Please Suggest a Shop


Feb 15, 2011
Hi Guys,
I am planning to go to pakistan for a few days. I want to buy good cricket equipmet like bat, pads, gloves and more .
Last time I did shopping in tower area (in karachi), i was ripped comprehensively as I am not an expert.

It will be great if anybody can suggest me a good shop in karachi where I can buy all the items at reasonable cost and gaurentee of quality.

UT Sports, MD Sports or Lords Sports but I have mentioned in order of preference
Thanks indeed,
I think i will go to UT, but I hope that these guys will spare some time to advice me so that I make suitable choice rather than dumping their old stock at me.
UT Sports is very good and the people are very good there! So I am sure you will not be disappointed, they are top blokes.
When I Went.. I Dint Really Like Their Staff.. Kinda Rude. Lords Staff Are Really Good.. Really Helpful Too.
Shakeel at UT Sports is quite good persona actually. Even Abrar is not a bad person either.
Lords sports is over priced although they do carry imported stuff like GM/GN but not the latest models.