Pakistan v Sri Lanka | Qualifier Final | Dublin l 31/7/2013 | Commentary & Discussion

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Jan 29, 2005
Should be an interesting game, both teams have of course qualified for the World T20.
Pakistan wmn will look to win their 12th match in a row
is this being streamed on the ICC site or something?
in the title , its the final not QF

pak looking solid at 74-2
Look what a few games against bad teams can do. Pakistan Women usually are 50/3 after 20 overs and now when they had these games and look at the confidence! I hope Pakistan Mean team can also get some games like this. It is just a matter of 3-5 consecutive victories. C'mon Pakistan!
Just imagine if Umar Akmal is keeping while Pak women team is bowling he would be like- "Shabba lali,shabba,there is huge pressure girrrlz" :)))
Rain washes out Women's World Twenty20 Qualifier Final

Pakistan and Sri Lanka share winners trophy after umpires rule out any play
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