Pakistan vs South Africa | 2nd Test | 24/11/2010 | Abu Dhabi | Day 5: Session 3

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Dec 29, 2008
just survive the first hour lads, its almost over! :misbah :aali
btw haven't seen umar akmal in the dressing room..has he been sent back to pakistan?
I more session of solid batting from Misbah and Azhar needed inshallah.
Now people will come to know why India are disputed No. 1

On such pitches even Pakistan can save Test matches against South Africans
Pakistan | 3/129 | 48 Overs | Need 225 runs to win from 34 overs

2 of the over!
Will Pakistan get any points for these drawn Test matches to improve their ranking?
This is so boring. We need to lose a wicket or 2 to make it more interesting.
i have to admit i was one of those who reacted as a lot of us did at the appointment of misbah as captain..but really he has done well with the resources available to him in context of his own performance and captaincy
2 guys, both with three 50s on the trot - great stuff!!! :14:
ranking wont improve but will get 5 points

You mean our rating will be 88 after this Test match.

Sorry if I sound like a noob but this ranking system is difficult to understand.


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Misbah is man of the series for Pakistan or may be Azhar Ali
One of these guys, probably Azhar should play anchor and the other should try to get on top of the bowling. Ofcourse winning is out of the equation but it would make it interesting and not to mention put SA on the defensive. Taking out a SA win out of the equation.
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