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Aug 12, 2009
As you all know this time we had selected a different personality who is not only a great person but a legendary poster of this forum who has countless numbers of followers who admire his posting style, calmness, kindness etc. This person is no other than MIG bhai :).

First of all, I would like to thank MIG bhai for his efficiency. As we expected there were overwhelming numbers of questions and MIG bhai did not take too long to answer all of these question in his own fashionable manner which we admire. The delay in taking the interview was because of me as the questions weren't sent to MIG bhai on time.

So enjoy the interview :)

PakPassion.Net: What does MIG stand for?

MIG: Men in Green. Nothing too complex or historic behind this name, I am afraid- I wanted to register with PP really quickly in 2004 ! Started to rack my brain about a name that represented my support for Pakistan – voila – like a bolt of lightning – Men In Green. A few years later, in 2006, I created this thread to get some ideas

and there we have - MIG!

PakPassion.Net: Who is MIG?

MIG: A complex organism thriving on the mercies of his Creator and living off the goodwill of his family and friends – nothing less, nothing more.

PakPassion.Net: Describe yourself in three words [Three words only].

MIG: Ultra Bewaqoof Individual

PakPassion.Net: How old are you?

MIG: Does it really matter? Someone wise once said that its not how old you are – its how old you feel! So how old do I feel? Mid 40s ☺

PakPassion.Net: What is your motto in life?

MIG: Its something that my sister always says – in URDU it goes like this

Pass to sub hee hojatay hain – fail honay mei mehnat karnee partee hai!”

Loosely translated in English – “Just do the simple things like working hard (examples go to work, attend classes, do your homework etc) and you will succeed - it takes a lot of hardwork (read stupidity) to fail in life !

PakPassion.Net: What do you do in your life?

MIG: Old school type IT person in a relevant field.

PakPassion.Net: When and how did you join PakPassion?

MIG: Wanted to follow Pakistan India “Jeet Lo Dil” series in 2004 – looked up and found a forum called Pakpassion on – registered as MenInGreen, posted for the first time - got smashed by everyone for posting rubbish – never looked back !

PakPassion.Net: Who are the Top 5 posters on PakPassion in your opinion? And why?

MIG: Difficult to say – if you mean which posters threads or posts I will look at first when I am scanning the forums, then my favourite has to be Amjid Javed, Oxy, Saj, OZGOD, Romalli Rotti

Unfortunately, given the amount of time we spend on PP as Mods, most of us have stopped enjoying the forum – all we look for is things we need to moderate !

So even though I have listed my top 5, the fact is that there are many others whose posts I haven’t read as I have been too busy fixing problem posts by the less than pakeeza posters ! Such is life, eh?

PakPassion.Net: Since you have been moderating on PakPassion for a while now tell us the obstacle/complication/difficulty you face ever while running or moderating PakPassion?

MIG: The only complication is time ! How does one apportion enough time for PP without hurting the “real” people in your life? Just like Aleem Dar in his interview about how his family coped with his foreign assignments, I too am blessed with an exceptionally understanding family!

So what kinds of things make our lives difficult as moderators? I would say that posters who don’t treat other posters as well as Mods with respect – such people are difficult to reign in and most of the times, they will be abusive (some of the abuse we get about us and families etc is incredible!) Ofcourse, there are the softer and slightly irritating issues of people not checking before creating new threads and then being cross with us when we remove or merge these!

I must add that the recent crisis in England with the NOTW revelations was the toughest time as a Mod – the news broke around 10:00pm our time in the Middle East. This was Ramadan and the Admin team remained up for almost 24 hours – in the middle we started our fasts and broke them – the whole day passed. We were faced with some hostile questions which to the credit of my colleagues and the best wishes of most of our members, we were able to answer. I just wished that some of the people making wild accusations against us would have given some thought to the fact that we at PP spend many waking hours acting as a bridge between fans and players – we deserve some sympathy and not vitriol!

PakPassion.Net: What is the best thing about PakPassion in your opinion?

MIG: It’s the passion that the cricket fans bring to the debates – to me this is the life blood of PakPassion – and long may it continue!

PakPassion.Net: How is the current state of PakPassion in comparison to its state during your arrival?

