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Jun 1, 2001
-Would you say Pietersen is a better batsman than Afridi.

I believe Afridi is more talented as a batsman, in that he has more of a range of shots he can play. Everything Pieterson can do, Afridi can do better. Add to that the many improvised shots he brings with him to the crease. They are simply breathaking to see and you cannot really imagine anyone doing e.g the charge down the track to a 90mph bowler and wristly lofting him back over his head for 6.

Afridi has only in the past year or so begun to translate that immense talent as a batsman into results that we all knew he was capable of and at a superior strike rate to Pieterson. Pieterson is, no doubt hugely talented and the one advantage he has had over Afridi is that he was introduced into international cricket at the age of 24 and has always had the support of his coach and captain. The battle I believe has only just got started between the two. Currently Afridi is winning that battle.

-Raz, have you ever experienced the Afridi handshake you always talk about?

Unfortunately not, the main reason perhaps why my right hand is still fully functional to this day! Someday though I would like to experience it, even if it means broken bones and my hand being in a cast for a substantial period of time!

-Is nelson a ghetto in your opinion?

It is to a certain extent although not as much as what many people might think. The Asian population continues to grow and since the majority are working class, Nelson offers an easy life for them, where living on benefits is not uncommon.

-What are the negatives/positives of Nelson?

Negatives, where shall I start?! The only positive is that I come from there!

-Do u like it better in nelson/London?

Overall London, although one thing I miss about Nelson when im in London is the cheap prices!!

-When are you planning to get married?

Inshallah (God Willing) I would like to get married when ive completed my studies, got a steady job and my own place to live. I believe that in order to begin a marriage and raise a family, a settled environment is needed where you are dependent on yourself and not on others. Whether that happens only Allah knows.

-Is it true, you want to be a psychologist? If so what made you choose this career option?

Yes it’s true I want to be a psychologist, a sports psychologist more specifically. At first I wanted to study medicine and become a doctor but then I realised that that option just wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t be suited to such a role (truthfully I just didn’t want to study for so long). Psychology as a subject fascinates me and can be applied to so many practical situations.

Sports psychology is a very new area of psychology and is growing fast. For me I think this would be an ideal career option since it applies theories of psychology to sport, which I have a huge interest in. Oh and there’s potentially quite a bit of money in it

-Your all time top 5 beasts?

1) SHAHID AFRIDI- No one can compare to him, and the level of destruction, the reign of terror has brought upon the cricketing world since the 37 ball century that sent shockwaves through the entire universe. The strongest and most ferocious of all beasts, who have ever lived. Anything is possible when he is around and no bowler, no spectator, in fact no living creature is safe when he is around.

2) RICARDO POWELL- The Jamaican Juggernaught or the Terror from Trinidad & Tobago, call him what you want (since he was born in Jamaica but has since moved to Trinidad & Tobago) there’s no denying his beastly abilities, second in my opinion only to Shahid Afridi. Pow Pow regularly hits the cricket ball with eye popping ferocity and has a particular liking for dispatching Indian bowlers into woods in close proximity to the stadium. He and Afridi are the only known creatures who have charged down the track to a 90mph bowler.

3) HUMAYUN FARHAT- International exposure has been limited, but when he has he has according to commentators “belted the ball to smithereens”. Hunter Humayun has in the past annihilated bowlers with many of his innings having 200+ strike rates, his most brutal act of butchery being 139* from 63 balls with 19 fours and 6 sixes. I can see a future for him in the team as a batsman even though he is the most beastly wicketkeeper-batsman on the planet.

4) ANDREW SYMONDS- A brute of a decimator, his power at times leaves you awe-struck. Holds the world record for most sixes in a first call innings (16) and he did this in his very first innings for that particular county. Violence is the only way he will obtain success in Test cricket as he has done in ODI cricket.

5) ABDUL RAZZAQ- Yes he can be the most boring player to watch at times when in block mode. but he also blasts and boy oh boy when he blasts what blasting, what obliteration, what extermination it is. 89 from 40 is one innings I along with everyone will never forget, just a shame he didn’t get to that 100. My only request from him is to always blast and never block!

-How do you come up with those so imaginary type beast stories?

