Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | Third Test : Day Four | Sharjah | 06 November 2011

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Cover Drive

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Aug 12, 2009
Pakistan trail by 131 with Misbah and Rehman on crease.

I would still say Sri Lanka are on front seat unless Pakistan some make 131 and declare and put Sri Lanka into bat and get out within a session but with the way we play I believe that will remain a dream for me yet :))
Good morning everyone

Looking forward to Misbah's century, coming soon
i hope srilanka dont gets any lead but if they do so not more then 50 runs lead. hope either GUl or Ajmal sticks with misbah for a long time....neeed a special misbhah 100
I see Pak adding 50 runs more comfrtably... no need to panic.. draw is the most likely result
misbah how much will u defend , one will get u out ..try to score some runs also
Senseless cricket from Gul there, what was the point of defending all the first five balls of the over when he wanted to take a single on the last ball and keep the strike anyway :facepalm:
Misbah should try and hit some boundaries now! Runs will be crucial and he is just blocking!
I really didn't get the point of Gul's innings there. If he was only going to slog and get out anyway, why didn't he do it from ball one, to deliveries which were easier to hit and should have been hit in the first place? Why just a random slog out of nowhere to a tossed up Herath ball?
sillly play by gul. no need to play so defensive where as, he should have come and played his shots but i guess it was misbah who tol em to play tuk tuk which frustrated gully
lol @ Gul trying to muscle that one for six, not possible at all on such a pitch. You need more timing than any muscle.
I like how people are blaming Misbah for Gul's paindoo of an innings.
Misbah should start scoring, can't rely on the tailenders too much.
Junaid is a bunny with the bat....

Misbah needs to attack and get the lead down
PAthetic appealing by lankans pitched outside leg and an inside edge as well
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