Naseem Shah the gem we don’t deserve


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Nov 23, 2009
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It would be absolutely brutal for us not to mention how fantastic Naseem was today.

21 runs conceded and took 3 ‘crucial’ wickets. Came out to bat and scored with ‘intent’ 10 - strike rate 250.00

Why was he fantastic today? He showed what others lack, and what we desperately require from other players in the side.

Passion, aggression, aura, winning mentality, emotions, intent, adaptability and fearless approach. He was one of the least experienced players out there in terms of playing in T20 leagues but he was playing as if it was a final with wealth of pain.

He did more with the bat in terms of intent than what the likes of Imad, Iftikhar, Rizwan, Usman and Shadab did collectively. Do you realise how sad that is?

The tears in the end just shows that this boy played with his heart. He played for the badge infront of his shirt and not for the name on his back. He’s fan like us, whereas other players in the side are playing for personal reasons.

It’s absolutely disheartening how his peers lack what he possesses, he’s a gem, a crown heel in our declining side.

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Imad, Shadab and Iftikhar need to be lashed for their performance. Naseem should be gifted the whip.
having met him, hes easily mentally a level above the rest, should eventually be our captain, but i think the politics of it all would destroy him.
He's quite witty, really quite a funny smart dude and you can see it in a few minutes of meeting him.

What made you think he was captaincy material though? Did he say something in particular?
Laugh or cry after the match, what difference does it make? Your team still ended up losing at the end of the day.
He's quite witty, really quite a funny smart dude and you can see it in a few minutes of meeting him.

What made you think he was captaincy material though? Did he say something in particular?
just how he remembered certain situations and the strategies behind what he was trying to do, combined with the fact that he speaks carefully, which is a rare trait for pakistanis, also he seems to not let too many people too close to him, again a positive trait for a potential captain, but i dont think he wants that, at least at this stage of his career.

haris in comparison is the kinda guy your parents would stop u from hanging out with as a kid, lol.
I would never want Naseem to be the captain of the Pakistani team.

I have nothing against him, its just that the way he made his debut, where his biggest supporter (his mother), passed away and was not even able to witness his debut always made me feel sorry for this kid.

The Pakistani captaincy job is an unforgiving job no matter who you are and where you belong from. You dont get praised and only get criticized for it. Its the job that places you infront of the country's top decision makers, thus your hands will always be tied and will have to do the bidding of others to keep everyone happy and if things go south you are to be made the scape goat.

I wish for Naseem to have a good long career, make some good money, buy a house in the Urban areas of Pakistan and move all his sisters and brothers out of the villiage. Quietly bowl well for Pakistan, and play leagues and thats it.

I dont want this kid to suffer anymore as he has suffered enough. I hope he has a good support system that helps him with dealing with mental health issues.
Laugh or cry after the match, what difference does it make? Your team still ended up losing at the end of the day.
It’s not about crying or not - I really don’t give much credence to that sort of thing albeit it’s good to see he cares.

However, what he did was show up all the so called specialist batsmen that when it’s tough pitch you can try and find a way to get a boundary. He came in and first ball executed a semi paddle/scoop.

And his bowling was excellent too.
This lad can probably soak up pressure than almost every other Pak player. Gun bowler and a very decent hitter. His last over heroics especially against Afghans come to mind. Pak should send him up the order once in a while. A quick 15 when 40 runs were needed could have closed the game for Pak today
A gem who averages close to 40 vs the top sides in Test cricket.

Another overhyped player, nothing more.
First time I've watched him in a minute but he's definitely overweight atm. How that is possible when you're around the system in all 3 formats and in your early twenties is beyond me.
Earned my respect again, the legend of Naseem Shah continues to grow the sole reason still following this team
Naseem and Amir are the only ones that have fire of Old PCT that I grew up watching.
Hassan Ali had that too but skillwise he is below both.
Yeah. Those teams always had some great players, but they also had some good/average players who punched above their weight massively, purely through spirit.

Naseem shows that. I didn't like him initially. Thought he was Shoaib 2.0 and an actor. But he's got that old-school Pakistani spirit. The only other player in this team with it is Amir. Rizwan maybe a little too.
I don't think enough people comprehend how mentally tough he is. He made his test debut in Australia a day after his mother passed away. That was his introduction to cricket. I mean I can't even imagine how tough that must have been for him. At that young age.

Say what you will about Misbah but debuting him in that series was baptism by fire. And I think that the fact that he got thrown to the wolves essentially i.e. playing test cricket despite not having much FC experience, that made him a better bowler. Because he got hammered overseas and quickly had to learn the value of bowling consistent lines.

Unlike Shaheen he doesn't try to go for magic balls. He relies on his length and has enough pace and swing to be a nightmare for batters. Especially on pitches like NY.

He has an amazing attitude and approach to the game. If he manages to keep injuries in check, I think there's nothing stopping him from being one of the best fast bowlers in the world.
Khubsurat fast bowler has a decent game in seamer friendly conditions

The whole World Cup isn’t played in conditions or against opponents that favour you
Naseem Shah already with his batting has won us matches which player like Rizwan and Babar can only dream off crunch situation
Laugh or cry after the match, what difference does it make? Your team still ended up losing at the end of the day.
In a time when everybody is questioning the intentions of Pakistani players and whether they are playing for their country or are just there to spend a good time, things like this just show who really wants it. Not only this, but the way they play. And you could tell Naseem wanted this win from the moment he started bowling
I've always had a soft spot for naseem which is why I claimed what I did.

This boy isn't bad, and he's a good player. He gets spanked but he has bowled well at times and he's been decent.

And unlike our other players, he actually works on fitness and isn't a bhegarat like the rest. He gave it his all and honestly shocking how he's a better player them shadab amd chacha even as a batter and read the conditions better then those 2.

He cried because it hurt. So people shouldn't bash that, it's alot better then going to a mall and relaxing like Bobby did.

However he ain't captaincy material. He's injury prone, and to be a captain you gotta be cool and tough and in Pakistan's case you gotta be cool, tough and ve the biggest @^@#head possible like IK or Younis Khan cause these boys don't respect others. Australia respects Cummings and Marsh, here we need YK, IK and sarfraz ghussei walei log.

Muhammad haris is best choice.
Old school Pak cricketer.
He has shades of the 90s Pak team.

Does not fit in this team of tourists.