One word- Inspiration and there have been two individuals who have provided me with it. The first of which is The Beast, Shahid Afridi himself and his murderous batting style. Second is DM. I admire greatly the sheer beauty he exhibits in his posts, especially those involving Shahid Afridi.

-Tell us about your personality - are you aggressive or are you the quiet type? Is this the real Raz we see on PP or a made up one ?

If im honest id say im a bit of both. Ive always been on the shy side. but in recent years this has changed and ive become more confident as a person. When I play cricket or any sport for that matter then my game in whatever I do involves aggression and plenty of it. That I owe to Shahid Afridi.

On PP id say you pretty much see the real Raz, although im not as aggressive as a person as some people might think. I might come across to people as being a very aggressive and even violent person due to the nature of some of my posts involving Afridi but I can honestly say this is not the case. If im challenged, of course ill defend myself by necessary means, but really im a lover not a fighter J

-Which player around the world or any two players around the world you would swap for Afridi!!

Let me put it this way, if you were to give me the choice of having 2 Laras, 2 Tendulkars, 2 Flintoff’s and 2 Shoaib Akhtars or 1 Shahid Afridi in my team and I would take the 1 Shahid Afridi any day of the week.

-Upon occasion you have been called (by GA and me) a pansie. Do you think this is a fair reflection?

No, I don’t think it’s a fair reflection. I think whether they admit it or not every single guy in the world has a feminine side to their personality. I probably show it more than what other blokes do but I don’t think that’s enough to be labeled as a pansie.

-What would you rather see: Afridi smashing the ball out of the ground or Shoaib uprooting the middle stump with a scorching yorker?

Don’t get me wrong, a scorching yorker from Shoaib uprooting middle stump is a great sight, but the finest sight in cricket, in my opinion has to be the mighty swinging blade of Afridi sending the the ball over the ropes and out of the ground.

-Why do you think despite hyping Afridi up so much (most of the hype coming from you And DM), has he under performed and not met any of the astronomical expectations Pakistani fans have for him ?

Afridi has been under tremendous pressure ever since that 37 ball hundred. Pressure to reproduce an innings of that type, time and time again, pressure to please the fans, captain and coach. The sad thing for me is that it took almost 8 years for someone to realise that he just wasn’t any cricketer and therefore had to be treated differently to any old cricketer.

It took over 8 years for the captain and coach to give him 100% backing and unsurprisingly since this has happened this have we seen Afridi translating that talent we all knew he had to results on a consistent basis. The pressure from the fans is still there but at least now he is older, wiser and has the kind of support he didn’t have before.

-If you were stuck on an island, which Moderator (Mig, Oxy, Entralinks, Merc, Saj, Daoud) would you like to be your guardian angel and why?

Id have to go for Miggy Chacha as he could entertain me with TSN stories all day long!! Actually now that I think of it wouldn’t stories of entra’s countless abductions by aliens not be more entertaining?! Hmm I’ll get back to you.....

-What do you do? (work/study/both)?

I study Psychology at City University in London, but don’t work. I am planning to do so during the summer.

-Your favourite brand of cricket bat and why? (don't just say that you like the MB Sher because of obvious reasons!)

Ive always been an avid fan of Slazenger bats, they seem to have everything, a good grip and a nice blade to go with it and so comfortable to bat with. The MB Sher seems like a nice bat, I haven’t used it yet as my brother only just got it recently but I’m hoping to do so in the near future.

-What exactly is the difference between the Afridi of today and two years back? And what should be the difference between the Afridi of today and near World Cup? Meaning what does he need to improve on?

One big difference- Confidence. Confidence is something Afridi has in himself as well as receiving it from his captain and coach. This never used to be the case until Woolmer arrived on the scene. I think the Afridi of today should try and hit every ball for six and continue to do so for the rest of his career. Down with the defensive strokes, singles, twos, threes and fours!!

-Do you feel inside, in the honest corner of your heart (if there is one), that Afridi in the end is not really what he is made out to be on PP at times? In other words overated/overhyped?

If anything I feel Afridi is under hyped or underrated. I think he is the most naturally gifted player on the planet. He has the ability to become the best all rounder in the world by far and I feel we haven’t seen the best from him yet. That I believe is still to come.

-Some say Inzi should quit captaincy, you agree? Either way, why?