MIG: I believe we are as committed as always to being the voice of the average Pakistani Cricket fan. Sure we have better sources of information as we have now developed a good rapport with the Pakistani cricket establishments and players but the underlying principles remain unchanged.

We are now a recognized source of information on Pakistani cricket and our name is used in many articles – we publish a weekly column on The National (UAE) – all these achievements are a definite improvement but they wouldn’t have happened if we had not had the services of some of our former colleagues who joined us at the beginning of our journey. As for me personally, I have seen the same level of dedication to the cause as I saw in my earlier days.

PakPassion.Net: What are your thoughts on you PakPassion colleagues? Are they as you want them to be or you want them to improve?

MIG: They are all mental cases!

My view is that if you are mad enough to forsake friends and family to join our team, then you need your head examined ☺ Seriously though, Mashallah & Alhamodillah – we are blessed to have a bunch of people – each of whom has the passion to drive PakPassion.Net to dizzier heights – Long may that continue – Ameen !

I don’t think as a colleague and a senior in this team, I can ask for more – its said that when honest people start a venture, the other partner is ALLAH – I truly feel that this is the case with us.

Yes, we have our weaknesses but all of us have the ability to raise our hands and be the first to admit our frailties – this is a great quality and I respect each and every member of our team for that.

PakPassion.Net: How do you conduct yourself in difficult and testing situations?

MIG: As in my real life, when confronted by testing situations, I always fallback on basics – never lose your temper and never abandon the basic principles of civilized discourse.

In my experience, there is NO problem in this world that we cannot resolve with a little understanding and respect for the others point of view.

PakPassion.Net: If you could go in the past and change one thing that you have done, what would that be?

MIG: I wish to God that I had talked 5 minutes more with my mother before she went into surgery – she never woke up after that – It was ALLAH’s will and I bow to it but as a human that is a regret I will carry forever!

PakPassion.Net: Who is your role model?

MIG: Easy answer would be our Prophet PBUH – but I would say that instead of a person, my role model is his message – in particular, the principles he laid out in his last sermon are my guide to life!

PakPassion.Net: When you were young, what did you want to be?

MIG: A pilot as my father was in the Air Force and I lived and grew up on many bases across Pakistan – I would spend hours cleaning fighter planes in the hope that I would fly them one day ! Not to be as my eye sight wasn’t perfect ☹

PakPassion.Net: Do you smoke Cigar as shown in your Avatar?

MIG: Alhamdolillah – I don’t smoke or drink. My best friend passed away due to this habit and l didn’t want to leave my children fatherless due to my own weaknesses!

PakPassion.Net: How many countries have you stayed in (for study/work etc.)? What are your top 3 countries and why?

MIG: Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, Bahrain....

Canada tops my list followed by my current residence.

PakPassion.Net: Have you been keeping up with your exercise regime after the marathon?

MIG: Ha! Have tried – just kicking myself as to why I didn’t exercise like that when I was in my 20s and 30s !

PakPassion.Net: Do you workout daily?

MIG: Run 3.5+ km every other day!

PakPassion.Net: What are your favourite food dishes?

MIG: Now we’re talking – Shish Taouk and Lamb koftay with daal and chawal !

PakPassion.Net: Blue or Red Doritos?

MIG: Yar - look at my age !

PakPassion.Net: Have you ever had brain masala and how does it taste?

MIG: EEEEkkk – I have to say that I am not the stereotypical Pakistani – in that I don’t eat hot food and I don’t eat local delicacies like brain masala – I am sure it makes you smarter and could explain my mental strengths...

PakPassion.Net: What are your thoughts on love?

MIG: Bewaqoofon ka Khel ( fools game !) why do people think so much about it ? ALLAH has given us that emotion and when you find that special someone, HE alone will give you that feeling!

PakPassion.Net:Since you are father of two what were the challenges you faced while growing up? What challenges do you see your sons going through?

MIG: I have 3 sons! In my days, the influence of TV was minimal – no internet – just simple group of friends to take “peer pressure” from.

My children have a tough gig – they have me “chattering” away in their ears about what’s right or wrong and then they have the Others – TV, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, BBM...

I can imagine them tearing their hair apart – but I will do what I will do to influence their thoughts!

As for challenges in the working world – they have a tough life ahead of them – I can only pray that ALLAH guides them to take the right decisions – Ameen!

