Sachin Tendulkar and his Bat Selection

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Aug 12, 2009
I came across this so I thought I'd share with you guys, below is what SRT said when speaking about equipments.

How do you choose a bat?

To me the shape is very important. The bat must be thick and have more meat near the bottom. There should be a rounded kind of a blade. I don’t like a slim, flat blade. I want power in my shots so the bat should be thick and strong.

How much should it weigh?

Earlier, I used to play with a 3 pounds 2 ounces bat, but now I prefer a slightly lighter one. This is because I sprained my wrist in a benefit match. Kiran More was bowling. He tossed up a full toss which I tried to hit hard, and sprained my wrist. The pain would not go so I was forced to use a lighter bat. But that is still heavier than what other players in the team play with.

Why so heavy?

I am just used to a heavy bat. I feel comfortable. It helps while playing on the up and forcing the ball in front of the wicket.

How many grips do you use?

Three, the thick handle gives me a better grip and feel. I feel comfortable and that is important because the feel is crucial.

What about the grains in the willow?

In a bat the feel is the most important factor. You pick up a bat, hold it in your hand and straightaway know whether it is right or wrong. For me grains are not an important consideration, there are various theories about the grains— some feel if they are close together the bat breaks quicker— but I don’t worry about these things. I have played with various makes in my career, as long as it suits me it is fine.

How many bats do you use each season?

It depends. There was one bat which I used for about two- and- a- half years. It lasted till the last World Cup. I used to clean it myself. It was badly taped and each time I removed the tape the chips from the blade would come off. I would then carefully rearrange each piece, put a lot of superglue on the blade and stick back each piece one by one, then bind it up with tape again. It was a very good bat and I made lots of runs with it.

Do you change your bat during an innings?

No, I prefer to bat with the same bat.

How do your bats normally break? From the bottom?

Yes, usually. You mistime a shot and if it is near the bottom there is a danger of a crack developing. Sometimes the handle gives way, near the V. The edges are all right, you might chip the outside edge, depending on how you play, but that is all right. I try and save my better bats, I don’t use them in the nets. I don’t want to risk my match bat in the nets.

What’s your favourite footwear?

I have always played with half- spikes, with metal studs round the toes and rubber studs otherwise. Even while fielding. I have never used the usual ankle high, full spikes which bowlers need.

And other gear?

I prefer the lightweight morrant pads, I have played with them for long, the ball hits the pad and goes off, you can get a leg bye easily. The ball doesn’t drop dead, it travels off the pad. I normally don’t use chest guards. In Australia for a few innings I played with them because I had an injury.

What’s your training schedule like?

I am fit but I could be better; there is a lot of scope for improvement. Unfortunately I don’t like running, I prefer other exercises like training, stretching. I don’t think I’ve made a mistake on a cricket field because of being unfit. I have never got out because I felt tired. I run my singles hard and whenever there’s a need I push myself on the field and stretch.
there is also a youtube video of him talking about his bat,gloves and pads :) he says hes 155 but uses a SH and uses youth gloves. and wow 3pounds 2 ounches?! for a little guy he has some muscles lol
Video is also posted some where on this forum but this is definitely not the video context because I remember in video he gave higher number of bats.

Yeah youth gloves becayse they fit him better.

Gayle use quite heavy bats, I once heard that Irani an Essex player used close to 4 pounds in T20 :O
I played with 2.13 few games and I got out tiered and unable to lift the bat I dont know how to play with 3 pounder let alone 4.

But the ball do travel good with this I tried this 2.13 bat in nets last week (after going to gym whole winter) and now it is useable but still in match I used my 2.7 Bubber Sher which rocks.
When i bought my gray nicolls it felt really heavy at 2.13 but now since im going gym it feels really light. Its all about the arm power and strength when it comes to bat weight.
sachins bats are made by a lot of ppl. everyone gives him bats made to his specs and from the 100 odd that he receives, he selects 5-6.
I have used kind of heavier bats over the years (2.12 to 2.14 range)....after sometime my back would start to hurt more than my arms.....
isnt 3.2lbs a bit too heavy against fast bowlers?
it depends on who you are.. if you are some short skinny guy with no muscles then i wouldnt recommend using a 3.2lb bat lol. if you are of a bigger build then maye you prefer a heavier bat
What a fake.

A champion batsman can bat with any blade like Bradman, Viv, Lara.
Or Shahid Bhai for that matter . Consistent performances no matter what blade is used :sa

He didn't even use his own blades. He believed in sharing is caring. He used Sachin's own bat to hammer the original and the true fastest century in ODIs. Even shared bats with legends like Ponting.