I think Inzi should continue with the captaincy until the World Cup at least. Whilst im not the biggest fan of his captaincy I think that the team is settled with Inzi at the helm. With the World Cup less than a year away and the England series just around the corner continuity and stability is what the team needs, something that Inzi as captain provides.

-Tell us something about you, your childhood, present, future goals, favourite food etc.

My name is Razaak and I’m almost 20 years old. I have 1 brother, whose 16 and two sisters, one who is 21 and married with a baby boy and another who is 18.

My childhood has been a mixed one, one with plenty of happiness but also with it occasional moments of sadness, the most significant of which was losing my grandmother at the age of 12, whom id been close to all my life. Still I can’t really complain that much and I have a lot to thank for my parents for and what they have done for me.

Presently im studying Psychology at uni and I’m keen to enter into the field of Sports Psychology. My dream job would be to work with the Pakistan cricket team. When it comes to food, nothing comes near in terms of deliciousness to my mum’s parathas and daal.

-Which banner is your favourite one? (check out download section to see them all)

I think all the banners are superb, but my favourite one is the Pakistan V India that has Afridi, Inzi, Shoaib, Sehwag, Dravid and Kumble on it.

-At which number does PP come in your everyday priority list?

It ranks pretty high, in the top 5 I’d say. A lot depends on how much work I have form uni and how busy I am generally. There may be days where I don’t get the opportunity to log on at all.

-Is the notion true that old posters/buddies are getting lost/distant as so many people are joining PP?

I think that the old posters/buddies, whether they are liked or not will always have a place in the heart of PP, regardless of how many people join PP. I think its great that PP is continually expanding and more people are joining it, but I think that the old posters have and continue to play a vital role in driving PP forward.

-Your views on marriage and women, serious?

Whilst its importance has been steadily on the decline, especially in the UK I regard it being one of the most significant and blessed events one can hope to experience in their life. I’m not a advocate of arranged marriages personally. Rather I’m in favour of marriages, where the guy or the girl involved select themselves who they want to marry but also have the consent and blessings of their parents. Women, I think make the ideal life companions for men and vice versa.

-Does PP need zushy, hafridi and z10? Lets say I'm kicking them out and you have a last chance to convince me I shouldn't, ready, go!

Nah PP doesn’t need them, they’re useless, kick them out I say. In fact I’ll even give you a hand

Actually now that I really think about, without zushy, Mona and zushy’s love story would come to a sad end and we can’t have that happening now can we?! Hafridi is a fellow Afridite so he cannot be kicked out whatsoever and z10’s expertise in sheesha is needed by many as well the brilliant articles he writes.

-There are reports that right after dinner when Oxy walks towards a door, it is banged open just before his hand even reaches it, how could this be possible, any scientific explanations?

A UFO landed in the vicinity, and its landing caused a gust of wind to blow the door open.

-If you had to pick between Wasim and Waqar, who do you think the most destructive bowler for Pakistan at his PEAK?

If you’re talking of destruction then it has to be Waqar. The toe crushing inswinging yorker at pace of his were simply unplayable and was a superior weapon to anything that Wasim had to offer and made him the more destructive bowler.

-Has the meteorological Department of Mexico hired you yet to catch that weather balloon that got away 15 years ago?

No, not yet. I am anxiously still waiting for them to contact me!!

-Is breathing at high altitudes really as difficult as they say?

Yes it can be at times, but it’s well worth it when you consider the views you get at high altitudes!

-Whose a better coach Miandad or Woolmer.. and why does George Lucas have a thing for midgets and not for your kind.

Easy, its Woolmer, the results speak for themselves. As for George, I’ve wondered that myself!!

-If you ever get asked, would you consider playing Alam Channa in a movie?

If the money’s right and Angelina Jolie, Celina Jaitley and Mahima Chaudary star in the movie as well then yes of course!

-Do tall people really make pathetic batsmen?

Not really, there are many tall people who are very good batsmen. One thing ill say though is that we love short balls but absolutely hate yorkers.

-Who is the better fielder? You or Glen McGrath?

Hmm, id have to say its me. Not trying to big myself up or anything but I’m actually quite good in the field. Plus I’m a better sledger, always comes in handy as a fielder.

-If you had to choose a pet between a rattle snake and a Tiger, which would it be and why?