PakPassion.Net: Do you see promise in the upcoming generation of Pakistani youth or is it going downhill?

MIG: I have a lot of faith in the younger generation, primarily due to the fact that they know much more than we did at their age! Thanks to the Internet and the 24hr media shows – not much is hidden. No Zardari or Musharraf can fool them now – there are no saints or pretend angels anymore – we can see right through them!

I expect the younger generation to put these people to shame and to develop a new type of leadership for our nation and Ummah!

PakPassion.Net: What changes do you see in the world 20 years from now? Both, technologically and politically?

MIG: Politically speaking, the concept of nations should disappear – migration of large numbers of peoples from one land to another will ensure that not too many people will be able to call themselves nationality A or B – instead they will become citizens of the world ! Will that be a good thing? Why not – this will allow the human race to work better with each other.

Technologically – well the Sky is the limit isn’t it ?

PakPassion.Net: What are you views on the beloved Pakistani president - Asif Ali Zardari and his work thus far?

MIG: I have relatives in Pakistan so I won’t say much but Pakistan cannot progress with people of his caliber at the helm – he and his cronies must be removed from Pakistani politics.

[PakPassion.Net: Are you a supporter of Imran Khan? If not, whom do you support if anyone?

MIG: I admire Imran Khan but I feel he cannot play the “rebellious young man” role for too long - he has to mature and start working on getting a consensus with his views as opposed to “with us or against us” attitude.

I hope we see a President Imran Khan one day – if that does happen, and for that to happen – many good things would have happened to Pakistan.

PakPassion.Net: A point in history (non cricket) you would like rewind and be there.

MIG: I would have loved to be in any one rally of the Quaid-e-Azam – to hear him speak and feel the aspirations of a people round me!

PakPassion.Net: Your favourite joke you would like to share with us?

MIG: One that applies to me – “Aik Sahib, phattee hoee banyan aur purani dhotee pahan kar, darakht par char kar beer kha rahay thay – unkay dost, jo kay qareeb say guzar rahay thay baray hairan huay aur bolay – Array bhai – yeh kiya? Jawab aya – Acha Khana aur Acha pehanna – buss do hee to shoq hain!”

PakPassion.Net: For you what comes first, Nationality or Religion?

MIG: Religion without a doubt but with a strong realization that ALLAH has created us in different forms so nationality is NOT a bad thing – as long as it doesn’t create divisions amongst Muslims.

PakPassion.Net: Would you like Pakistan to be a secular nation or a country with strong religious ideals?

MIG: I want Pakistan to be a nation where a Muslim majority can practice its faith without fear – and other faiths are respected and given religious freedoms as well.

PakPassion.Net: When was the last time you were in India and your thoughts on India in general from your visits?

MIG: Visited Bangalore and Hyderabad in 2006 – impressed but could not help be sad for the poor workers and families living under bridges while some in the Indian Elite drove by in their fancy cars

PakPassion.Net: In your first PakPassion Member’s Interview you said that your brother is in cricket equipment business. So if you don't mind being asked can you tell us whether he is still in the business and what exactly he does (or his company does)? Do they make bats, pads, balls etc?

MIG: My brother is heavily involved in creating the perfect cricket ball – Inshallah his name will become known soon – I don’t want to plug his company on PP ☺

PakPassion.Net: Did you play cricket / hockey at school? Were you any good?

MIG: As a student in Habib Public School in Karachi – there weren’t too many ways to hide from playing hockey! Was I good at it? Hmm – difficult to say – I was a goalie and made some fantastic saves in my time (story of my life!)

Cricket was not something that was encouraged at school but I played some Friday league cricket for my university in Saudi Arabia.

PakPassion.Net: How do you get time off (from the real boss at home) to watch so many Pakistan matches?

MIG: I guess deception is the name of the game – I usually tell my family that I am on a business trip – by the time, they find out, its too late and some new controversy has exploded to confuse the issue :D

Seriously speaking – they are very understanding but I can see how they feel when they see a middle aged man talking about cricket like a school boy!

PakPassion.Net: Three most-favourite Pakistan players, ever? Why do you like them ie reasons?

MIG: Asif Iqbal – the whole package – player and gentleman

Javed Miandad – fighter to the core – what many of us want to be but never had the guts to do!

