Rizzy: "We won't win trophies this season"


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Mar 21, 2012
During the post match press conference of his team's dominating 4-1 victory over Real Kings FC, Rizzy seemed happy with his team's performance.

"It was a great start to the season, scoring 4 goals in front of our home crowd, our striker's were in good form with both getting on the score sheet. Aguero's early strike's took the game away from our opponents" stated the Royal Mafia F.C manager.

When asked about the performance of Lionel Messi, Rizzy responded "It was a good performance by him, there was lots of expectation on him going into the game, he didn't perform as superly well as many have come to expect of him, but it's early days, all the players are still gelling together. Give it a few games and I'm sure all the players will get better and better".

A journalist questioned Rizzy regarding the team's ambitions this season. Rizzy had the following to say: "We're going to take it one game at a time. It's the very first season, there will be lots of experimentation taking place. We won't win trophies this season in my opinion, I'd be happy with a top third finish though. Our board have set some targets which I'll be hoping to fulfill."

Whether Rizzy is playing mind games with his opponents to make his team look not as good as it actually is, or whether he's taking pressure off his own players, only Rizzy knows.
I'd say mind games. With that team the pressure is on you guys to win every one of the three comps.... Just sayin ... :)
A major Shareholder of Taaj Manzoor 1st XV was quoted in the Daily Arab Spring Times as saying "we will win the lot!" Raaj Manzoor, who is currently based in Dubai for allegedly legal reasons, has a 33% holding in the club.

He went on, "frankly with the fantastically gorgeous players we have the league and 2 cups should be the least of our ambitions. We have the most skilful player in Hargeaves, the best looking player in Hargreaves and the fittest player in Hargreaves (you're talking about his looks again aren't you? Ed). I expect us to win the 100m finals at the Olympics and the T20 Cricket World Cup as long as no buck toothed talentless nobody called Akmal is anywhere near our squad."

I would also like to add that the rumours that I am in any way related to Taaj Manzoor, the manager, Saaj Manzoor,the Chairman or Waaj Manzoor the coach are completely crazy. We may be quadruplets but our relationship is totally professional. Finally for the record I would like to state that the UK Police dropped all charges and it has no bearing on why I am currently residing in Dubai.......although a large donation to some of the Government's favourite local "charities" did help......."
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Haha that's awesome Amoeba.

And Rizzy like Genghis said, we all know your the favourites for everything. No amount of mind games change that ;-)
Nah, not mind games. I actually feel my team isn't fully complete and not good enough to win anything. That first dominating win was probably beginners look.
When asked regarding these comments Rizzy made way back at the start of the season, Rizzy said that he still believed his team won't win any trophies this season, and has just been lucky so far this season. He said his team just isn't good enough.

I am sorry Riz, but only i can win. :108: :msd