Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 3rd ODI | Dubai | 18/11/11 | Sri Lanka Innings

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I expect Tanvir to bowl well. His slower deliveries may be lethal.
If Gul and Tanvir open the bowling will they avoid starting off with wide balls?
^^^ thats what :wasim used to do it in good old days

so its in their blood :))
Lets hope by some miracle Sohail Tanvir bowls well, cause i have a bad feeling that he might end up giving away quarter of the runs required in his 10 overs
Why are they favourites? explain please (apart from dew)

I think Dilshan, Sanga, Jaya and Matthews are due a good run.

Bowling 2nd could also disrupt the spinners with the due factor.
Gul has to get the boot if he puts in a poor performance here
SO gul starts with wide! let's see what Tanvir does
Sri lanka favourites at the moment with the dew factor in. We should have score in excess of 300 with ore than 150 after 30 overs. Poor show once again.
wow I love when these crying lankan openers go cheaply.
What a beauty. Shades of Lara getting bowled in Pakistan around 2006.
what the hell man are really white cloths in the stand is biggest problem for the batsman.
Dilshan is intensely roto.
BTW - why doesn't cricinfor show "Hawk Eye" section for Pakistan matches?
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