The Legend – Imran Khan – the General – a genuine leader of men!

PakPassion.Net: Who are your cricketing heroes?

MIG: I think the three people mentioned above also qualify as my heroes – I do understand that raising them on pedestal doesn’t mean they don’t have clay feet !

PakPassion.Net: How do you see our chance in 2011 World Cup? Do you think we have outside chance on the basis that it is being hosted in nations , which usually produce batting tracks ?

MIG: Pakistani batting will need to come up with big scores – bowlers will struggle but if the scores are big, the bowlers will lend a helping hand – and ofcourse our fielding will need to hold its own.

If Pakistani batsmen can deliver, we will go to the finals – make no mistake about it!

PakPassion.Net: Do you think we should give Umar Akmal a full chance in New Zealand tour to bounce back?

MIG: Complex issue – every time I start to feel some warmth towards him, some news item comes up to destroy that image! Is he committed? Will he learn from his mistakes? I don’t know, but I will use that cliché which we all like to use “he has great potential”!

PakPassion.Net: After all you have been through with Pakistan cricket, all the heartache and pain. What still draws you to support them? How do you always stay upbeat after poor results and new scandals emerging?

MIG: I don’t – I usually go drinking at my local sports bar and then come back home and beat my family mercilessly – then I get on PP where I appear to be relaxed. That is a simple way to deal with stress when confronted with some legendary Pakistani non performances.

Seriously speaking – supporting Pakistan is a tough gig – not for the faint hearted or weak bladdered but what can one do? Its in our genes – we were born with it and whatever happens – we will always find reasons for supporting this team. Call it blind love or a fools errand – your choice.

PakPassion.Net: Do you feel the fanbase is growing or declining of Pakistan cricket?

MIG: It will continue to rise – there is something about Pakistani cricket that will not drive people away – atleast on PP ☺

PakPassion.Net: What is the best thing and worst thing about Pakistan and Pakistan cricket?

MIG: The unpredictability and the raw talent is what sets us apart. Our failings are sadly, for all to see and too numerous to list but the latest bakwas in England and the Zulqarnain saga are icings on this sorry cake. In other words, many teams fail but when we fail, we do it with style!

PakPassion.Net: Your all-time favourite test, ODI and T20 match?

MIG: Given the current Pakistani record in test matches, many would probably list one of our many spectacular failures but I would like to talk about a different era. It’s the 1970s, raining in Karachi and the radio commentary from Australia is just about audible – the words of a commentator announcing a Pakistani victory in Sydney rings in my head like it was yesterday – touching moment? Maybe not – but a memorable performance from Pakistan at a time when not many teams could stand up to the might of Australia and West indies – yes ! ( read more about it at

The ODI that stands in my mind is again an old one – Pakistan Vs West Indies and once again no TV but a radio broadcast! It was the 1975 World Cup and the match was held at Edgbaston. Have a look at the scorecard below

How close was that? In the early days of ODI Internationals, such cliff hangers were unheard of and that too against the might of the Windies? I and many others were convinced that we had this one in the bag but Murray and Andy Roberts hung on to win.

My last memory of this game is crying in my mothers lap – the realization that life wasn’t always fair had just sunk in and what a better way to find that out then at the hands of Andy Roberts!

The T20 game that rankles in my mind is the victory at Lords in the world cup – a joyous occasion for all of us except for my friend Shahid who’s 23 year old son passed away as Afridi was hitting the winning runs – I never saw the end of that innings or took part in the joy of a nation but the match sits in my memory for a very tragic reason. I wrote about it on PP

PakPassion.Net: What is your proudest moment as a Pakistan cricket fan? The moment when you felt least proud?

MIG: I guess the proudest moment was when Imran Khan lifted the world cup – truly amazing and heart wrenching – 2 events stand out as the saddest days in relation to Pakistani cricket – The news of Bob Woolmer’s death and the attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore.

PakPassion.Net: PakPassion has convinced President Zardari that you are to be appointed PCB chairman, working with the anti-corruption task force. Giles Clarke will be meeting with you tomorrow. What are the five key things that will be a priority for your administration to give him confidence in the governance of Pakistan cricket?