A tiger since I have a phobia of snakes and that annoying rattle would just do my head in!

-What is the highest score you have made in club cricket and how many 6's were in it?

It was about 60odd and shamefully contained only 1 six. I had been asked to open the innings and it was a situation where I had to curb my natural attacking instincts for the sake of the team. Whilst it was a very valuable innings for the team, it was very painful to say the least!

-You are a leg spinner. Why did you choose this over the obvious choice of a fast bowler? How come someone as tall as you chose to become a spinner?

I didn’t start playing cricket seriously until I was around 15-16, which is quite late. I realised from then that I could actually spin the ball and my height provided bounce which caused a few discomforts to the batsmen I’d bowl to. When I tried bowling fast my action was all over the place and I would very rarely get the ball on target. I suppose I could still become a fast bowler if I wanted to but would probably need to work with a fast bowling coach.

-When's the next licks 4 six video coming out

Sometime in the summer I would think, it depends when I get some time. The thing with the licks 4 six videos is that they take an incredible long time to compile and produce due to the program I use (Windows Movie Maker), which has a habit of crashing often.

-Like me, you seem like a genuine fan of Mohd Sami like me (only few of us around)
*what do you think he is doing wrong or done wrong so far?
*what can he do to improve himself and take all them wickets

I think Mohammad Sami is one of the most talented fast bowlers around. When he first burst onto the scene he was frighteningly quick and was tearing batting lineups apart. Now that extreme pace of 95mph+ isn’t there and so isn’t there accuracy that he used to have.

Injuries have played their part, often coming at the worst possible times and not having the luck that other bowlers have enjoyed have severely dented the ability for him to make progress. He also hasn’t received any proper guidance that someone like him needs thus far. Its all well and good for Imran Khan to say I’m going to work with him for a couple of hours or so but that’s not enough. He needs to work with someone like Waqar or Aaqib or Imran for an extended period of time. Whilst he has that level of aggression that every fast bowler should have but mentally I believe he can improve immensely

He is still young but with so many bowlers in domestic cricket knocking on the door for selection into the national team, it really is now or never for Sami. I have always been of the opinion that he has what it takes to become an all time great for Pakistan and I still believe that.

-Raz do you still support Sami or have you given up?? Do you think his potential will ever be fulfilled? Also just tell us about yourself a little more.

Yes I still have the same firm belief now as I had when he made his debut that he can become an all time great for Pakistan. Whether his potential will be ever fulfilled is down to a number of factors, if he can keep injury free, if luck goes his way and most importantly he believes in himself.

-Since when have you been a mad Afridi fan?

Its been about 2 years now, which might surprise a few people. I didn’t know much about him then but that innings of 80 from 58 against India was the spark if you will. Almost everything about Afridi’s batting when evident in that innings. I then did further research about him, seeing what he had achieved in the past and that’s when I realised that this was one special player.

-Do you think Afridi's role is at the top or at number 6/7?

Afridi has stated himself that he would prefer to bat at number 6 than open the innings and he has had much more success lower down the order than opening the innings. That’s where I think he should bat at either no.6 or no.7, where he is most comfortable and therefore most likely to obliterate the opposition.

-Raz, Your views on what Younis Khan could bring to the "party" as captain ?

In short everything that Inzi doesn’t and that is one of the reasons why Inzi as captain is completely different to Younis as captain. Younis I feel is more “on the level” with the players than Inzi is. I think that the players feel they can connect with Younis more than with Inzi.

Younis brings a buzz, a sort of electricity to the field. There will be very rare occasions when nothing is happening for Pakistan, when Younis is captain and so I feel he would be a proactive rather than a reactive captain. From the matches I have seen where he has been captain; he is very attacking in nature and isn’t scared to make quick bowling changes, but also one, who has tremendous faith in all his bowlers.

-Your favourite Afridi '6'?

The six he hit against England off Mullally in the Natwest series in 2001. The audacity of charging down the track to a fast medium bowler and smashing that ball, high and long, especially after being caught attempting the same thing in the match before just leaves me in awe every time I see it.

-Favourite international ground and why?

National Stadium in Karachi or The Beastatorium, it just has such a unique, electric atmosphere that no other ground has when jam-packed. It is also home to The Beast.

