This defeat feels worse than the one we had against India in the T20 World Cup 2007 final


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Nov 23, 2009
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Don’t get me wrong, the 2007 final was extremely heartbreaking but this is far worse for many reasons.

1. The PAK bowlers as a unit were exceptional and deserved better from the PAK specialist batsmen.

2. The total was extremely easy to achieve. I won’t even use the word “chase” because it was a very low score, no risks were required.

3. Many of the PAK batsmen played with no PASSION. They played with FEAR. They were more concerned with their reputation rather than the flag they are representing.

4. Imad Wasim, Iftikhar, Shadab, Usman etc SHAME on you for showing NO intent. Naseem showed more intent and he isn’t even a specialist batsman.

A disgrace of a batting performance. No game plan, no strategy, no intent from the batsmen, full of fear and zero passion or aura. Remember this side lost to USA as well. Shameful.

These PAK players are not hungry to win trophies. They are more concerned with individual records and reputation.
Like always I feel like Pakistan has only 1 plan. Hope the openers can pull it off. If that fails. There's no plan b or c. Usman Imad zaman ifti played like it was an odi. Yes the chase was small there was no need to accelerate but there was no intent of chasing it.

They always put undue pressure on themselves. Can't wait to hear babars excuses this time around. This team needs a complete rebuild

My friend and I bought tickets to go watch the Canada game in 3 days. Now I don't wanna go. No point.
One reason being that T20 was a relatively new format back then.
No no.

That defeat was worst.

This we knew that once the openers get out and fakhar also, we are doomed
When you score 35 runs in the powerplay eat all the balls and put pressure on the middle order that's what your going to get
funny enough this defeat didnt hurt. Dont know why. My brain has just accepted the reality of the situation i guess.
2007 Pakistan was down and out for best part. One over gave Pakistan a glimmer of hope. Otherwise India was in control. Remember Pakistan 77/6 in that match.
nope, that was way way way worse, we had a good team then, this team is objectively abject, we just got false hope from a good bowling performance. realistically the majority expected pak to have their backsides handed to them before the game.

fully mentally prepared to lose the ireland if pak bat first
Bowlers did well
Babar Rizwan fakhar had much more responsibility to carry this batting and win today rather they lost it . Add to that pathetic chacha shadab who are playing as pure batsmen in this XI
1. India batted when the pitch was damp. Pakistan enjoyed the best of conditions both when bowling and batting
2. Pant was brilliant both in front and back of the wicket. We missed him, India would have won the ODI World Cup for sure if he would have played
3. Bumrah is the best bowler in the world. No low score from India is easy when he is yet to bowl
4. Naseem is the heart of Pakistan cricket team. He has the best attitude in the dressing room.He will lead Pakistan one day and is going to be a great fast bowler from Pakistan.
5. Rizwaan batted according to the situation. If he were to stay not out Pakistan would have won
6. Iftikhar, shadab and Rauf need to go. They won't win many matches for Pakistan infact they will lose more often than not if they are in the team.
7. Imad should have batted lower. He is a good bowler but should not be considered an allrounder.