Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 1st Test | Day 3 | Abu Dhabi | 20/10/11

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Cover Drive

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Aug 12, 2009
Pakistan in solid position and ''front seat'' as Taufeeq said.

My thoughts are that we should bat whole day three and have 400+ lead and then give SL two days to bat.

Your thoughts?
To get a lead of 400+ we need at least another 338 runs, we will need to bat all day and then tomorrow as well to get that lead

If possible I think we should try to bat all day and then have a bowl first thing tomorrow morning hopefully with a lead of 300+
I think the decision to declare depends on the number of wickets we are down at somewhere around tea time.

If only we are 3 or 4 down, then they might look to bat out day 3 and declare in first session on day 4 to look for an innings win.

If we are 5 or 6 down, then they might accelerate and will be bowled out or declare to give srilanka 10 overs or so in the 3rd session today.
I think getting even 260ish lead would be good too... it will give us more time to get wickets... If lets say we are not able to get wickets... then :misbah would have no worries with a tie...
Hope Ali gets to his maiden ton - inshallah

We bat till tomorrow lunch.
Come on boys, Taufeeq maybe needs to go a touch more aggresive as he has reached his century but nothing too silly.

Bat till tomorrow lunch. More then enough time to bowl Sri Lanka out.
Hope he scores his century today, flat track. Loads of time. Poor attack. GO FOR IT - inshallah
I'm leaving home in about 50 minutes, anyone reckon thats enough for Ali's century?
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