Puma Calibre 3000 Review


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Dec 4, 2010
A while ago i got a Puma Calibre 3000 (Australian Version) from Greg Chapple Cricket Centre (GCCC) about 6 moths ago.
The bat Specs are:
Size: Small Mens or also known as Academy
Size of edges: Peaking at 34mm
Grains:9 evenly spaced

The Bat Itself has no heartwood but a few blemishes, pings very nicely from the toe till about 2/3 inches above the sweet spot the the rest of the bat is kind of dull bit still enough to reach the outfield if not the boundary if timed well.

Overall: I'm very happy with the bat considering it was only $150 and was surprised with the quality of the low range Pumas, the brand is very underrated especially with their lower range bats, I definitely recommend having a look at them next time you buy a bat and if your looking for a budget or net bat this wouldn't be a bad place to start.

Sorry about the picture quality (and size if too big please change admin) and feel free to comment or ask questions




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Nice! Puma bats have always been rather pleasing aesthetically and this is no exception!

Did you decide on a small mens size as it's what you normally use, or was it simply a bargain? Does it feel strange using a slightly shorter bat?
Wow! For $150 it looks very nice.

I rate lower end Puma very high too! They are brilliant mate!

I for some reason like the stickers too!

How is the rebound compared to your other bats?
I like pumas as well. I take it this would be Indian made. Would be nice to see the full face if bat to see why it is a low end model. The grains look good from what we can see.
If its not a problem for you ammo a full profile shot as well mate, want to compare Australian Calibre with UK's

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@CD The rebound of the bat compared to some mid range GN ignite and evo was much better around the toe and middle but the rebound dies when you get about 3 inches above the middle, the other reason i got this over the other bats was that the sweet spot was wider.

Will post some pictures of the profile later 2day or tomorrow.
Some more pics


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Looks nice mate, the grains are quite nice as well. Looks quite big for its weight too!

I presume sweetspot is too low for Australian pitches no ?
The sweet spot is just a little bit too low but its fine for driving if you get the right ball
Is the profile similar to the UK calibre?
I got a plain EW bat that i am working on (reducing weight and passing time) that bat is quite light but only has 25mm edges but pings very nicely also has nice grains will post pics after i finish working on it.