PakPassion Presents an Exclusive Interview with Julian Millichamp (Questions Thread)

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Aug 12, 2009
I'm absolutely delighted to announce that PakPassion will be doing an interview with podshaving master and legend none other than ; Julian Millichamp

Julian hails from Australia and learned batmaking art from legendary John L. Newbery (Who at a stage worked at Gray Nicolls). After learning the art he alongside Jonathan Hall formed a company (still known today as) Millichamp & Hall in October 1987 in Perth, Australia. During 1989 Ashes 11 of 16 Australian team players were using Millichamp bats and by 1990 27 of top 40 rated batsman used Millichamp made bats. Millichamp and Hall never gave away a single bat to a player so test players had never bought a bat in there in lives since twelve or thirteen were then paying from there pockets to buy the best bat.

Julian has made bats for many many big players throughout the world such as Imran Khan, Brain Charles Lara, Sir Viv Richards, Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Gordon Greenidge, Mike Gatting, Mohammad Azharuddin, Mike Hussey, Ricky Ponting and hundreds of other players from all countries.

Julian now has a boutique company known as Screaming Cat and makes bats on orders.

As usual we will choose the best 20 or so questions and send them to Julian.
1. I understand in 2008 you set up a factory/venture with Rana of Ranson Sports Industries in Jalandhar India.

What is your opinion on the Indian factories? And do you source any Screaming Cat bats from your factory in India?
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Cheers Tom will definitely ask.

I did ask about his bats and he said "My bats are 100% made by me and i don't have anyone making bats or parts for me nor I intend to do that"
Hello Julian, it is a pleasure to have you answering our queries in PakPassion. Well my question has to do with the history of the Millichamp name and I am sure people who like the history of bat making and cricket in general would appreciate your input. My question has two parts:

a) People who are familiar with the Millichamp name would know that the summer of 1989 was the watershed period in the podshaving industry/art in the cricket world, specially for you and Jonathan Hall, the famous M&H duo. Could you please take some time to reminisce about the Ashes tour and the reactions from the visiting Australians who suddenly fell in love with your work? A few tid bits about a couple of those orders and players perhaps?

b) And now more than 20 years down the line how has the demand of international players changed? The criteria displayed by the players in 1989--- are those the same ones requested by the international players even now as they come looking to enjoy the fruits of your legendary podshaving skills?
What makes your bats perform so much better than others?

Do you think that Screaming Cat bats have a weakened toe?

Who is the second best bat maker in world (assuming you are the best)?

How good was John Newbery as a bat maker?

What advice would you give someone on how to pick a performing bat.

How is your health now?
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Hi Julian,

If you had to choose one current pod shaver to make you a bat who would it be and why?
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