Please help me choose

Tareq niazi

Nov 3, 2010
So now after some research ..
i have a list of bats that i like but i dont know which one to buy .. so im asking you guys ... and could you share some of your own experiences of theese bats if you had any :afridi
1.CA 5k
2.AS V10
3.AS V3
4.MB sher amin
5. Any other suggestions ?

Ps! the bats are not ranked from 1-4
^Maybe but the way you play has more to do with it
So thell us a bit about yourself:
Bating position?
Play style?
Front foot or back foot?
my real name is Sai and age is 18. My real goal in life is to play cricket professionaly but too late and doesn't seem possible. I like to open the innings and really enjoy batting but I'm a decent medium pace bowler as well. I like to score quick runs and prefer driving the ball and front foot jabs. My favorite bowlers are Imran Khan and Wasim Akram favorite batsman is Sachin Tendulkar.

Hbu mate? whats ur cricket story?
Well ...
Im at the moment im 16 and my heigth is 170cm.
I play domestic cricket in sweden ... and i get to play with big guys that are way older than me ...
Im a Fast bowler but im also a batsman ... something like Shane Watson...But im bowling way quicker for my age .. :D
And yeah i get to face some really really fast bowler that play for the Sweden national team so therefore i want to swing the bat freely .
What about AS guys? and what kind of MB bats do you mean?
Hope this helps
Get MB sher BUT make sure it is as light as as possible try get it around the 2.7 weight range light bats are a must if you are facing quick bowlers at your age