My wish of double century by some of our batsman came true.:D
Mashallah, pak played really well, outclass lankans. Hats of to TU 200, he deserved it and awsome stuff by him. Misbah surprised us all and it was great fun to see him bat like this but stupid umpire gave him wrong out or else we would have seen a misbah special with a 100 imo. pity YK didnt get a 50 even :( asad was the most dissapointing. dont know which bowling attack he think he was facing. 35 ballls just 1 one, ru kidding me, ru playing on lords seaming pitch............ well it was good day for pak and loved to see GULLY getting a wkt which was very important and i wanted they let lanka bat before the end of the day and they should have allowed them 10-15 overs to bat........anyway tomorow will be entertaining day as all of us would love to see lanka get all out.......inshallah we can do it and we caan win it....all eyes on AJMALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLllll.
Taufeeq pick speed in the end but ruined by Asad
whtever the case Asad should have played better than this still thinks number six suitable for a batsmen like U.akmal .....
Lol I remember yesterday when Hafeez and Taufeeq were batting and Taufeeq was having some hard time making runs... No one at that time voted for him to be the highest run scorer... Even I voted for Hafeez... But :taufeeq played well if not excellent...
TA deserves all the accolades, really a tremendous knock in the sweltering heat of UAE. Great to see him do well, his run out was an unfortunate way of getting out. Good cameo by Misbah as well.

Attacking declaration was refreshing, Pak should wrap it up tomorrow. An early wicket tomorrow morning could spark an early end. :ajmal
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