-Your Favourite posters on Pakpassion?

All the Afridites so that’s DM, Fessal, Hafridi, Merc, Easatheman, cavin420, Uzzy and others.

Apart from them Miggy, z10, Farhad, Hash, entra, Monsee, Oxy, zushy, Hashim, Daoud, Rob, Gary, Gasherbrum and the_game.

-What do you like doing in your spare time apart from Pakpassion?

I’m a keen shopper, so since I’ve come to London, its no surprise that Oxford Street has become one of my favourite places. Aside from shopping I like playing cricket, snooker and pool very much. Whenever I have the motivation I enjoy going to the gym, although I haven’t been for some time.

On some days, there is nothing better than just sitting in Starbucks with a friend or two and just drinking coffee and relaxing.

-Lara or Sachin? / Warne or Murali? And why?

Lara. In my opinion he has always had that extra something in his batting that Sachin just has never had and is one of the reasons why he has almost single-handedly won more matches for his team than has Sachin.

Murali- After all the controversies he has suffered in his career with regards to his bowling action and considering the fact that he has along with Vaas led the Sri Lankan bowling attack for such a long period of time, his stats as a bowler are simply breathtaking and overall, better than Warne’s. He also hasn’t had the need to literally beg for wickets like Warne has.

-Give us a well defined reason as to why we should drop Afridi, can you do it?

Errrrrr no I can’t!!! Sorry!!!

-Your favourite Afridi innings?

From the ones I have seen live it has to be the 45 ball century, better known as the Kanpur Massacre, though my favourite one of all time is the 37 ball century. To score 66 out of a total of 102 in sixes is just, quite simply overwhelming.

-Have you ever been to a cricket match, if so which one/s?

No and most of the times in England its either because I’ve been busy or I haven’t been able to get hold of tickets. This year when Pakistan tour England I’ll be going to quite a few matches.

-Your top 5 movies of all time? And the last movie you watched?

1) GoldenEye

2) Titanic

3) Ali

4) Rush Hour 2

5) Mission Impossible 2

Last movie I watched was Hostel, damn was that gruesome or what!!

-Your favorite batsman of all time

Shahid Afridi, no batsman has personified violence and destruction like him and I don’t think there ever will be anyone like him ever again. He is truly one of a kind. The fear he has installed and continues to instill into the heart of every bowler that has been brave, perhaps foolish enough to bowl to him has been unmatched in history.

-Your favorite fast bowler

Curtly Ambrose, one word best describes him- menace. The run up, the bowl being delivered, the walk back to the starting point of his run up, the facial expressions, everything concerned with his bowling involved menace and this menace led to incredible success. That spell of 7-1 at Perth against the Aussies, ranks in my opinion, one of, if not the best spell of fast bowling I have ever seen.

-Your favorite spinner

Shahid Afridi- so much variation and so much brutality even in his bowling. From the 85mph blistering, stump shattering Yorkers, to the 68mph off spinners to the 80mph deadly bouncers. Add to this the glare, the sledging and the celebration when taking a wicket; even his bowling is so refreshingly unique.

-Your favorite PP moderator

A tie between Miggy and entra,

-If you were a girl, which cricketer would u marry (assuming that u had to marry one)

If my friend is a very big word, even bigger than me!

-Name the 3 most intelligent posters / the 3 most funny / the 3 most friendly

In my opinion in no particular order:

3 most intelligent: ggm, z10, Merc

3 most funny: entra, Miggy, Monsee

3 most friendly: Fessal, Monsee (to our Indian friends) and cavin420

-If you could only meet one Pakpassion member, who would it be and why?

It would have to be DM. I’ve never come across anyone who shares the same enthusiasm for Shahid Afridi, that same lust for destruction as myself.

-Describe a world without Afridi ?

Depressing, boring, dull, wretched, need I go on?!

-Who would you prefer watching: - Gayle Or Afridi !! (Ignore nationality - tell us the truth!!!)

Afridi. Gayle is special in his own way, but Afridi is just on another level, a much higher level of butchery and destruction.

Thanks to everyone for their questions
Well done Raz !! What a heera among men !
What a brilliant interview by a brilliant lad. Well done Raz bhai and keep writing them great Afridi articles.