MIG: Here they are;

1. A public disclosure of audited assets/accounts by each official, player, tea boy at ALL levels in the Pakistani cricket setup – and swift action if earnings cannot be matched to legal means!

2. Each Pakistani official and player at all levels to pass an ICC approved compliance course which details what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of dealings with agents etc

3. Ensuring that just like in our parliament (!), a process be established which will automatically disqualify or dismiss officials who do not have undergraduate degrees as lack of education is one of the factors in corruption!

4. A review of the monies paid to officials and players to bring them in line with the national averages within the said fields – so a premier sportsman is paid or should earn roughly the same as a premier entertainer in Pakistan and so on.

5. A review of the security aspect of each team - records of all persons meeting players during tournament or tours - a complete declaration of all mobile/cell phones and call records by each team member with 2 weeks of each game

PakPassion.Net: What should we do with oath taking, match fixing and incompetent brigade at pcb?

MIG: Events such as the oath taking that occurred should not be condoned in any way – on a ship this would be considered a mutiny and mutineers made to walk the plank! If the management has appointed individuals etc based upon merit, then there should be little or no grounds for such actions. Unfortunately, when the management itself doesn’t have a clear conscience then how can they stop others from questioning and taking actions like that?

PakPassion.Net: Should we forgive Mohammad Amir?

MIG: Is that up to us? Have a look at this PP thread

The questions people need to answer are:

1. Is Aamir a misguided, impressionable young man pushed into cricket version of crime?
2. Is he a psychopath – a liar of the worst kind – someone who has no chance of redeeming himself ?

PakPassion.Net: Babu, the toilet cleaner? Did you come up with this character or it was someone else' idea

MIG: Babu was a figment of my imagination but is really based upon a real guy – a cleaner – at the Gaddafi stadium who was talking to a friend of his when I visited the said stadium ☺ To me he signifies the ordinary man who seems to have more knowledge of the game then the so called experts!

PakPassion.Net: What is the first cricket match you remember watching?

MIG: 1978 – Pakistan Vs India – 3rd Test match at the NSK – I was with my father and sister and we watched the final day of this enthralling series when Pakistan won in a thrilling run chase. I was lucky to see the likes of Gavaskar score a hundred in each innings, Surinder and Mohinder Amarnaths and ofcourse, a raw talent by the name of Kapil Dev !

[PakPassion.Net: What is the first wicket you remember seeing?

MIG: Difficult to recall but I have memories of Surinder Amarnaths run out – primarily due to the roar in the ground as he was defying Pak bowling on that last day.

PakPassion.Net: Should Sami be dumped and never be selected again [hint No], or does he create enough chances to warrant continued selection [hint Yes]?

MIG: Ah Sami – he used to be a youngman with guts – but no more – he is now the man who never was and by the looks of it – never will! He seems to have so much of that dreaded word in Pakistani cricket – potential but to no avail! Is he simply unlucky due to dropped catches etc or just not good enough? Can’t say! All I know is that he does bowl some very ordinary deliveries!

PakPassion.Net: Have you ever thought about giving up on Pakistan cricket?

MIG: Many times but then I thank of Billions of my admirers at PakPassion who have stopped me from taking such actions ☺

PakPassion.Net: How do you compare Mohammad Sami and Mitchell Johnson? Do you think Sami should be persisted with? Who do you think is a better bowler, Sami or Johnson?

MIG: I think any answer to this will need to be checked with MJs lawyers incase I get sued for libel and falsification of records! MJ is miles ahead – maybe Sami would have done better in an Australian environment?

PakPassion.Net: If you could choose any one bowler and any one batsmen in international cricket (outside of Pakistan) to become a Pakistani cricketer, who would you chose?

MIG: Hashim Amla would be my batsman of choice – he is just the personification of all that I ever want from a Pakistani batsman – a Muslim whose religion is there for all to see without the public service announcements by some others and his skills, true grit to battle it out – what more would you want?

As a bowler, Swann would get my choice – once again no fancy statements about what special doosra and teesra he will unleash – just get down to business and use his height to advantage!

PakPassion.Net: Where were you/what were you doing when Pakistan won the world cup in 1992?

