PakPassion Presents An Interview with Malik Zulfiqar of MB Malik (Questions Thread)

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Aug 12, 2009
Malik Zulfiqar is one of the brothers from Malik Family and is owner and pod shaver at MB Malik. So I'm delighted to announce that we will be doing an interview with him on PakPassion.

MB Malik, is one of leading cricket equipment manufacturer in Pakistan and well known in global market. They have been sponsor of many players which includes Shahid Afridi, Shahzaib Hasan, Salman Butt, Shoaib Malik and many more.

So this is your opportunity to ask Malik Zulfiqar any questions regarding cricket equipments (such as bats, gloves, pads etc), Ahmad Shahzad sudden move to Boom Boom and anything else you'd like him to answer with regards to MB Malik and for him to set the record straight with PakPassion members and guest.

As always guys, keep the questions relevant, keep the questions civil and we'll select the best 20 or so for Malik Zulfiqar.


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Do you have any plans to launch a new website with better layout and more information about the products?
ask him if mb r launching any new gear anytime soon n r thet sponsoring any new players?
1.) Why don't Pakistani bats have good handles. I know the handle is probably the most expensive part of the bat but still is it only down to cost?

2) Why are the gloves and pads not up to the mark? We see a lot of Pak international players wearing other pads and covering up the labels and most of the English companies get them made in India anyway. Why is there a difference in quality in Indian and Pakistani pads and gloves?

3) Is their any research which goes into these products. Do they research new materials and new concepts such as the Aero strippers or Morrant Pads?
Why don't they use good handles, at least on their top of the range bats?

(Opener beat me to it!)
Why are Pakistani bat handles generally really thin?

And also why are no Pakistani brands are currently making helmets?
Would You Ever Consider Just Selling Your Stickers?

Would You Ever Consider Going to More Classical Design of Gloves e.g without Silver and any breaks in the fingers?
I have met him also his brother Zaid. Both are great person :) I have been in MB factory 3 times.
how did you feel about losing Shahid Afridi to Boom Boom? & How much do you credit afridi with the huge ineterest in the Sher bats.
Pakistani bats generally have large profiles for their weight. Is this due to them being overdried deliberately to produce bigger bats thereby compromising the longevity? If not then what measures do you take to ensure each cleft has the optimum moisture levels?
Firstly congrats on being a part of a company which I (alongwith many others) have always been fans of.

1) What moisture levels are the clefts used for Malik Bats? or is just estimates

2) Is it all natural drying or is there a kiln or something hot used to dry them out artificially? Coz a sher broke in front of me and it looked really dry from the shoulder(thats where it broke from).

3) Why are there two prices for MB products depending on whether you are in Pakistan or overseas?

Because the genuine bats are so much cheaper in Pakistan than to buy from your factory- if ordering from overseas?
You came under a lot of critism for painting on the Bubber Sher. What was the thinking behind that?
Q. Why do your bats have that "special coating"? Isn't it better to let users oil their bats to maintain the appropriate moisture levels?
It was not performed because MB Malik later declined the interview proposal.

Not too much in our hands, they first agree and later change there mind.
thats alright.

Some of the questions might have been too much to answer! lol

You tried at least - well done on that front! keep it up....
Can you say for a fact that all your sponsored players use your bats.?
Who do you think is the best batmaker in the world, in Asia and the UK?

who are your main competitors.
100 not out, malik had declined the interview. so no point sending questions.