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Aug 12, 2009
Speedster Shoaib Akhtar who have made a comeback to international career during Asia Cup in 2009 due to injuries. Controversies and injuries always have been surrounding Shoaib Akhtar since he made his debut in 1997. Although being a freelance player when it came to equipment sponsorship, Akhtar still managed to be controversial with the bat where it was reported that he spat his teammate with a cricket bat in dressing room. With World Cup approaching many companies are trying to gain as much exposure it is possible, however, MB Malik was not different from many who have signed Shoaib Akhtar as there latest recruit. MB Malik, is one of leading cricket equipment manufacturer in Pakistan and well known in global market.

Akhtar have made a comeback to shorter format of the game and is primarily focusing on One Day Internationals and Twenty20's rather than Test matches, which he last played on December 8, 2007 against India in Bangalore. Akhtar averages 9.09 with the bat in One Day Internationals with his highest score being 43 against England while he averages 7.00 in the Twenty20's with a high score of unbeaten 8. Akhtar in past have said that he has been working hard for upcoming 2011 World Cup and is trying to remain as fit as possible.

Speaking exclusively to, MB Malik Owner, Malik Zulfiqar have confirmed that they have signed world's fastest bowler and he will be using MB Malik sponsored equipment starting from New Zealand One Day series which will take place on 22 January 2011.

Zulfiqar, have stated his excitement after signing Shoaib Akhtar and said, "he is still a world class player and we're happy to sign him". Akhtar often have been seen using his teammates stuff where he usually wears one-player pads and gloves while using other's helmet and bat. Zulfiqar who himself is a pod shaver and make bats said "Shoaib will be using Bubber Sher bat along MB Malik Limited Edition gloves and Bubber Sher pads".

Speaking with Malik Zulfiqar also confirmed that MB Malik have re-signed Pakistan's upcoming batting sensation, Ahmed Shehzad. Speaking on Shehzad's kit Zulfiqar said "he will also use Bubber Sher along MB Malik Bubber Sher gloves".

Bubber Sher bats mainly caught the eyes on spectators when Boom Boom Afridi scored back-to-back fifties to guide Pakistan to World title in 2009 Twenty20 World Cup. Afridi along Shahzaib Hasan's were the one who used Bubber Sher bats during 2009 Twenty20 World Cup. However, Bubber Sher have been used by many Pakistani players which includes Shahid Afridi, Shahzaib Hasan, Shoaib Malik, Salman Butt, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Akmal and many more.

We wish Shoaib Akhtar performs exceptionally well with his new equipment and brightens the name of his country and his sponsors.

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Mashallah a great write up CD bhai, very well written. As for Akhtar's sponsorship, I hope he abides by his contract because sometimes Pakistani players, actually quite a lot of non-Pakistani players aswell don't really care about what equiptment they use and they see a bat in the changing room which they like and they pick it up and use it, oblivious to who they are sponsored by. However I hope this isn't the case with Akhtar, and he chips in with some handy runs down the order in the upcoming series and WC inshallah.
Walakiumsalam Bhai,

JazakAllah Khair, for the kind words.

I fully agree with you. However, in Akhtars case was that he was not sponsored to any company so he was able to pick up whatever he liked in the change room.

Sponsored players try there best to avoid this because I believe this leads to somesort of fine. Again this fine part could be best described by 02thoeva.
Shoaib Akhtar must have been asking too much otherwise lots of companies would have been keen to sign him up. Some one take a wild guess how much he would be worth??
I hope he can bat well with MB stuff :D

Good job CD.
I couldn't see them properly, got a picture?

MB Malik Limited Edition gloves are very similar to SS as well;