MIG: In those days, not many people had SKY subscriptions so I got one fitted in my mother in laws house – called a group of friends and that was it! Chai, biryani watching Inzi score against NZ every night and then sleep all day ☺

PakPassion.Net: Your knowledge of this great game is outstanding and you definitely have the passion because you've been following it for so long. How do you keep yourself hooked onto the game even after all these controversies?

MIG: Should I be perfectly honest? It’s PakPassion which gives me so much knowledge! Posters here are so clued in with every aspect of the game that just reading one day’s threads makes you appear like a Cricket Einstein to others!

As I have said above, supporting Pakistan and following this game in general is in our genes – it’s programmed into all 34 of my grey cells and that’s about it! No amount of controversies will turn me off Pakistani or any cricket!

PakPassion.Net: How good a cricketer are you? Ever played at a level beyond the pickup games with friends?

MIG: A very average cricketer – I bowl well and I model my action on Razzaq! Just play with friends on Fridays – nothing serious!

PakPassion.Net: As far as Pakistan Cricket is concerned, do you have a preference on foreign coach versus Pakistani coach for the national team?

MIG: I want a coach who is technically competent – does not carry any emotional baggage and is incorruptible. Try and slot some Pakistanis in that ideal and you will have your answer!

PakPassion.Net: Do you follow other sports than Cricket?

MIG: Hockey [field] and Tennis – but because my wife is a tennis fanatic!

PakPassion.Net: Where do you see cricket in general in 10 years in terms of T20, Test Cricket, ODIs, ICC, IPL, BCCI, IPLs, etc?

MIG: I like what I see now but I think given that nature of cricket, there is a limit to how many more tournaments one can fit in! I am all for leagues etc but I want the corruption angle to be looked at carefully by all boards – just blindly running after money is asking for trouble.

Where do you see Pakistan cricket (PCB, players, team, performance, etc) in 10 years.... same, worse, better or much better (Imran Khan Days). Please explain with your reasons!

I have a real fear that if PCB doesn’t invest in good coaching for our young and experienced players, we will always be average in our batting department.

As for bowling, if you had asked me before that night of the NOTW revelations, I would have said that our bowling resources were on their way to beat anything than the Imran/Wasim/Waqar era – sadly that is not the case and we are back to square one.

I have hopes for the likes of Gul and Tanvir but they must elevate themselves to superheroes very soon!

PakPassion.Net: Based on the all these controversies going on in Pakistan bad would it have to get to make you stop watching cricket and leave PP *cough* OXY *cough*

MIG: I think the only thing that would stop me watching and following cricket would be if someone pulled the plug on my TV or Internet! Now that you have mentioned Oxy – let me say that there is no finer example of a Pakistani fan who wears his heart on his sleeve – pure emotion and no nonsense. Fans like him need to read the health warning on the package called Pakistani cricket – very carefully!

PakPassion.Net: Who do you think would be a good coach for Pakistan?

MIG: I think Waqar is good but if he can’t manage it, I am in favour of getting Geoff Lawson back in the fold – I don’t think he was treated well initially and he does bring a lot in the technical/modern side of the game – if nothing else, our fielding drills will not involve running with a tea cup and samosa in hand!

PakPassion.Net: How did you react when you saw the spot-fixing revelations for the first time?

MIG: Like all Pakistani fans, I felt physically sick – how could people we looked up to act as petty criminals? On top of that the “zillat” we faced in front of the world community and the haphazard way we went about dealing with this was too much to bear.

The whole episode is one of the darkest moments of Pakistani cricketing history.

PakPassion.Net: Any other hobbies apart form cricket?

MIG: Unfortunately – PP is my only hobby ! :31:
Haha, awesome interview! :)

Miggy bhai - where in Canada did you live when you visited that country?
PakPassion.Net: Who are the Top 5 posters on PakPassion in your opinion? And why?

MIG: Difficult to say – if you mean which posters threads or posts I will look at first when I am scanning the forums, then my favourite has to be Amjid Javed, Oxy, Saj, OZGOD, Romalli Rotti

Yep, we're the oldies lol :D
So has your brother been able to make that ball? [MENTION=93712]MenInG[/MENTION]

Nice interview though enjoyed reading it. :D
Yes. He has and is doing well in that business.
Great interview, if I may...the part about your mother's surgery and the excerpt on your friend's son passing away made my heart sink. You are a good man MenInG